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This photo was taken while I was doing a #transgender educational presentation at the Eastman School of Music this past Friday. Despite the serious face, I was actually making a joke in this moment. lol

The attendees at this presentation were absolutely AMAZING! Talk about a super-talented, super-creative, super-smart bunch of open-minded folks! ❤️
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Always great to see a T girl in the Public doing a presentation and or just being a full time girl and not just a closet queen, mid night to see more of you and your dj....
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About to head out to assist with the #SpeakOUT Workshop offered by the #GayAlliance in #Rochester NY. #lgbt #transgender #trans 😊❤️
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Thanks. 😊 I'm a bit of a choker junkie.
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The short #transgender documentary "Line in the Sand" takes a look into the transition and coming out process of Natalie Robin. I was interviewed about my thoughts on society's rigid gender "rules" and also appear in the video.

It was really hard for me to share this video, even though it's been out for some time now. I share some insight into my own struggle with #GenderDysphoria, vanity, and self-image insecurities in the write-up.

I really wish money didn't matter and I could just take care of what I need taken care of... but one day at a time. I know there's always strength and growth on the other side of pain, and that's where I'm heading. The pain part sucks, but it's always temporary. Just have to stick it out and stay in the game. It's not easy, but definitely worth it. Despite the many challenges ahead, I'm nothing but optimistic about the future. Always optimistic. I believe. ❤️
Line in the Sand This short documentary by University of Rochester student and talented filmmaker: Hayden Freedman, explores being transgender in a society
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SO proud of you OMG! Awesome. Check out my interviews. Would love to add you to the list.
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Gabrielle Hermosa

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Thanks, Doug. Glad you enjoyed. 😊
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Just watched #DoctorWho #LastChristmas. Loved it! ❤️

Cross my heart, laying in bed, with a dream crab on my head!

Got a little choked up, too. 😊
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About to do a really short Meercast on #Meerkat. @gabriellehermos

Join me now or you'll miss it. Driving home after #transgender educational workshop. ❤️
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Meercast over. If you blinked and missed it, perhaps another time. 😊
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Just wrapped up 3 #transgender educational presentations with Rowan at #Brockport High School teachers and administrators. We had a great bunch of educators who were very eager to create a more welcoming and inclusive environment for trans students. Truly excellent attendees! So grateful for this opportunity to be invited here and plant the seeds of a better tomorrow for everyone! 😊
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It's unfortunate that this kind of out reach program is necessary. The silver lining is that I really enjoy these opportunities to connect and love meeting the amazing people who attend. I am so filled with hope and optimism and gratitude for the future.😊❤️
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Finished a #transgender presentation with Rowan at Shepherd University and now have a few hours to take care of some research and writingl before calling it a night, getting a little sleep and heading home in the morning. Small turnout, but great discussion!
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I exercised for about 4.5 hours today, between the treadmill and Airdyne. Next time someone asks how I have such a thin waist at 44 - that's how. Lots of hard work and constant diet. Not genes. And it ain't just vanity. I plan to live forever or die trying. 😊 A healthy, strong body is less susceptible to illness and will age more gracefully. It costs so much time to stay fit, trim and healthy, but being fit, trim and healthy is priceless. But don't take my word for it. See for yourself. ❤️
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I've been experimenting with #Microsoft's #OneNote lately on my #iOS devices and #Mac. I do a LOT of quick note taking and have been using the Notes app on my iOS devices and Mac with fairly good results until the last year or so. #iCloud just won't sync my notes across all devices properly and sometimes not at all. Apps like #iAwriter have done a really amazing job, but now that's broken for me on my Mac because I made the mistake of "upgrading" to iCloud Drive when I "upgraded" to Yosemite, which I can't do on my iPad 2 because I won't install iOS 8 on it (because it's too slow and laggy on older iOS devices and I don't want to kill what's left of my iPad 2's still very usable and mostly good experience).

So Yosemite is the worst OS I've had on my Mac, ever, and I wish I had stayed with #Mavericks, which was running smooth as silk for me. Oh well.

