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It seems like Google Plus is becoming more and more prepared for the imminent Google+ Brand Pages. Features like Ripples, Hangouts with extras, What's hot and the Google Apps availability will bring social conversion to the next level for Google Plus business pages and also more possibilities on Google+ to teach, learn, work, and play.


Ripples are a graphical representation of how a post spreads across Google+. Influencers show up as large bubbles on the graph, bubbles that everyone will see and potentially click on when they visit the Ripple. If you are your brand, that’s brand recognition right there.

Ripples are a new way of measuring engagement. You can see which of your posts are being shared and by whom. Influencers who shared could become brand advocates. Include them in your plans, bond with them. These are the people who were willing to spread your word without any prompting. Imagine what they can do with guidance.

Ripples incorporates quick analytics, giving you an idea of total shared content and publicly shared content. It's really a way of mapping conversation. This mapping feature offers a hell of a lot more information about a post up front than any other social network.

You can see an example of ripples in action with my most succesful post that got more than 1370 reshares called "Top 25 most popular Chrome extensions and Apps for Google+" here


Let's not forget that Google+ is now available with Google Apps. Google Apps users will have access to the same set of features that are available to every Google+ user, and more. In addition to sharing publicly or with your circles, you’ll also have the option to share with everyone in your organization, even if you haven’t added all of those people to a circle.

For those who’ve already started using Google+ with a personal Google Account and would prefer to use the Google Apps account, the Google+ engineers are building a migration tool to help you move over. With this tool, you won’t have to rebuild your circles, and people who’ve already added you to their circles will automatically be connected to your new profile. They say they expect this migration option to be ready in a few weeks.


Hangouts with extras, which combines multi-person video chat with screen sharing and collaboration in Google Docs, lets you work together on projects even when your team can't be in the same room. Whether you’re out of town, working on a project with a distributed group, or just don’t feel like walking to the next building for your meeting, Hangouts with extras can give your team the productivity boost it needs.

As I said in another post called "18 Big Google+ Changes that users want to see" -, Google Docs integration is one of the most awaited feature. See more about Hangouts with Extras here:


The "What's Hot" feature helps users find and interact with popular content shared within Google+. This new tool gives users a glimpse outside their Circles and into the larger world of Google+ posts. This can also mean more exposure for brands and hopefully for quality posts too. See my suggestion for a better What's hot section:

I can't emphasize enough how useful this tools will be for the ones that will set up a Google+ Brand Page for their business. And remember this is just the beginning!

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Still trying to get Ripples... and What's Hot can't wait for Google to tweak it a little more.
+Martijn van Beek apparently it' not available in italian language...thanks for the hint; the message says "not available for all the languages".. +Gabriel Vasile i still can not see ripples in the posts..nor what's hot in the main stream on the left; it's probably a matter of time?! Thanks
I want to warn you about This is not a secure option, it is owned by some guy in Turkey, hosted there too. Why would you want to depend on some one you don't even know, half way around the world to create your incoming links to your profile.

I have been warning about this since day one, I prefer to control my own incoming links with my own domain like this:

Recommending this link shortener could seriously damage your reputation when whoever is really behind this thing could easily redirect the millions of links to any profile or any site in about 30 seconds.
Your link to your page on 20 things we want to see come to G+ suggest that shortener on the page.

My old profile link also works well for me like this:

But I could care less if my Gmail address is public and that depends on your Gmail address handle.

+vysakh sreenivasan How does Circles not compare to a group? My mastermind group now uses G+ to communicate where as before G+ we used a Ning group.
Sometime you'll think that ripples isn't working because a post has no shares. No share, no ripples...
Succes, Vasile.
Two things have passed you by for now, because we implemented them 2 years ago, and they were now removed when G+ launched.

* Custom profile links (2009 launch)
* Verified profiles thru Google Knol

So those of us who did this prior to even Buzz, have these features, new profiles, do not.

Why not just register and the /+ of that?

Watch what happens with .... It will be

But those little links are not worth crap if you are not shouting them out on audio interviews, any where the link can be clicked, there is no reason for a shortener.

So, as you say Tweet your Google URL you are building up links to some guy in Turkey. Over time, he gets the link juice, your profile gets nothing.

Even though does use a 301 redirect for now, are you going to beleve that will continue for ever?

What happens if the domain is sold and all the links redirect to a porn site?
+Chris Lang even shared circles are restricted to each persons.If a new member has to join,it becomes complicated but in case of page,you just join it and everyone knows it.In a circle stream it is not possible to see posts,photos,info as separate things.Groups are very clear in what it is and how it is.Circles are only for personal sharing.
+Chris Lang i've tried to look for ripples also in posts that have 30 or more sharings but i still can not see ripples. probably i'm dojng something wrong
+Emanuele Pascariello on the top right of the post, click on the circle with the upside down arrow, and you should see "View Ripple". The only ripples that will show in this chart, are publicly shared ripples.
+Emanuele Pascariello You aren't doing something wrong. Probably you have the Italian as main language, which I have seen that still has no ripples activated. Tray with English (Google Plus settings)
+Sante Ronchi exactly..tried english (works for both ripples and what's hot; Italian (as before said) nothing. Probably this counntry will have to wait for a while...thank you all :-)
+Gabriel Vasile yes, very handy and the first real-time look inside the "net", no infographic, no charts. fresh, actual and live data..our posts coming to life.
is it already possible to create a brand page without having a g apps account?
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