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I saw a lot of people complaining about the fact that their friends are not on Google Plus because they think it's boring. Well let me tell you something: Google Plus has now officialy 40million users, so if your friends are not here, YOU should do something! Here's what I recommend (and please share this to help other users too):

LATER EDIT: Show them the fastest way of understanding Google+: (you should probably make the steps 1 to 4 before this)

1. Make an interesting profile
How do you expect your friends to belive that Google Plus is interesting, when your profile doesn't look interesting? So... put up a cool profile photo that you have, some interesting scrapbook photos, some albums and complete your about section in a unique way. I'm sure you can do it!

2. Make them understand Google Plus is really cool
Share interesting things publicly and invite your friends to see them. You have the internet at your fingertips. You can either look for other interesting Google Plus posts and share them, or you can google for funny / interesting / cool / useful / beautiful photos, articles, gifs or websites. You can share some cool YouTube videos or just StumbleUpon until you find something nice and share it publicly.

3. Give them the advantages
Tell them that they can easily edit their posts, they can define and choose exactly who they share their information with and they can lock their posts if they want privacy. Tell them they can follow anyone they find to be interesting without that person feeling awkward because he/she doesn't know who your friend is.

Tell them they can make their own blog out of their profile even if they don't know anything about blogs. Tell them that Google Plus users are more active than other social websites users and your friend's interesting posts will be really appreciated by other users.

Tell them they won't be bombarded with advertisements on Google+ (which is a huge bonus). Even if they do eventually include ads down the road, most likely Google won’t be as much in your face about it.

Tell them that with Google+ comes the ability to easily integrate many great tools and features including Google TV, Maps, Android, Chrome, Docs, and Search.

4. Facebook integration
Tell your friends they can get their facebook albums (How To Import Your Facebook Photos Into G+ - ) and facebook stream (How to add your facebook and twitter stream to g+ - ) over here as well.

5. Give them connections
Now that you convinced them to sign up, you don't just stop here. If they don't follow anybody and just look at their own blank profile, of course they'll think Google Plus is boring. But Google Plus can be whatever you want, depending on what you share and what kind of people you circle. Give your friends some interesting / cool / useful / funny people or even better... circles. Once you give them a few interesting circles to follow, trust me... they're going to love Google Plus! If you don't know what people to recommend, look here for some shared circles:

6. Guide them
Teach your friends how to use google plus. Now, this is very important. If they don't understand it, they probably won't like it. You know that usualy we're afraid of things that we don't understand.
Google plus tips and cheat sheets - ( )
Google+ Guides & Tips For Newbies - ( )

7. Games
If they like browser games get them to play Angry Birds or other Google Plus games that you think they will like. Games are a lot of fun, but be careful though, you might make them addicted to this :)

8. Hangouts
Start some hangouts and chat with your friends. The hangout is a priceless tool. You can join video conference hangouts with countless different groups of people. No matter what your topic of interest, you can bet there’s a hangout somewhere for it.

9. Make them active
Show them how and tell them to post something publicly. Make them engage in conversation with the people they follow by leaving nice/smart/personal opinion comments on their posts. Once they'll get to actively communicate with others, your job it's done.

10. Watch the magic happen!

PS: If you want to share your thoughts with me on this one, please comment on the original post: And don't forget to share it.

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You're assuming I want some of my friends on here. ;-)
Gun to the head. Or poison their food, and don't give antidote unless the sign in.

(why yes, I did play D&D. how do you know?)
Smart is geeky, Dumb is facebook proof...Google+ has Geek written all over the moment :D
Gabriel. Great stuff.
I'm currently working on transforming this into bullet benefit points and polishing a few items. I will post it here once complete.
I truly enjoy your posting - one of the best people I follow!
Keep up the great work.
True true. Like the rationale why club owners have ladies nights and free drinks for women, they know if they bring the gals, the guys will follow. Not to offend kids or ladies, but whenever I am on Facebook I feel like its a haven for immature kids, and gossiping lonely cougars. :-P
Google+ ..... Not your kids social network.
Google+ .... not your wife's social network.
G+ doesn't cater to the average women like facebook does. None of Google's products really do. Unless that changes G+ will never gain a mainstream audience.

