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They say a picture is worth a thousand words so this small work I did should be very useful for understanding Google+ very fast. Feel free to share it to help every newbie and give me some feedback on the original post:

Background source: by +Gahan Raj
Other useful posts: #gvgpUseful
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It's very well done, However - maybe because I take a somewhat different approach - I personally would change "Do you want anyone to see it?" to "Do you want everyone to see it?", and then add a third choice on the "no" branch of "Circle(s) of people who share that interest".
Very helpful. I have been wondering how to bookmark posts, since there are so many helpful posts on G+. How do you bookmark a post to a circle?
now I understand the system^-^
Best post I've seen on g+
I like the bookmark idea, thank you.

"Do you want anyone to see it" is confusing, shouldn't it be "Do you want everyone to see it?"?
Or have I forgotten that much of english (it's a foreign language to me).
It's a little crowded at the bottom though. ;)
Best Google+ illustration ever!
Excellent and handy bit of information there. I'll suggest improving the design (colors, contrast) a bit so it's more pleasing to the eye. :)
Yeah I think it's good enough to be forced on a regular basis. We can easily get the power users to share and also perhaps make this a weekly post if certain things continue to rise, such as "LOL" which is very annoying to be notified of if you have a lot of active threads or pictures. Hats off to Gabriel. You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.
A picture isn't worth a thousand words when it's just a simple graph/diagram of some words. This picture is worth about the same number of words as you put in the picture.
Very nice job thank you. If you change the colors then it will be easier to print! (it deserves a poster)
As a geek who appreciates flow charts and such, I like this, good job.
I don't really get the bookmark one. How do you check what is included there later?
Maybe, to have some posts stored but no shared with anyone, it's possible do a circle without persons, so thah you can find it when you need in the future... I think this possibility is a third way in the point 1... Or better, the NO arrows should by divide in three: "business", "personal" and another one to share the post with nobody but you, i.e. only to store it for yoursef.
I hope the concept is clear. Thank you for the graphics anyway.
+Pedro Cano At the left side, under Stream, your Circles are listed. Clicking on each one will show you the posts in just that Circle.
+David Piper yes, I've tried but it's not there, it says that I should add people to that circle

EDIT. ok. now it shows it. it took some time :))))
Sorry +Gabriel Vasile & +boo Jay, You are right, I didn't notice that (maybe because I found the better collocation in the point 1. but now I understand the 3 point as "alone" is ok)
Thanks for that, I shared it along already :)
This is very handy - I might be able to share this when I'm delivering social media training, too - thank you :)
Thanks. I will add the link to this to my profile.
can you get "what's hot" on the mobile app? anyone?
Great job gabe. Yes a picture's worth a 1000 words but a video is worth a million. Make a video of this and I will post it. Thanks.
Great summary, I just started with G+ and this helps a lot.
Oh, Share it to the empty circle. Then it shows up as a post in my stream. Gotcha. That's sort of a bookmark, I guess. Better than nothing. Thanks.
It's nice, but the layout is confusing, clean it up! :)
nice!!... Now only if someone would create something similar for the privacy settings... ;P
I didn't find it confusing, and I'm easily confused... :P
An interesting thing about this post is that Gabriel manually added a link to his own post within his post in case somebody reshares it, as resharing doesn't generally provide a way to get to the conversation at the original post. (Funny, in the case of an image like this though, the conversation is accessible when clicking on the image, so Gabriel didn't strictly have to. But for general posts, it's usually necessary to manually add a link to the post itself in case it gets reshared.)
Wow! That's my wallpaper in the background! :)

