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Let me show you how incredible Google+ really is. Yesterday I made a simple post for a faster understanding of Google+ that got extremelly viral and got 5000 shares in less than 24 hours: (video for Ripples -

Now keeping in mind that I'm not a popular one, having houndreds of thousands of followers (like +Larry Page, +Sergey Brin, +Vic Gundotra, +Robert Scoble and so on) the fact that my message was viewed by tens or hundreds of thousands of people... it's truly amazing! (They probably really liked the post since very influential users like +Natalie Villalobos, +Yonatan Zunger, +Victor Bezrukov and +Denis Labelle shared it. BTW, thanks again guys.)


That depends on what are you using Google+ for. You might be a person that on the long run wants somehow to increase it's brand awareness, you might be an average user looking to keep in touch with friends/family, have fun and learn new things or you might use Google+ for education. Now let's take it one by one.


If you are an average user, using Google+ for keeping in touch with friends/family, have fun and learn new things, you should understand that

1. The activity on Google+ is truly amazing!
2. Google Plus is so much more interesting, entertaining and useful than any other social network.
3. Google Plus has more than 40 million users
4. Privacy settings are great!

For better understanding, read why I believe Google+ is better than Facebook here:

Also, read how to make your friends join Google+ here: and 10 Steps To Create An Awesome Google+ Profile (by +Irene Koehler)


Google+ is not just another social network. Google+ is an identity "platform" for Google and it's THE social network. As +Bradley Horowitz indicates, "right now you have separate profiles and logins for Blogger, Reader, YouTube and Gmail. That will soon end, to be replaced with a single account and a single login." via +Tom Anderson.


1. My friends aren’t in G+” is no excuse.
2. +1 could fundamentally change the way we use the web.
3. “Interest orientation” may make Google+ an ideal vehicle for thought leadership & social business.

You should:

1. Open your mind.
2. Engage as an individual.
3. Get clear on your company’s “interests.”
4. Get creative
5. Stay tuned. Google brand profiles are near on the horizon. This is where it gets interesting.


1. The collective intelligence of the growing Google+ user pool is astonishing
2. G+ has attracted scores of brilliant people who likely had shunned previous social platforms
3. G+ is the perfect balance for comfortably connecting with interesting people


1. Ripples have shown beyond any doubt that users are using circles and that a lot of sharing and discussion happen within those.
2. G+'s users are here to share and discuss and they actually engage. I never have experienced the amount of engagemen_t that my content generates here on Google+ and that, in a way, absolutely _inspires me to create more content, be that a short one liner or more in-depth posts like this one.
3. Google+ has become not only my primary social network but also my canvas to produce new content that I then spread across other networks.
4. Google+, in these few months, has brought me knowledge, food for thought, inspiration and also a great platform to keep in touch with friends and business associates and I can't wait for the new things that the Google+ team has in mind for all of us.
5. The interaction that Google made possible with those that are developing, trouble-shooting, designing and managing Google's products here on G+ is nothing but unique. This democratization of access should be a case study to all social networks out there.


I love Google's motto "Don't Be Evil" (meaning you can make money without doing evil -'t_be_evil) and how they plan to profit by not being sneaky but by adding transparency and putting users in control: - by +Mike Elgan


Hangouts could be the new “Office Hours” - see the world's largest Google+ hangout with Stanford professors +Peter Norvig and Sebastian Thrun: via +Louis Gray.


Very soon we'll see the long awaited Google+ Brand Pages as well. And the new ripples, Google apps availability, What's hot section and the hangouts with extras are features that will bring social conversion to the next level for Google Plus business pages and also more possibilities on Google+ to teach, learn, work, and play. (

As I was saying in other posts, your influence is very important if you want to increase your brand awareness and measuring statistics, conversions and influence it's very important for somebody willing to increase it's brand awareness.

Best time to post on Google+,
reaching your audience easier
getting to be more influential
and Social Media Analytics for G+
are things that can not be ignored.


Not only that Google+ it's already great, but it becomes better and better, the Google+ team rolling out new features on a consistent basis. What I also love about Google+ is that everybody is free to give feedback like I did in the post "Introducing filters for a better What's hot section"

I could go on and talk about Google+ for days, but this post got really big already. What I'm actually trying to say is that Google+ is not just another social network... Google+ is the future!

Whether you like it or not, Google+ it's still all about quality, it still grows exponentially, it still is extremelly useful and entertaining and it still gets more and more activity every day!

Love it, preach it, share it!

