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Gabrie van Zanten

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Hi. I would like to use my phone to lock and if possible unlock my laptop (OSX / MacBook). I have seen some apps that can do this using bluetooth, but the range for bluetooth is too good. I need a much shorter range, maybe NFC / RFID would work? Anyone experiences with this?
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Me: "Ok google" "Remind me at 1 o'clock"
Google: "Remind me at 1 o'clock"
Google: "About what?"
Me: "Buy present" 
Google WRITES "Buy present" and then says: "About what?" 
Me: "Buy present" 
Google WRITES "Buy present" and then says: "About what?"
Me: "Buy gift"
Google WRITES "Buy gift" and then says: "Didn't catch that"
Me: "Buy gift for girl"
Google WRITES "Buy Liquor"  and writes the reminder.

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By liquor for girl. What's so hard to understand? ;)

Unfortunately, here's how your girl's smartwatch session went:
Her: "Buy gift"
Google WRITES: "Buy gift" and then says: "Didn't catch that"
Her: "Buy gift for guy"
Google WRITES: "Buy tie" and writes the reminder.
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I would have hoped that finally notifications can popup when my phone is locked and display is off. But for example text messages only show when I click the power button after I hear the notification sound. Is there an option or not to show them on "closed" screen?
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Also using lightflow but I hoped with Lollipop things would have improved. 
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Gabrie van Zanten

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A nice minimalistic app to save battery #BatteryAid
Features:- Automatically turn off Wifi / Bluetooth / Data, when not in use ...
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Hi, not sure in which category to post as this is my first visit here.

I have  a problem for which I'm searching for the most efficient way to solve it and then write a script which will do this automatically for me weekly. Once I have the algorithm, I can write the script myself :-)

We're running a large server farm in which physical servers can have 8, 10, 12, 16 cores (maybe more in the future). On that server farm we run a lot of VMs with 1,2 or 4 virtual CPUs that have a special requirement, which is: a virtual CPU (vCPU) should be backed up by exactly 1 physical core. There is no overcommit, so there is a 1:1 relation between vCPU : cores. 

What I'm searching for is a way to efficiently spread the VMs over the available physical cores USING AS FEW MOVEMENTS as possible. It is relatively easy when the environment is empty but is much more difficult if there are already a lot of VMs running and I have say 2 cores free on one server, 2 cores on a second server and then add a 4 vCPU VM. When doing this by hand, you can easily spot where there are cores available and pick a small VM to move and then add the big VM. But it would be great if this could be done automatically.
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Gabrie van Zanten

Troubleshooting  - 
Upgraded to Lollipop on my Nexus 5 and I don't understand trusted device unlock or maybe it just isn't working. What I did:
- Settings -> Security -> Set a screen lock pattern
- Then go to Smart Lock and added my LG G Watch R as trusted device
- Then go to Automatically lock and set it to 5 seconds after sleep.
- The in Settings -> Display -> Sleep = 2 minutes.

When I now enable airplane mode on my G Watch R, the watch immediately shows me it has lost the connection with my Nexus 5, but on the Nexus 5 nothing happens. I had expected that it would now lock the display.

I then tested when I would press the power button to lock the phone and then press it again to unlock, what would happen. I now had to unlock the phone with the pattern swipe, which is expected since my Watch is still in airplane mode.

Next test: disable airplane mode on my watch. Make sure it can talk to the Nexus 5 again. Now press power button on Nexus 5 to disable screen. Wait 10 sec, press power button on phone again and now I don't need to unlock, only swipe up.

Next test: press power button to disable screen, wait 15 min, press power button again. Now I do have to unlock with pattern swipe. 

I don't get it. I would have expected no unlock swipe since my watch is in range.
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Have you Tried to turn your WiFi off and set your watch only as a trusted device ? 
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Gabrie van Zanten

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Grote vogeltrek. Kwamen 5 van dit soort groepen langs. Mooi om te zien.
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Virtualization consultant
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I'm a virtualization consultant / architect with mostly VMware products. Joined the Google Glass Explorer program.
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