- TheDeletedUser (DeviantART)
Best Google+ illustration ever......!!
Thanks for sharing this...great job, made this so much easier to understand, I will be sharing it.
Thats how gossip gets from one end of our town to the other :-D
I want to see 1000 shares :) some people will print this because is very useful
Where can you chat with people? All I see is the send message box, nothing else
I just want to use the internet.
I remember a time that I didn't need a flow chart to use a webpage...
Thanks for the suggestion of an Empty Bookmark Circle. I like it. There is a Chrome extention that will let you star posts, but of course only works if you use Chrome and have the extention. This idea works across all devices. Great idea until G+ incorporates something similar. :-)
that is awesome, we need to share this it people in facebook and get them to move over and watch facebook fade into the night like myspace did
Awesome Job Dude! This will be making the rounds. Might even sneak it on to Facebook!
This is enlightening! Definitely a must-share!
Awesome. Just need to add hangouts!
A thousand words? Your picture just summed up an entire product! Congratulations, very creative and intuitive! +1
Forgot hangouts, but pretty good otherwise, in a nutshell!
Point 2 How do you "recommend" the person who posted?? (Aside from just telling people)
Excellent flowchart. I have shared it as well. Please keep on updating it as Google do updates to Google+.
Very well done with the pic dude it's well layed out peace out
Thanks very useful. Now I know my friends will also get it :). Love the bookmark circle suggestion.
My mistake +Gabriel Vasile. Missed it under fun. 
Should make for an incredible ripple visualisation.
At least Google + doesn't have that worthless option to "poke" someone like they did in Facebook.
David Piper's suggestions sounds very good. I think it should be considered and if possible implemented upon.
I first thought it is one of those funny pictures you see all over but then I realize it is for real and made me lough more, so complicate I just use my own system click as I go and see what happen :) Thank you any way I keep that picture for "emergency" use only :)
Very usefull! Congrats for this diagram, I'll recomend this
Uh ...No! For people comfortable with diagrams, or already using g+ this might be helpful. But for the uninitiated, at a quick glance this looks very confusing
Hi Gabriel, but how do you make your few bob then from the photo ,please advise
Seems that the share sth to empty circle "bookmarks" only works for the posts at google+ streams but not the regular webposts outside the system.
Hey Gabriel, thanks for this !! I hope, this is really convincing for all the ones in silent mode or struggling with the concept yet. I´ll share ...
While I am fine re-sharing this on Google+, what if I want to share it on Twitter? Is there a way to do that? Am I missing it?
Very Nicely done!
I think this will be very useful for me when it come to explaining what Google+ is to my Facebook loving friends.
The original post link is broken.

Is there a link to an image I can enlarge? I cannot read most of what is here!
+Shawn Crowell and others: To create the empty Bookmarks circle go to your Circles page and click on Create Circle, name it (anything you like), and click on Create Empty Circle. I also use mine to "subscribe" to a post (without commenting) in order to be notified of future comments.
Seems odd to me that no one has commented on the fact that it is absurd that someone needs to post a complicated multi-tier flow chart to teach others how to use this. If I need a flow chart to effectively use Google+, guess what? I'm not using it...
That looks to annoying to read so I'm just gonna call it a complex way to explain a casual system, are you guys so dense you can't figure this out on your own?
Why are there no options for no after the questions?
Thank you...that answers my question from yesterday! Empty circle made up to save posts you like>Bookmarks, it makes perfect sense now.
wat is new in it ?
For me; I post anything Public or not - it's always ONLY ME who see it.. No admirers, No likes, No comments. Its been 3+ months on Google+ still thing is Complex....

Overall rating
2013 people speak gibberish... :)
+Michael Conner Can you tell me more about this "subscribe"? When I reshare something with my (empty) Bookmark circle, I will not receive comment notifications from the original post. Or am I missing something?
+1? how to reccomend a person?
Want to have a life? > Destroy all computers!
Nice flowchart. You've done a great job.
I thought that things like this were supposed to be left unwritten. Like the unwritten rule that you don't speak in the men's room.
I LitLOL'd, so I +1'd the above comment...
nice! But still I can't see the "what's hot" on my stream, and no youtube thingie too.. but I can see ripples.. !
That's a really nice way of showing it. Am I doing number two correctly? :P
Don't forget that 1001 words is worth more than a picture
+András Dörögdi I was mistaken about the notifications. Sorry. Maybe there's another way to subscribe to a post.
this is so nice... someone know how to public a youtube video in google+ in the page of that video?
At a cursory glance, it looks a mess. Lol. Don't want to go scaring folks off now.
ok im getting sick of these diagrams telling you what to do, they were good when people made unique ones with funny points but thats just lame advertising. Don't like annoying advertising? -> Yes -> Tell them to where to shove it.
I have no clue, I'm from the 19th Century. To slow for these fast moving things.HAHAHAH
This is interesting/useful so according to your chart I should comment on it.
Finally, a useful post that is worthy of the HIGH number of shares.. unlike the "ripples test" one..
Hello Gabriel,