PS: Feel free to give some feedback on the original post:
Other useful posts: #gvgpUseful
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The ripple is only for g+ in US, I do not see it ?
it's simply means, you're addicted to G+!
and so are we ;))
You deserve to be a user with a Verified Name
I can't find (and use) ripples, even if my post is publis and shared more than 1 time... :( I'm not sure, but I think ripples is for US user only for the moment...
+Shamil Weerakoon : Thank you. But I tried for a week, but until now the menu on the top of my public reshared post shows not any ripple line. We'll see...
Agradezco toda la información que aportas ya que estoy iniciándome en Google+ y todavía ando un poco perdida.
it's most beautiful ripple that i saw here on G+ !
happy to be small part of this success Gabriel and thank you for this attention !
Helps is you have 8000 followers. Make a similar quality content post as a new user with hardly anyone circling you and it will go nowhere. It's not what you know, but appears who you know, at least for now on G+. Still waiting for the "What's Freezing Cold" option under what's hot...
You became very influential. Now G+ is not exists for you, but you exists for G+. Good job!
I think you truely summerized Google's purposes and foresaw its unlimited growth potential as regards the diversity of topics and activities g+ deals with. I also think that a social network need
engaged people to grow smart and that is what you are +Gabriel Vasile , a perfect G+ user.
Thank you, +Gabriel Vasile ... It's exactly like you said. With G+ in English it works... I hope this option is soon exported in other languages too...
+Gabriel Vasile. Okay mate, let me put this back to you: I have made a number of very high quality posts regarding wildlife conservation, not just in Africa, but elsewhere: original content with photographs not many will have seen here because I am trying to use the G+ platform to make a difference. Will you see those on the what's hot list? No. Why? Well, you say quality, but it depends what the subject is about. Mention/promote G+ in your post, and it will go much further. Same with tech, or a photographers post.

Explain to me how in the hotlist you see animated gifs, pictures of cats and dogs, (that you've probably seen elsewhere before), doing so well, but a message which is relevant and important is only shared by a couple of people?

A screen shot of me and my beard in a hangout recently got more +1s and shares than any of my posts do. Perhaps then I am posting the wrong type of content?

Don't get me wrong, not arguing or downplaying what you have to say, and this is what I love about G+ the ability to really have good engagement as we are doing here, (and thankyou for responding so quickly), but the audience base is still very limited, which I evidence above. But , I'm not going to let that stop me using G+ to change the world...

Cheers, Matt.
I can't wait for the Brand Pages to roll out! I help a SF rock band with their social media ( +John Molo aka Moonalice) and it's going to be fantastic to be in on the ground floor of establishing them presence on G+!!!! Are you up to giving me some pointers +Gabriel Vasile? :-)
Thanks again for replying: I appreciate it. I am not trying to sell myself here, or come across as a whining newbie, I like your filters idea, and I also think there is some very good content coming out from new users which is never highlighted: therefore, as I said above, I'd like to see a "What's freezing cold" option which would highlight the best content posts from those recently joined, or with low circle base. I also think/know that a lot of people interact with the Scobles and Ratcliffs and Gundotras etc so to elevate themselves through association. We are all guilty of it, and so someone with 100,000 plus followers could post absolute dross and it would still make the "What's hot" list, but be of no interest to me whatsoever, hence your filters suggestion would come in handy.

Together, we'll build G+ into our community which works best for us...

Cheers from Portugal,

Another great share, thanks Gabriel - I'm also looking forward to the brand pages
Excellent article. I'm one that goes back and forth between fb and Google+, but find myself spending less and less time there and more time here.
Excellent article. I'm one that goes back and forth between fb and Google+, but find myself spending less and less time there and more time here
+Gabriel Vasile I corrected my post to just to "useful information' today ;)
Yesterday comments were a bit confusing, also that nonworking link so i took some prejudges...
I am artist too so i am sensitive to all this.
Ofc I liked the post otherwise i would not share it :) Good luck!
This is a excellent article. I enjoyed the read keep up the good work
Google ripples is fascinating.
Just want to say Thank you for all your hard work +Gabriel Vasile your posts have been educational, and very interesting. Look forward to more..:)
Awesome post +Gabriel Vasile Circled you just now.Hope to read great posts. Facebook was only about friends, Google+ is about sharing your interests with the people around the world. This is fascinating. Am addicted to plus and people like you make it all the more interesting.

