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I had to do it
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it's...very deserted D'':
Its pretty crazy, even some semi main stream media outlets think that its deserted - I can only see it growing and find almost every post interesting to me!
Jacob Moen
I don't usually follow people.
But when I do, I circle them. ;)
That about sums it up +Gabriel Vasile
Making new connections is what it's all about here, not sitting around waiting for the old ones to join... :o) 
Its facebook, before it was oprn to everyone and sucked.
Facebooks inherent problem is that you have to 'friend' people its too two way and you end up friending boring, uninteresting and frankly annoying people just cause you have met them a few times and can't really unfriend those that you don't find interesting - G+ removes this issue and make it interesting to all
if u r using G+ like FB then it is definitely a ghost city.
To properly use G+, click on the Explore button and ....... explore!
I've been trying to add one random person a day - not kept up with it, but found some really interesting people - I find myself trying to be more interesting here as a result too!
I get so much activity I have had to quiet some circles down just so I can keep up. I love G+ because most post are relevant to my interest. FB bored the hell out of me, kind of like how high school bored the hell out of me.
New to G+ and some of the best advice I've seen is "don't be afraid to start/join a conversation with strangers". I'm finding G+ way more engaging than FB.
What people? There's no-one here, all the comments are just echoes from the massive empty room called 'Google +'
The worst thing is the people that "Follow" me.  What in the world could be the motivation for that sort of waste of time?
+William Wright, you aren't here to share interesting things and interact with people?  Uh, thanks for the head-up...I guess.
i kind of like it better to use Google Plus, its like getting ideas and commends from people outside of your circle, i think its great!
What usually happens to newcomers here is that when they join G+ they don't update their profile (like they do on FB) and stay for a few secs and finding some of their friends aren't here they run back to FB and cry about how G+ is to quote a friend 'A Desert Town'.

Come on guys i expect better. In the beginning I did sure feel a bit lonely but after a while I started liking it.. the quality of posts here is better than that on FB.. and even when you joined FB During its early stages you didn't ditch it did you?
Insightful commentary, seems like nap time all of a sudden.
FB and G+ are quite different. G+ is more like sharing platform where you get to spread your ideas and learn others.
facebook is simply a social network and nothing more. I always check g+ first when I loginto PC.
I like g+ becuase it suits my needs.I dont have to befriend everyone just to see what they have to say.
most people expect FB itself when they loginto g+ and get disppointed.
My Photography and Star Wars circles disagree with that meme.
Yeah. okay. We noobs are the problem. Face it, G+ has become a social network primarily for tech/computer/whatever folks. And that's fine. 

Bottom line: it's clearly not scratching the itch the way facebook does for some users. And it doesn't need to. You guys play here; let the 'newcomers' play where they want. 
i see millions of comments on randoms posts everyday
and no more follow BS just people reading the posts they like on "What's Hot"
(trying to be an ass, not serious)
lol lets just say barely ANYONE is on G+ to do that
That means I could type anything here and no one would see it 
wow! where did all you guys come from!?
Be kind to noobs please.... freedom can be scary thing. 
Olga V
I like this actor :) and G+
FB is for the people you know but don't like, Twitter is for the people you like but don't know; G+ is for the people smart enough to know the difference between the two...
says the guy with only 500 followers compared to 50k?
What person admits to following ?  Undesirable connotation.
That is the most awesome photo to caption
+Vineet Semwal Hahaha :) I would rather the keep the current one.. I do have reasons for not displaying a pic of myself and I'd rather keep them to myself... Anyway thanks for the advice.. will definitely ping you the moment I change it..
I got it +steffan ogas lol but I don't remember it being covered in chocolate lol 
It's the social network that nobody socializes on.
Facebook and G+ serves two very different purposes. One to show you how meaningless your existence is. And the other to show you how meaningless the world is
If G+ is a ghost town then we better call the Ghostbusters
I love the commentary about how most of the posts have no comments on 'em.  Looking in my stream, ALL of the things I follow have like... a hundred comments.

Deserted my ass, learn how to use it complainers!
My g+ stream is more active than that useless fuckbook 
I thought that until I added an entire circle of Social Media junkies :)
With Twitter and G+ used in conjunction, I find myself surfing the web a lot less. I like having everything in one place and seeing the ideas of so many people I don't have to "friend". It's amazing how many people I have met and learned from.
Olga V
Why am i reading all these comments... Sometimes i think what world would be like without internet?! I would never have read all your lines :)
This image has been over used. It's getting old.
Olga V
+Steffan ogas look back is not what i mean. One day you wake up and oops! there is NO internet :) what would you feel? What would you do?
i would do what i did when i was 13, i would go outside or in this instance, sleep XD
Follow the Dalia lama. He always has some cool quote or philosophical idea posted. 
Olga V
I have to google what is TBH :)
Well color me confused. I thought it was a sarcastic remark about people who say no one uses G+.... my first post as a newbie... maybe I should just tweet LOL
just sayin... seems a bit hostile round here?
social networks are always hostile it comes with the territory
Got me thinking..
Maybe we are ghosts?
And we just don't know it yet?
Olga V
It's entertainment for me too but not for my family. Our income depends on internet cause my other half is working online :)
FB took a while to start up as well.
Olga V
Was nice to read you! Offline is calling :)
Pick some Bronies and Internet-friend them.  Their easy to spot...their Ponies.  They have plenty of entertaining content that isn't necessarily all about Ponies.  That is all.
fb is total junk , only the wise ones know this!
I love G+ I think people forget Facebook didn't get huge in one year. 
Tyree B
The way the very little activity with my G+... I wasnt ever sure people were even using it... Or maybe I dont know how to use it... Lol
Tyree B
Thanks Steffan ogas
Google plus pwns Facebook.. Gplus app is so much better
I use Google+ to keep me up to date on various topics, especially those surrounding android, cuz ill admit I am a noob to the Android scene, and everyone I've come across is helpful and contribute to engaging conversations
I circle some but I dont really understand:(
I'm still pretty novice at Google plus but I did manage to make some circles and follow people :) but I don't think its deserted 
The reason there is no one on google + is because google + is only for ninjas. 
Somebody posted a sarcastic status and everyone started a debate on it.This is what G+ all about.Explore the whole world.Think out of box.I'm sure you're seeing it.
Yeah, people who claim it is deserted before following anyone are annoying...
Wao what a pict it is so good
I am agree with +Levi George . I got a lot of interesting reading here on G+ (not like fb, full of useless status updates)
Like many people I'm not on G+ all that much, but I like it much more than FB.
+Kyle Shea That's funny, all of my friends deserted Facebook as soon as they could. Guess, it all depends on the type of friends you have.
Kyle!  You should totally stay on google plus!  If I'd read this on Facebook, my Facebook persona would totally have pointed out that you meant "a shame", with two words.

But we're on G+ so I won't.  People are much nicer on G+. nod
I agree with this, +Martin Focazio - not 'everyone' is a tech geek. :)
The world can handle more than one social network.
I've made more new "friends" here. I dig this crowd!
i'm still quite new and it feels unreal to see all these people from different countries sharing their stuff ... but i'm liking google plus so far. I think the guy in the weird purple jacket is mad - he's got that look in his eyes ... or he's in love, of course
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