Anyway, I still prefer my Apple devices and spend most of my time working with my #iPhone6Plus and #iPad2. My #iPhone is more like a laptop for me, the way I do pretty much everything on it, from online shopping, communications, entertainment, work, lots of writing, reports, and sometimes as a phone, too, every once in a while. :)

In my search for a better note taking app that actually syncs properly across all my devices, I started experimenting with OneNote and really like it a lot! It syncs perfectly across all my iOS devices and Mac. The major down side for me is that there's no (feasible) way to export notes as plain text files. That's kind of a deal breaker for much of what I need it for, but for what it does offer, I've been able to make good use of it for some of my writing/notes purposes and really like it.

Then I started playing more with Word on my iPhone, iPad and even in a web browser, with amazing results. I've been living in Apple's #Pages for all my word processing needs for the past few years, but that also broke on my Mac when I upgrades to #Yosemite and made the mistake of choosing iCloud Drive (or the syncing broke, anyway, Pages itself works just fine).

Love my Apple devices but I need more than just two years out of some of them, and Apple is notorious for making older iOS devices a painful experience (over two years old) if you upgrade iOS on them (same for Mac OS updates of more than two years). I can't afford to just keep buying new Apple everything and there's nothing wrong with what I have right now, so long as I discontinue OS upgrades after two years.

I'm really impressed with what Microsoft is offering with their Office apps. Can't believe I'm actually impressed and even excited about what Microsoft is offering these days! They're actually innovating and making useful tools that don't suck! Between my Apple hardware and Microsoft's software, I might just be able to squeeze a few more years out of some of my older devices!

I'm just using the free version of the MS Office apps for now, but really close to just subscribing to #Office365 and going all in. Maybe one of these days Apple will actually get iCloud to do what it's supposed to do, and even show a little compassion to those of us who can't afford to upgrade everything every two years by offering better optimized iOS updates (that doesn't slow things down to an unusable pace for my needs). In the meantime, I'm pretty happy with the marriage of my Apple devices with Microsoft software... something I wouldn't have expected myself to say not too long ago.
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Yeah, that sounds like an overly complex process, Maybe someone will write an App for it!
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We had our extended family #Christmas gathering yesterday. Mom gve me a rather cool and #nerdy "Fridge Rover". #NASA sends rovers to #Mars. I sent a #rover to the fridge! 😄
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Merry Christmas to everyone with love from me! 😊❤️❤️
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I Am Love
Updated: 2014-12-29

I'm a trans woman in transition.

I speak publicly about trans realities in an educational capacity as a proud member of the Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley (GAGV) Speaker's Bureau.  Sharing my life and talking trans realities is very important work and it's my honor and privilege to do so.  My real passion is promoting "leadership of self", helping others feel empowered, and lighting people up with love and truth (which are one in the same).

Through love all things are possible.  That's the truth.  Love opens doors.  Fear closes them.  It's so simple, it almost sounds too easy.  The trick is to get out of the mental trappings of that dreaded "voice in the head" (self-narrative thought process), let go, and live in the moment.  It's like a trip back to childhood when everything seemed so magical.  The magic never went away - it's just that as we grow, many of us (myself included) get clogged up with emotional baggage and self-imposed mental barriers.  The mental barriers are generally the result of believing in the lies of society, including many well-intentioned teachers, friends and family members.  The barriers are as real the "monster in the closet" as a child.  They *only* exist in the mind...  So yeah, I really enjoy helping other "debug" the system (their mind).  There's nothing more beautiful and more powerful than freeing people from these mental trappings and watching them light up with creative energies, full of life and love! :)

In time *this* will be my day job - working with people, sharing, educating, learning, empowering, enlightening, and encouraging others to pass on what they have learned, as I will continue to do myself.  When this time comes, so too shall my transition be on the *right* side of full-time ME!

Namaste <3
Bragging rights
I Am increasing the vibrational frequency of the world around me... and LOVING every moment of it! <3
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working for the man by day, transgender advocate and media artist by night