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Google Talk Getting the Ax? I guess it was always a little redundant, when you consider that you can text also text using Google Voice, Google+, Google Messenger, and the built in Android messenger app. Come to think of it, while I enjoyed having Talk, I never really used it.
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Google Talk is not getting the axe. Only the mobile web app is being shut down. I suggest trillian as I use that instead of the talk app anyway - I like it much better.
+Geoff Curtis - so you are saying that it will remain as a desktop client and chrome plug-in? IMHO, Google should look to consolidate all it's chat clients on desktops, browsers and Android, and make them into a single product. personally I would build it around Google messenger, since that is already integrated into G+.
I agree, it's way to fragmented - but my vote would be google talk as the winner as google messenger has never impressed me
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