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Now... we all know that if somebody has a lot of followers, that doesn't necessarily mean that his or her posts will also interest YOU. And besides this, there are a lot of interesting Google+ users out there that could bring a lot of value to you, but they don't have so many followers. So, how do you find them? Here are some easy steps to find exactly what interests YOU the most!

For that, you have two options. First option is you go to There you'll find the Google+ Shared Circles Database started by +Chris Porter that has over 400 circles shared on Google+ (50,000 names). Add just the circles that are in a category that interests you.

The second option is to go on a google+ directory and look in the categories or locations that interests you. I talk more about some directories here:

To add lots of people in your circles from google+ directories with just one click using Circle+ read this:

For that, you can use a chrome extension, called Uncircle+ made by +Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh. I talk more about it here:

If you have noisy people that post very often and sometimes you don't want to see their posts, you can add them to a special circle called "noisy people" and exclude that circle from your mainstream using an extension.

This way, you won't see their posts any more. When you want to see their posts again, just include them back or take a look at that specific circle. I talk more about how to exclude circles from your mainstream using Plus Minus here:

For that you can use the Gather, Rinse, And Repeat method by +Dustin W. Stout which goes like this:

a. Start by following people who you believe to be “Thought Leaders“. You can find them through the google plus directories that I gave you and place them in a circle that is labeled accordingly.

b. Throughout the day visit the stream for this circle looking for interesting posts. When you find something interesting, leave a comment or +1 the post.

c. Circle everyone who +1′d, or commented on that same post easily using the Circle+ extension that I gave to you earlier. The circle you place them into is a temporary one that serves as a trial period.

The circle will only be active for a week, if anyone from that circle comments on one of your posts, or makes a solid connection with you, they will then get placed into one of your permanent circles. This is the gather phase.

d. At the end of the week, you delete the temporary circle. Anyone who has not been actively engaged, or never made a connection with you is removed from your circles entirely, and the others are safe in one of your permanent circles. You have effectively “rinsed” your circles.

e. Repeat. Just keep doing it on a week to week basis, and you will be constantly finding new, interesting people!

Read more about this method or other Google Plus Tutorials from Dustin here:
Other useful posts: #gvgpUseful
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conta gente bonita!

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Great tips!
Although I don't fully agree with #4 just because from what I've seen there are two types of contributors here on G+:
People who post content, and people who comment on posts (and of course a lot people do well in both areas)
A lot of the time though, I find, the people with who I 'connect' with the most, and who give awesome comments, don't necessarily post 'good content.'
It's one of the best things about G+ to not have to have a 2-way follow like Facebook does :)
Tom Anderson has good insight on Google+
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These people only post news and blog material, I prefer people that post original material; posts where they interact with you, posts about random stuff, funny stuff, points of views...

Two people come to mind, very funny original people that say hey every once in a while and comment on your posts too

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Yup, just checked out another one of those profiles... Man, they're just regurgitating the Internet on G+...
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Ohhhh, it all makes sense now...

Just check out your profile and your one of those people that repost the Internet xD

I don't know how I ever missed that I was mentioned in this post... but thank you very much +Gabriel Vasile ! I'm honored that you found my method valuable!
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Bogus... I'm not here, therefore

This argument is invalid
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