Keep it coming, those interesting posts.
Hmmm - I wonder if I try this, how many people will soon follow me? lol YES, I know, I'm still NEW at this!
i actually liked your post, as i AM a newbie! not that i follow the instructions, but still.
This is an excellent summary on potential uses of Google+. I look forward to the introduction of Google Brand pages. Lots of helpful tips on realizing that this is not just "another Facebook" or a Facebook replacement. Google+ is unique in many ways and I appreciate the clear descriptions about how to maximize its use.
+Gabriel Vasile it was a good post that would be of interest to a large audience, well done. However given the amount you post each day, you're bound to get lucky. Maybe I will have to find a filter that by magic only sends me your truly excellent ones - any ideas on this topic?
The "bookmark" trick was a good one, and given the number of googlers who read that might result in a feature. That's another kind of influence.
I'm not a Facebook user, and new to Google+. I guess comparisons are to be expected, especially from people who have migrated here. I think the term 'Social Network' is too limiting for Google+. Surely it is what it is called. Google's search engines rank and filter content. Google+ uses it's members to filter and post what they Like and want to Share. The people at Google have linked up some "enabling technologies" and let it loose. It's great for images and photography, because Picasa is embedded. No doubt it will grow in other dimensions as features are added. It is too early it's life to say where and how it will end up. It is already growing rapidly, and I guess there a lot more goodies to come. It's up to us to keep the content quality high, as well as fun and entertaining.
Yes, Google+ is better than Facebook and will only continue to prove that as time goes on. Google is lead by brilliant geeks who are willing to take a chance and innovate. The quality of discussions on G+ is immensely better than FB. Less can certainly be more. Quality over quantity any day.
I've been checking out the Ripples effect. It's rather awesome...if you're into graphs.
Yes, I a roundabout way! I am enjoying your posts :-)
I think the graph is awesome, and likely those who will be using business pages will be able to use tools like this to find out who is interested in their product and engage more with their customers. Google+ is really building something fantastic here.
Im personally do not like "facebook" atall , at the same time when google+ launched I was a bit skeptical if it can compete with facebook. Thou my doubt wasnt based on "quality" which google has it, but for the fact that facebook has 800m + users. ! *

Now today I was talking to a college going kid , I casually asked him if he is on google+
He asked me "what is that" , I was quite happy to hear that , Instead of getting a reply like "I Dint like it" or "I dont want to try" !

Then later In the evening I was sitting with my cousion sister , she too dint know about google+ , so i decided to show her how cool it is. And mostly I was concentrating on how much this is useful and better than "Facebook"

The result - She instantly made her google+ profile. :) And she told me "I'm getting all my friends here" ;)

As of now the most active users(this is my view point) on google+ are nerds , but the momentum is gaining really fact , since as more people will get to see it more people will join it.

* since for me as a user , Im loving it and havent logged on to facebook since yesterday. !
And one might get a little surprised when I'll say none of my google+ frns are active.

Yet Im loving it for reasons -

1) "Whats hot" is seriously hot , I get to know about soo many things from authenticated sources , things which are informative , userful and really really cool stuff.

2) Im in love with "search here" Im getting the latest update about almost anything here via sparks, google+ users etc.

3) Here by Im directly or Indirectly Interacting with soo many people across the planet, without compromising on my PRIVACY.

As an end note , which some of you might not agree , but Im 100% confident about what Im saying.

For a social networking site a lot depends on the presence of girls , if one ho girl decides to shift to google+ ,Im sure 100 would follow. If u know what I mean.

Right now the added features are more than awesome and more to come.

Google+ rocks.
I think Google+ automatically encourages better discussions because of the quality of the community. The majority of people I've seen, post thoughtful responses with a point, and I think that instills a positive peer pressure to do likewise.
I noticed the same thing +Celtaur Theron . If i want a quality social networking experience, plus is the way to go.

If i want to hear about teenage drama and passive aggressive statements towards unnamed people, then facebook is the place.

btw, i quit facebook. they should've kept the network closed to just college students like the good ol days of 2007.
Great post, as usual. Where do you find the time?
My point was to end the skeptism that goolge+ has died and what is the reason why not more people joining it.

1) From my experience I already know that more people are going to join , since many of them havent heard or seen it.

2) I'm from a country(India) where 50% or say more than 600 million people are youngsters.

So if a competetion is about "domination of social network" - Then lets be prepared for the fact that if google+ has more college going kids. (Which is a mass for facebook and the USP)
This place is likely to become like facebook but the good part is - that can reside in their circle.

why do we have to bother about that ? We have our own circle. Right !
I actually don't want google+ to become popular. Its about quality, not quantity. Let the masses have their farmville and drama on facebook.

the +ers can enjoy thoughful discussions and share ideas (and funny gif images).
Wow. This was fun to read +Gabriel Vasile and i share many of your opinions and statements about G+. This was a post i liked. Maybe it was the way you wrote and justified your thoughts and opinions. Hope to see further more written posts like this one from you.
See again what I personally want "Is selfish" and can never be achived for a single company to sustain n make possible for every Individual to give them a personafied social network. But lets rejoice for the fact that goolge+ is atleast(unlike facebook) is giving us a change to ignore the bullshit and lead on to what we find as interesting. Again lets not thing form a personal prespective. A +1 here for a better google needs masses not the usual bots. ! So if people join it in some of the other way its better , we can always choose to not to be a part of our culture or circle. If 800m + people here, the experience would be great. I mean what do u think google is upto. !
I'm pretty excited about Google+, but I don't think you can say "I'm not popular" when you have thousands of followers. Good post :)
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