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Yes, I'm starting with the less known people on Google+ and I want to find the best less known things first. I'll move on slowly to more popular people too, however, I think this is a good place to start.

For this post, I've looked through hundreds of people and thousands of posts. I used +CircleCount by +Daniel Sandstain ( to find great people & pages under 1000 followers and by +Jari Huomo to find their best posts. I have found about 30 interesting posts for the under 1000 followers category. This is the first part, having 15 of them. Hope you'll enjoy them!

1. Honest logos designed by Viktor H. - by ++Interactive

2. Notification Control - by ++Interactive

3. What to do on Google+ and how to make the most of it - by +Damon Meredith

4. Chain Story #2 - by +Damon Meredith

5. Tunnel of Love in Kleven, Ukraine by Oleg Gordienko - by

6. Painted body art - by

7. The bridge with unique twists - by

8. Google+ Facts and Figures [infographic] - by +Ber|Art Visual Design V.O.F.

9. How to Get More Clicks on Twitter [infographic] - by +Ber|Art Visual Design V.O.F.

10. New safer and more reliable file-sharing system - by +Notepad++

11. Light & Dragons [Album] - +B.c.N.y. yu

12. Italian Photo Contest.! Prize pool of over 5,000 euros [Italian] - by +Foto

13. Why Google is better than Facebook? [Italian] - by +Web in Fermento - web, marketing, social media

14. A great photo - by +saeid ghanbari

15. A funny image - by +Linda Wilson

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Time to get this on the What's Hot page!
Great work.
I think that Google should implement an option to "Auto-Random-Circle": You choose a category, and G+ will add a circle of random people who also interest in that category (and post about it!).
This way we'll have the opportunity meet new interesting people - even they may have less then 100 followers.
Would help to crowd source, +Gabriel Vasile ?
Once a week, ask people; what was their 'best' post they came across that week?
I think this is a great idea +Gabriel Vasile and something G+ needs more of.

One thing I especially love about G+ is how content doesn't 'die' like on most other social media. It's common to bring back old posts and continue the discussion. Although without links it can be quite hard to find them.
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