I agree....a picture is worth a thousand words! Yours is terrific! Helps newbies like me start pealing away the onion skins...thanks. Bob
Does it negate the worth of a picture, if it in fact contains words? These are the questions, my friends.
Like but also dislike.
Good web design should = Don't Make Me Think (yes as in the book!). If Google+ needs this, something is wrong....
Outstanding!! Thanks for this...Us old folks appreciate
Couldn't have said it better, and +David Kings for facebook, this image would be about 5 images all jam packed with gibberish
If there was a way, this should be stickied.
why would anyone or people would UNDERSTANDING GOOGLE+ if they know it or use it already,i dont underztand why??.is it really necessary and the bother to do this??.
Excellent! Very nicely done and I suspect will help those new to G+ ~ which is a very good thing for all of us!
nice job - thanks for putting this together
G= in nutshell superb hope now ma friends understand
nice one Gabriel Vasile..! Really helpful and this will Google should have done this to promote their product..!
Thank for you effort, although this is turning breathing into rocket science
Pas sympa... heureusement qu'il ne font pas le shema pour Facebook. Un 4x3 ne suffirait pas!
Nice Gabriel. My only comment on #2 "Want to share?" is that sharing someone else's post should also consider how they originally shared it... i.e. don't share to Public something the OP shared to limited circles.
totally makes sense:(
looks like a test for a mapping exam
Should have included a "Love G+? NO" arrow.
Nice overview of the basics. I could have used this when I first joined up. I agree with what others said about changing "Do you want anyone to see it?" to "Do you want everyone to see it?" Also, you might want to consider adding "Lock post" to things that you do not want people to be able to re-share...think pictures of you at a party that you wouldn't want to get to an employer (current or future!)
Nice, but it should read, "Want someone to see it? Post it to Facebook"
That's a good point Gabriel, it's a lot to explain. It's also a lot to digest both visually and in general. I personally didn't get why folks have a hard time with Google+ until I looked at this though. There is really a lot going on and it's great of you to try to clear it up for folks.
I +1 this and think it's interesting...but I don't know what to post...screw facebook, GOOGLE+ FTW!
Great infographic, especially that it doesn't mention/bash that other social network site. Do you mind if I repost it on my " other social network site"?
Rob R
Great job!
Google mentioned to create some circles to share Google Reader content with. But how do I 'share' Google Reader content with a circle? At the moment I can +1 it publicly (and can I +1 it privately?)
It's nice and I get it, but that somebody felt the need to create a flowchart like this highlights one of Google+'s weaknesses. It's more complicated than the average man-ape is willing to put up with. That and the stream is a big oozing mess that seems to favor high-follower posters over intimate friends. Not to mention one-click post muting would be awesome.
outstanding!!! a wonderful infographic
I am a newbie, but I really enjoy this site better than FB. I don't have to worry if some of my friends won't "get" me. I feel more free here
@ +Nicholas Manojlovic yes once you +1 the item in Reader change the JUST the private GR Circle you created.
thats kinda hard to understand jk
+Stephen Krieg I have the same question how to use the bookmarks....
(Also he forgot to metion to add a + sing to metion someones in a post.)
I like it. It's always great to have tips on how to use things that are new to me. I have self-learned the computer and the social networking is an "always learning" experience for me so far. This will be a bookmark for me. Thanks and look forward to more helps.
well this indicates that the G+ thingee is still not so intuitive - this is a dead give away - if we need tutorials like this to understand how things work then clearly the product managers at G+ need to listen more to Facebook and their ideas
Why in the hell am I seeing this? I never signed up for this "What's hot" crap. And as near as I can tell I have no way of removing it. This is how Google+ works? I have to see a bunch of inane posts just because a bunch of other people have?
Yeah the what's hot stuff is a huge mistake. At least let me opt out of it.
awesome flow chart on G+, It is hands down the best one I have seen on how to use a social media site. I have to be honest it is the only one I have seen. It is good though.
Great +flowchart but sure wish there was a full screen mode for pictures. And on that note, could you add that to the future +flowchart versions, ( 6. Want to improve Google+ -yes-> [Send Feedback] ).
@Al Calderon click on the pic n then press the thin bar next to the comments panel. this minimizes comments the comments, giing full screen view of d pic. Enjoy....
Thanks I will reshare as soon as I'm on z computer
Interesting ... I have had google+ for sometime now and have just started using it seriously and this will surely help.
Thanks a bunch :)
Love flow charts, and this one rocks!
it's so complex that you must explain it clearly with such wonderful picture. ....
communication should be simple.
+David Kings Sorry I assumed that you were insinuating that google had a worse design than another social network, and since facebook is largset other social networking site I assumed that
Google+ has the potential to fuse other Google apps together thus being the interconnected link needed to reach its sharing potential! Look at it as a tool for reaching Google's overall success! A 'tunnel vision' type approach enabling Google to interact with a more simplistic and full capacity.
Maybe add an extra share logic path: "Want Post to be visible by as many people as possible but not searchable by search engines -> extended circles"
Great job.
+1 on changing "anyone" to "everyone".
+1 on missing "Extended Circles" explanation
I think Hangouts, one of G+ best features, aren't given enough attention. Fun doesn't quite convey the potential benefits of Hangouts IMO.
Awesome. Google+ should use this.
Awesome Dude! Nice Picture! :)
Looks complicated at first, like some sort of crazy flow chart, but once you see that it explains in simple terms how to do ten common actions, it is marvelous. I wish I had this chart at the beginning of my Google+ journey.
+Gabriel Vasile , I somehow got the advanced version of the breakdown?? May I please have the basic breakdown to the understanding?? LMAO = this is awesome, it's just a little overwhelming... what is #7?
You may need to update this few times in month, cuz Google is still releasing the 'Google' from 'Google+'.
Expecting new features every week :D
Ade Nan
it is work! for this scheme !!
Very good work! It looks professional and well done.
best one of these i've seen so far. don't know whether that's an indictment on what's come before, though... also, shouldn't google be posting stuff like this?!
How about an addition (or a separate graphic) for adding to, and especially for culling, one's circles.

