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There is no spoon
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It worked on my for sure. interesting...
Especially effective with familiar phrases or known content.
Question: When you read the words, was it in the voice of Morpheus?
Was for me. Hence the comment on familiar phrases / known content.
I had to read this a few times before I got it. Clever.
+Michael Sweeney: When I read the top line it was. But when I looked at the bottom line I read it without hearing any voice in my head! First time I've ever noticed that happening!
i didnt get it at first but then i got it
I actually didnt read it wrong lol but thats pretty funny
You totally got me! I had to re-read it several times before I got it. My dyslexia must have been kicking in. ;)
OMG i read that wrong i thought it said what IF I told u that u read the top line wrong lmao
Oh my god - I think I took the wrong pill!
Olga V
Хе хе :))
Mark F
Wow, thats awesome
I read it in a Morpheus voice then I thought out the rest of that scene
If you read it wrong . . .then that means your normal.
I read the top line right, so...
If you told me I read the top line wrong, I wouldn't believe you. 
Ok. Mind not blown.
lol tht so wrkd on me i read it so fast i was like umm..ths is a rlly stupid post but now i feel stupid hehe
..plz open out me....i dont
i didn't read it wrong!
omg.. I read the top line three times to see what was wrong with it before i saw it.
Ou Ija
You think that air is youre breathing?
i constantly have a problem with typing so I typed this slow
What if you told NEO that he is about to get his head blown off??
..i m still in me any friend....plz
yeah at first i didnt get it but now i do :) i felt retarded!
Paris in the, the spring ....same thing
I readn't did it wrong either.
Most of us have to read it twice a least ...but the bottom part it's what it make u read it again ....
Lol I had to read that a couple of times... But I figured it out... I didn't read it wrong I was just wondering what the joke was... LOL!
I read that wrong but not the way you think..
i would know how foolishly complacent am I
i had to read it twice but could not spot it, then i read it word after word
Left brain is a liar.



I am so stupid for falling for that >:-(
nice plez add me friend
He looks like he was in #TheMatrix movie!
I spent a good 15 seconds or so trying to figure out why how someone could be stupid enough to let that typo go uncorrected before I went on to see what the whole thing was supposed to say. So, in other words, you lose the bet, I saw it immediately. Pay up.
The blue pill got the powers too, just give it to right person.
I guess I took too many long smoking pills in my youth +
Hey it's cowboy curtis from pee wees playhouse.
Leo T
Dang it! /:
Got it straight away!! ;) Surprised myself!!?
Hahaha. I was like there's an I after what now I get it. Haha
This isn't one of those "OMG, he's right!" moments, it's been know for a while now that the brain does this, it's the brain's nature to try to sort things automatically.
At least there was some thought put into it, gesalt principles 101
agreed... but there is a tumblr... :) and it is half full or maybe not!
someone please help me here am out of bounce****
Ed Dich
I couldn't read the top line from the first attempt - there was clearly something wrong with it...
I m not wrong.. Actually the line written over there are wrong...i just auto corrected it and read the right thing
Then I'd Say... "Whoa" [keanu style]
i did not fall for it i spent some time trying to figure out why it was
like that
What if I told you I was dyslexic, and I got it right?
That means you are boring.
I read it wrong, I read "What if I told you."
I didn't.
I thought this was a grammar meme.
What if i told you reality came in liquid form?
What if i told you reality came in liquid form?
@Devid Green.
You're 100% right.
9GaG is too stupid that it didn't even remove and, just added his GaG Link !
Took me a couple of tries and I already knew the trick !

Works for anything, like:

Thsi snetnaec si lal jmulbde pu !