G+'s main demographic computer savvy people and artists. Additionally, I really like how the artist network is shaping.

Otherwise, the majority of my real life friends don't fall in the computer savvy category, and they just don't like G+ enough to use it on constant basis. Circles are too convoluted and a pain for people, because average people don't really care about advanced organization and privacy. Those are only the concerns of advance computer user, because they are the only ones that understand the benefits.

I can't force my friends to like something...and I wouldn't try. It's not really an issue of not having friends on the network, a lot of people I know signed up but never came back. The issue is that G+ doesn't foster interpersonal relationships.

G+ is a spam network.
+Ikaika Arnado Is it okay that the little girl inside of me just died a little from reading that? Is it really so difficult to drag a person into the 'Friends' circle?

(Having said that, G+ really doesn't seem a new FB so much as it is a sort of 'Super Twitter'. I'm okay with that.)
I use Google+ only because I own stock in the company.
+Gabriel Vasile " ,,, And then the hell will begin. I'm just kidding, we will just not circle them if we don't want to :)"
+1 Humor always appreciated, especially tongue in cheek.
Elevating Gabriel from Following to Acquaintance Circle due to cool content!

On the above hell beginning, I already have a "Penalty Box" Circle. It has virtually no sharing rights. Perfect for the creepy and arms length people. So yeah, bring on the hell, LOL.
+Steve Reisinger You should use it for more than that. Like the Google Ecosystem, Google Apps, and most important SEO for personal branding or business as it relates to search. Google+ is Google.
+Ikaika Arnado Fist bump Amado. See we have a just fine interpersonal relationship. LOL
Good comments in this thread. Only place I disagree is I am finding G+ great for networking, swapping ideas, and building interpersonal relationships seems to be going fine over here.
My friends are boring I like to keep them on Face Book more their speed.
+Colin Rosen There should be a way to set a default adding circle for one click adding. How it works is that you click add then there's a drop down menu, which you choose which circles to add. I know this is a little thing, but there are a lot of these little things that makes setting up G+ kinda a pain in the ass.

I think that's part of the turn off.

The biggest turn off for me is that G+ is a spam network. I'd love to be able to default the stream and set my friend's circle as my default stream. Every time I open G+ my stream is a clutter of complete randomness, and I have to click on the circle I want to filter. It should open to a stream that I want to set...which could be a circle or a combination of circles, not my entire stream. My entire stream should be the clickable option, like the incoming stream. Seriously, I have a few friends that rarely use the service, and my stream is filled with complete garbage. It took me years to get to that point with facebook, with G+ it took me weeks.
+Neil Taskar Wasn't that the complaint of that Google engineer that posted that essay bashing G+?

I agree...the only that that allows for something like that is the +1 extension for chrome. However, it's not actually built into a website but and extension for the browser.
+Darryl Johnson Can I +1 that ten more times? :-) Me too.
Gabriel I'm sending you my redux of your post now. No point in clogging up this thread with it unless you want it.
I start at step #5, show them people they may want to circle. In fact, every FB post I make now is just, "Did you know +PBS is on Google+?" or something to that effect. Then I post a link. This is much easier now that pages have launched!
This is phenomenal .. i <3 google+ and I even learned something from this post
I would like to have possibility to share my albums (sets) from Flickr on Google+.
Picasa can be a good start for beginner, who uses Point and Shoot camera, but requirements of experienced photographer are much higher than Picasa can offer.
In fairness:

* Warn them it'll mess with the contacts on their Android phone.
* Warn them it'll change the name on their GMail to their G+ name.
* Warn them if their G+ account is ever pulled, it'll affect all other Google-related services.