For example, when starting an account, G+ suggests lots of people in various areas (Art, Entertainment, News, etc.). One could laboriously visit each to decide whether to add them. (G+ doesn't make that easy by providing live links for each person!) Or simply add them all wholesale, then cull later. But how to cull? Is there a way to see a sorted list of people I have +1ed? I wish, too, that I had a way, even if it was only private, to -1 posts.
Want to share it? Yes. Like someone else's post? yes, will add when I finish this comment and recommend it, of course. Want to save a bookmark? Sure!

Thanks for the post. :)
Some real quick fixes:
Renumber 4 and 5 (just swap the numbers) to make it all scan better.
Line up the numbers in the bottom half so the multi-column stuff scans better.
Put all of the "new" items together. It's a guide, not an easter egg hunt ;-)
I learned how to use G+ in less than 20 seconds!
+Gabriel Villorente This graphic image is excellent, and it does a great job of explaining how Google+ works. Thank you for sharing this image with us kind sir.
Niccce! Soooo stealing this! Thnx in advance, Brother. 
so according to this squetch, I should be now adding a coment and sharing it to my circles? Done!
Yes this big picture makes me really understand Google+, thanks!
I just shared this post with myself via my new Bookmarks circle. Thanks for the tip.
Sorry, I stopped reading comments after a while.

