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SEO Dojo Radio recently surpassed 50 000 downloads (Libsyn/iTunes)!! We're now at 50,431 - much thanks to all that have supported us and to all the guests. 

For those that didn't know, we do turn each and every Google Hangout now into a podcast still.... 

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Google+ & SEO: How Google+ Impacts Search Results by +Eric Enge 
Google+ can be a powerful component of your digital marketing strategy. The personalization impact of Google+ is strong. Posts can rank in the SERPs. Plus, after Hummingbird, it's likely that Google+ will influence non-personalized search results.

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Google+ now allows you to set a target audience for Google+ Pages

The setting can be found under a new 'Audience' tab in your Google+ page's settings, which allows you to select restrictions based on age and geographical location.

This is particularly useful for alcohol brands, where a preset is listed in the 'Target Audience' drop-down menu.

ht +Lee Jarratt at +Google Plus Daily 
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Thank you very much Ms Sannino!
This is one happy, stinky, filthy, and almost got the gopher dog look <3 Buona Domenica to you all!
Another gorgeous day in #Paradise   #SanFrancisco   #BayArea  
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+Aaron Bradley +Heather Baker you're both welcome to come for a visit... ;) We could go sailing! xo
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Here’s a hint: If your guest blogging is about sharing high quality information on a topic that is somehow related to the topic of the blog you’ve been invited to, you’re ok.  In fact, you’re better than ok. For some reason, the internet marketing industry has attracted an unsavory underbelly of people who prefer gaming the system over delivering quality content to readers.

They somehow think if they can manage to cheat Google or Facebook or whoever is making the calls this time around, actual humans won’t be able to tell the difference between useless drivel and substantive content.

Gabriella Sannino

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Launching an international SEO campaign requires extensive research and planning, similar to a domestic one – yet arguably more complex. To ensure your success, a foundation built on a laser-targeted market, smart site architecture, an informed keyword strategy, competitor analyses, and indigenous content is absolutely key.
After an extensive SEO campaign, your website is doing brisk business nationally and you’re considering casting your net into the wider world.  There’s a lot of the wider world to consider when you...

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Good thing we no longer live there... ouch!
MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry called out the governor of Mississippi on Saturday for signing legislation that may protect business owners' ability to discriminate against LGBT customers. Governor Phil Bryant (R) signed the Religious Freedom Res...

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Omg this kid is Too Cute!! Thank you +Bonnie Burns 
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Wow! Moves, talent and composure all one package :)
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Since Google has let the flood gates open I'm noticing an interesting group of people adding me to their circles. If I don't know you, please introduce yourself or I won't add you. Most of my interactions on Google + are work related. SEO, SEM, SMM, and a few other synonyms in between.

I write a few languages on my public time line. I speak my mind therefore if you're offended by strong language or an opinionated person you know how to un-circle me. I do not promote clients, products, or links unless I truly believe in them.
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I don't know Karate but, I do know crazy and, I'm not afraid to use it.
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The worst experience I've ever had at a bank in over 30 years. As a matter of fact, I'm looking for the name of the branch managers immediate supervisor since my complaint is about the branch manager of this location!
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