If you don't tell them these things, they won't thank you at all should they happen.
+Vadim Plessky I'm a pretty experienced photographer and I've always used picasa for web storage. Although, I've also purchased the 200gb plan.
This is bullshit. I didn't even read it. The conversations on G+ are ten times more fulfilling, interesting, in depth, and fun. If some of my friends and family(I love them) don't want to come to where the brilliant people are at and stay staring at drunk pics of college friends and keeping an online diary (which is what I believe FB has resorted to) then great. I am not going to try to convince anyone to do anything. Especially when it should be so obvious already.
+Ikaika Arnado I am using Flickr about 5 years. Tried Picasa about 4 years ago.
I don't need a web storage, I have NAS (Network Attached Storage) at home capable to store all my photos.
Flickr is a great place to communicate with other people, find photos you like, and demonstrate to other people your work.
Besides, it does a great job of storing and interpreting EXIF for your photos, so you can check 5 years from now what aperture and shutter speed you had. Picasa has just rudimentary EXIF support, and it's quite difficult to get this info in Google+ (Google Photos)
I like your post. The problem I have is that my son (14) can't join. So since my son can't join, then my mom wont join. Then his friends and her friends wont join. Some of his friends and her friends are my friends. So if my mom, my son and some of our friends wont join how can I talk them into moving? I hope they open it up soon. This is very frustrating.
Why your son (14) can't join? Is it country-specific?
+Gabriel Vasile Sigh. I tried and tried. They are not coming over. And the few photographers who did come over, found it too competitive and went back to FB!
Loving google+ never in my life had soo many cool people poured in on my desktop. Im seriously. Thx google+ :) Bit high u know ;)
It says he is not old enough when he logs in. So why not edit his profile age then right? They have the feature turned off right now. So if you are 41 and you entered the wrong age you cant fix it either. Try a google search on age requirement for google+ and you will see what I mean.
+Jessica Santos I agree with you about the random garbage of fb. I'd just wish my close circle used it more. Eh, but we have each other phone numbers.

+Vadim Plessky I used flickr for a while, but I stopped posting photos, because only other photographers see them. I mainly go there to research equipment if I'm in need of something. I used to compete in the photo challenge groups, but I lost motivation for that.

In any case, I like picasa better for off site storage and distribution (my computer has a raid set up and I have external hard drives as well), I just upload the high rez edited jpegs directly from lightroom. Also, I send someone a link to a folder if they want the pictures. Otherwise, picasa sync's with my phone's picture gallery, and with G+.

As for exif info. G+ displays exposure, aperture, camera, ISO and the other main stuff a photographer would want to know about a photo. Flickr shows all of the data, however, most the extra data displayed is unnecessary. People don't need to know a photo's CFAPattern, the XMPtool kit, the subsec time, the gain control, etc...most don't even know what those are.

