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1. Bookmarking websites

You can save bookmarks and organize them really simple with google plus and have them anywere and i'm not talking about +1-ing websites.

You can do that too, but if you don't want other people to see your bookmarks and you also want to organize them, there's a better way.

Just make an new circle. This will be an empty circle and here you will share links with yourself. Nobody will see what your sharing, and you can name it the way you want.

For example... food recipies. Now just make more empty circles for every interest that you have. They will serve you like bookmark folders.

When you'll want to go back to your it news links or anything else, you will look in that circle. Simple, right? Plus you'll have the bookmarks anywhere, and you will be able to share them with your friends by adding them to that circle.

2. Blogging platform

Why Google+ Can Be Used for Blogging Purposes:

a. It’s Fast - you can post real fast

b. It’s Formattable - on Google+, you can bold, italic or strikethrough your text anytime you want
Wrap up your text with asterisks (*) for bold, underscores (_) for italic and hyphens (-) for strikethrough. And there you are! Your text has been nicely formatted.
For a blog post, at least bold and italic are important formatting options. So, in this case, Facebook is not an option.

c. It’s SEO’d - it’s already optimized for Search Engine especially Google.Google+ posts will be more visible on Google search results for Google’s very own interest.
So, right from the start, you know that you’re getting indexed! It’s a big point in my opinion.

d. It’s Reshareable - This comes in handy for those that are already on Google+. If they like it enough, they can actually reshare it on their circles (and with a chrome extension, on any social networking site including Facebook and Twitter). This eventually drives you more traffic without any doubt.

3. Celebrating Birthdays

You are having birthday of your kid and some of family members are not around. Its an inexplicable emotional feeling to see your loved one’s face at his/her birthday.

Through Google+ Hangouts other members who are not present and are on different places, can enjoy those moments of celebration.

4. Client Meetup Over Hangouts

Skype is a great tool to have professional remote meetings but it has its own limitations in terms of group meetings. Try Google Plus Hangout for a client meetup.

You can feel it a bit unprofessional but its OK after all you are there to work and that too more efficiently, not to show off.

5. Recruitment Interviews On Hangouts

This is something that could be interesting for some. In those cases where applicant is in another city and for interview he has to travel long or you have to organize a group discussion of 8-9 people to get an idea about who is best among them, you can use Google+ Hangouts.

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Really good ideas, Gabriel. I surely won't use it as a bookmarking service, but it's a good place for blogging.

There are some posts I wouldn't write on my blog because they are either too short or don't fit my niche very much, so Google Plus is the perfect place for them.
I love the No.5.
It's GREAT for employers. But, can they judge the employee totally?? I doubt they can't.
As usual, it's useful, Gabriel.
Too much trouble to use it for bookmarking. Much easier to keep firefox around for that. Circles are way too cumbersome as it is. They are too large, take up too much screen real estate, too slow to move around to take the time to I really don't use them. Would work better if I could display the contents of my circles in list format, and could grab chunks of the list and move at a time. But, like I said, current implementation too cumbersome, and I don't have the time to use fully.
funny thing is, that is the image i have on my desktop right now... and coincidences are never coincidences, are they? :)
Is this slowly becoming an desktop OS?
the bookmarking tip was istintive for me when i realized an alternative use of circles, thanks to +Gabriel Vasile for the high quality effort in G+ evangelism.
I'd have to admit that bookmarks (for me) are already a standard stored by habit to a tree. Making a circle for a branch of that tree would be redundant. I do see how it could help others just beginning to store those tasty bits of code..
How I may to make bookmark on one post g+ user?
Thanks Gabriel for this post.My +1 to You!
Really useful Mr Gabriel...!!
Really useful tips, I especially like #1 (that was one of those "why didn't I think of that" moments for me)
great tips like the circles for bookmarks....easy!
Also, I,m think about blogging... But, How in one message to place 2or 3 photos?
The downside with blogging on Google+ is not being able to have ads on them. Which makes using Google+ for professional bloggers a risky option. Being able to enter an adsense publisher ID would be a good start!
I find that the pages concept allows a lot of divergent interests to be cross-linked and so the author (me) can just swap out into this tangent for awhile. My farm stuff goes on one page, my vitamin-interests on others, and my politics (heaven-forbid these ever cross!) goes onto yet another. 

And I have separate sites for each already, so linking these into and through Google+ is just another great way to keep up with the inspirational flow as it hits...

Thanks for this great post... 
+Minsk Gennady Try sharing photos as an album? This might add additional scope, as the comments on the pictures themselves can be mini-posts...
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