And the "remove vowells" trick:

Cnsdr th fct tht vwlls r nly thr t mprv clrit :D

(sometimes those only work for certain people, and I'm not 100% sure but only in the English language)
Hahahaha, i had to get my friend to explain it to me because i still didn't get it but now that i get it>>>that was funny:L
O_o this right hear is my mind.... exploding
who ever doesnt get this is stupid
Look where the word "if" is placed Sierra.
I read it right. You wrote it wrong man.. :P
I'd say get some new glass, maybe some nice bifocals....
Omg, i read the top line like, 4 times before i saw it...
Definitely read the first part with a different voice than the bottom part. Pretty awesome.
Good thing I can't read in the first place
If I read it wrong, I feel slightly dumb, but if a computer reads it wrong I would think the computer is intelligent
JP Lang
There may be no spoon, but the cake is still a lie. 
morphious please!!! take it easy!
LoooooL I read it correctly, B/C english is my second lang and my reading is not Fast...HiHiHi... LoL, inteligent Brain I have or my English is BAD :P
I read till WHAT and started procrastinating..
Wow good one I read it 5 time before I figured it out
IDGI (I don't get it?)
It shows how much the smartphone resembles the human brain, lol. It always wants to assume what you're going to type next in a text or rearrange letters if it thinks you want to say a certain word...if you typed that in, the smart phone probably would have auto adjusted it and it would've been right lol. The brain does the same thing, it knows how it SHOULD be written, and with similar letters nearby, your brain "auto adjusts" the mistakes and we overlook them completely by accident because the image we "remember" seeing was the corrected version that the brain substituted for the unacceptable incorrect image. lol...funny tho
Almost got me... I thought Morphius was stuttering.
I didn't read it wrong.....I was just thinking "Wow someone needs to work on their typing".....
I didnt understand this intill i started reading the comments =(
I don't get, and I read 5 times....duh....Call me dumb and dumber!!!
ohh mabe i need to read it again
I wish I could do that to women brains
that was cool. stop mind fcukin me!
Took me too long to work out :s
I caught it right away as soon as I saw it I new it was wrong..
The Older Get I, The Better These Work
Mistake in the Matrix! Prepare some agents for! Hmmm... we have a virus!
Mar g
I don't get it
I don't get this can someone explain this?
Mar g
I nvrm
I'll tell you,
I read the top line as
'what if i told you'.
I see you are abusing the red pills Morpheus, it's not your mistake reloaded and revolutions kinda drifted away from being cool.
Just chill man. You were awesome in the first one.
omg i just noticed i read it rong after so long that is cool:]
I have to say I read the first line correctly at first, then wrong at the second time.
For I'm not skilled enough to English...
hahaha same here took me a couple of times 2 realise wot a was doing wrong!!!! am not blonde!
is if i rigth yup.....
I've been duped!! LoL!! I so read it wrong. =.P

Curse you brain and your automatic letter re-arrange. 
OMG! i read it wrong at first.
I had the same experience in my language too...
gabriela, you dont get it because you read the top line wrong.
Very neat. Still think it's neat how the mind will interpret what it sees in a blink, either correctly or incorrectly. 
i never read it wrong what i if told u
it worked i didnt even notice after 3 glances.
LOL I read this three times before I finally realized the point.
I read it right the first time. then wondered why it was spelled wrong. Then I read the bottom and found out.
Yup its official... I'm an idiot... Damn you matrix!!
Awesome.. had to read three times... Brain stores and reads information as images and patterns rather than words or numbers..
If you wnat to do the raerrgnig ltteres tcirk you do need to keep the frsit and lsat ltteer the in the crrocet palce.
It's funny, I read it wrong but 8 yr old daughter read it correctly!
Ash Sam
Mind Games..... Good
It took me three times, now I feel even worse an 8 yr old got it the first time!!
that wasn't hard at all. i got it on the first try.
wow that was cool. it took me like 2 go's to figure that i was reading it wrong!!!
i didnt get it until i red it 4 times
Nav H.
gets me every time.
That's funny, I get it.
You're right. But I still read it and did so correctly.
icant read and have a pet monkey read and type for me. only seea series of squiggly lines. im guessing this post sux. (lets go to the next one mon-k) no dont type that... ughhh!
What if I told you the the brain doesn't notice the second the. 
That is the problem with the brain. Sometime its like to make 'assumption' and jump to conclusion. Well, not completely bad, sometime its make you 'think and act faster'. Now, are you thinking or assuming?
LOL i missed but that is so hard to see
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