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So I have put together all the useful posts I have ever made on Google+ in one place called Socializer. If you ever want to catch up with my most useful posts, that's definitely a place to check.

Socializer is the place where you'll see all my google plus posts about "What's new in Social Media, Google+ tutorials, Social Media Marketing tips, How to's and more"

If you're enjoying my posts and appreciate my work, please subscribe to the topic on the next link and please share this post.

LATER EDIT: Also subscribe to my Google+ RSS Feed by going to your RSS reader, clicking subscribe and pasting this link:

Thanks +Jaana Nyström for giving me the tip with Scoop It

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great one +Gabriel Vasile ... will share ... i've done a little collection myself of guides and tutorials i found during my period of familiarising myself with G+ ... to let newbies participate in my learning process i filed them all under the hashtag #jgguides ... you might find useful stuff in there too ...
thank you! I understand this better now :D
It even works great on mobile! It formats very nicely for the mobile screen, and the links back integrate smoothly with the G+ app. Very impressive!
very useful ! the virtual world is changing rapidly so I have to keep up.
Great to have people like you Gabriel who give first hand info! This intermittently breaks due to a daily limit being exceeded, any suggestions?

Here is the error code:

Error when trying to get public G+ posts of user 112564607617850290297 : 403 OK { “code”: 403, “errors”: [ { "domain": "usageLimits", "message": "Daily Limit Exceeded", "reason": "dailyLimitExceeded" } ], “message”: “Daily Limit Exceeded” }
Okay I need to be totally honest with you. I think you are SO SO FINE!!! Just wanted to tell you that! ;-)
Hey, hope all is well 4U, HALFMAN/HALFHORSE,
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