I really like the "is it interesting/usuful..." part, although this gives the feeling it is an either/op proposal, whilst comment and +1 are cumulative, not exclusive. I am not sure it is worth mentioning this subtlety, though

As for Want to share it, I would insert a "yes" arrow then a "Share" button pic before the long arrow.

Finally, you should move to a fully vertical thing for clarity. If fitting in a A4 page is the goal, at least align 4 and 6 on ont hand and 7-to-10 on an another hand. Also, it ay be more sensible to have three continuous columns, because present order is, well, unordered :)

Example 1

Example 2

(this one would probably require resizing some pictures up or down)
As for the gibberish and interesting arrow as well as the white embranchment: I suggest switching all to green. Why? To reduce the color load. Same for the yes/no on point 1. If you want to stick with a neutral color, consider blue for arrows, then :)

Anyway, thank you +Gabriel Vasile !
Lived it! Cleaning a bit on the bottom and following +David Piper 's suggestion will definitely make it perfect :) and what to do when something is not só interesting is a nice to have
+Gabriel Vasile Yes, you're right. I just sent you a friend request. So you can check it, you can just become my friend for a minuts, and unfriend me, no problem ;) I've also shared it on my G+ profile.
+Gabriel Vasile Check up even tomorrow they will grow for sure ;) I add you to my circle of cool people. Have a great weekwnd :) PS: I shared your post on my profile G+ as well
What more do you need to know? Thank you! :)
Nice diagram. Been using G+ for a while now, but there is stuff here I didn't know about :-)
The bookmark circle is a graet idea. I've never considered it before! Thanx
nice way to show it i wonder why facebook hasn't one like this
+Alessia Canori true, i was also trying to figure out how to bookmark the interesting things i find . Nice diagram :D
I'm just starting out today and I very much thank you for this quick sheet!
I just wish i could see it big enough to read. 
This is amazing. Really well done!
A thousand words are worth a picture, and they load faster
Wow looks complicated ... the good news if you take a few minutes to look at it you will discover how simply brilliant it is to help understand G+ Thanks +Gabriel Vasile
+Gabriel Vasile - Best graphic I have seen
By a ratio of more than 10 to 1, more people used +1. According to the chart that makes it gibberish. I find it useful though, thus the comment.
Thanks for sharing. This will be helpful for G+ newbies.
I am truly curious now. I would like to see examples of your Web Design work as well. Thanks
Ferdinand Taputuarai- Thank you for sharing. This is very helpful to me, i'm just discovering G+
Please forgive me for being dense, but how can I see this larger, it looks like a very handy share.
about fkn time, been here 3wks,was invited to 1000 circles call Google on there bullshit and they couldnt figure it out
this post has nothing to do with sharing circles, key is in sharing circles, make sure its a group you want to be involved with #views
Reshared it, as it is still a very useful graphic. Thanks.
(edit: I used 'reshared', like it's a tweet... I'm such a twit. I also didn't change it to the proper 'Shared' as a learning experience for myself)  :)
Very succinct .  The backdrop conflicts with the flow chart
still cant work out how to bookmark. I think I am a google+ failure
Great write up and thinks for taking the time for doing this and leting us all share it out.
i dont have idea how to find group in g+ can u please tell me
will need a upgrade with all the new features of g+. Is there any similar more recent ?
Funny! I'll send that to my clients. From a company that promotes user-friendliness, their social network shows the opposite.
Still more Surprising fact is, there is no way to unshare a picture if you shared with someone accidentally. Yes, you can unshare an album if you shared it, but removing a share from a single pic that you just did by mistake isn't possible.
Still can't figure out what G+ is or what to do with it!
I'm assuming "interesting/useful" is intended as a joke.
I have yet to see anything interesting or useful on G+.
I hate Facebook but at least the crap there is from people I know.
G+ is inundated with people I never heard of posting about stuff I'm not interested in!
What is frustrating is that I like and use most Google products and can't help feeling G+ has something to offer - I just can't figure out what!
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