I definitely think your suggestion of syncing a flickr account is good, but I'm gonna disagree with saying that G+'s current picture system is bad. In fact, I think it's one of the things G+ implemented very well. The photo management is far better than facebook and the quality retention is awesome.
That's not quite right. I switched from Facebook precisely because I wanted my so-called "friends" to stop bugging me. All the cool ones are already on Google+ and they don't need me to point out the obvious :)
+Eric Whittington The thing that I really like about G+ is it's 18+. I really hope they don't lower the age. I really hope they keep it for adults only.
Sorry for OT, but lots of G+ veterans here.
Need help: Can someone point me to if/how to post a Google Doc in a post ... not the link but have the content of the doc show in the G+ post??
+Mimi Drake obviously, it's a chicken and egg problem.
I am curious how far Google can go attracting new users.
My Facebook experience is just 2 months and a half. I was using LinkedIn for my "business networking" needs during last 5 years, and Flickr for photography during 5 years as well.
Why I joined Facebook this September? Because my Android phone was asking me "to connect to your Facebook account" every day. And I finally surrended.
Now guess that Google would not include Facebook client in the next release of Android - 4.1 or 5.0, doesn't matter.
And would include Google+ client only.
So many people would join Google+ just because it was recommended/suggested to them by their new smartphone.
But: Google can lose some Android sales in this scenario.
SO it's up to Google's management to decide to say YES or NO to Google+ prosperity.
This trend of "How to switch your friends to Google+ from Facebook"
reminds me of Open Source Community trend of "How to switch your friends from MS Windows to Linux" :D
Z. Flå
I like G+ MUCH better than FB but a few points were a little optimistic.
I personally am more active on G+ than FB but most of the people I know are more active on FB and not very many are active here... yet. Also if (more like when) google puts ads on here I doubt it won't be in your face judging by googles past advertising methods.
+Ikaika Arnado I can't agree with you about EXIF and Picasa.
Let's compare EXIF for one of my photos on Flickr:
and on Picasa:
1) URL for photo on Picasa is ugly
you can't enter it by hand, need to cpy and paste
2) no direct URL to EXIF data, like on Flickr
bad if you want search engine like Google to index it
3) on Flickr I can get info what software I (or other photographer) used, like:
Software Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.5 (Windows)
Therefor 3 years from now I can recall processing of this particular phot, and probably enhance it, if software improved.
4) keywords / tags
Flickr: Keywords "24-70mm F2.8 EX DG" Kater Sigma "Sigma EX DG" "Sigma Lens" bichano cat chat chaton gatinho gatito gato gattino gatto "junge Katze" kitten micino minino mìcio кот котик кошка кошки
Picasa: nothing
and keywords are very useful to find info, both for you and other people
5) you also have Creator, Creator URL, Country, etc. in EXIF data on Flickr
If picture is copied somewhere - I'd liek to retain my copyright, at least of form of EXIF data.
+Gabriel Vasile here is my thoughts. I am a little irritated that people are calling( while you are agreeing) that ppl on FB are not smart. FYI - not something you want to say or agree to if you want FB people to come here, it makes me almost want to leave.
I am not going to APOLOGIZE to ANYONE OF YOU who chose your profession to be IT, Software programming etc. that's great, kudos to you ~ do me a favor? Don't know me because I save lives, take care of people in a hospital. Don't feel as if you need to haul me in here on the BIG YELLOW BUS, because honestly I have had to learn how to navigate throught this network and still am trying to figure it out.
I would also like to ask are you planning on paying us to bring people ( our friend and family ) I have over a thousand friends.... you can't just throw certain people into the water and say SWIM!! It's not going to work.

I think it would be great if we had more diversity in here.... from people who are janitors to the President of the USA. WE ARE ALL THE SAME!!!
my 2 cents.
+Jo Anne Thomas I guess we do not need such kind of discussion
As I wrote above: Google needs to delete (remove) Facebook client in next version of Android, and replace it with Google+
There are forecasts that around 400 million Android devices would be sold till the end of next year.
So it will be appx. 400 million Google+ users. Ten times more than now.
I don't care if any of my friends or family join google+. When I see a Facebook stream opened of someone else (because I don't have FB), it looks so boring, it's all pictures of people at home doing boring things, or showing off mixed in with a ton of junk spammy posts. On Google+ I see tons of art, informative articles, interesting concepts and ideas, and amazing photography. There is a huge difference in the community between the two. I'm not interested in G+ becoming like FB. If all those boring people from FB come over the G+ expect the quality of your stream to turn into FB quality posts. If it does, it will totally suck, just like FB does.
+Celtaur Theron and +Vadim Plessky you are both the stereotypical G+ people IT/Artists.... you won't understand because you CHOOSE not to understand!! You don't like change, get over it. Thank you for proving my point. Have a peaceful day.
Why are you going to advertise Google as if Google won't do it itself? Personally, I don't want Google+ to become as popular--i.e. degenerate--as Facebook. Everyone who loves Facebook should keep using Facebook.
+Daniel Gabriele The heading ^^^^ if you scroll all the way to the top is on the HOT TOPICS for today!!

Gabriel Vasile - 12:54 PM (edited) - Public
Great post! Can I translate it to portuguese and share with my friends?
+Vadim Plessky Are you serious? Ugly URLs? Both the urls are ugly and I would copy paste both of them. Although, G+ supports linking albums, so that's really a minuet point. As for going back to enhance a photo, I would just open the photo from my lightroom archive, not retrace my steps from an uploaded photo...I've never done that and I most likely never will.

Basic SS, AP, ISO and make of the camera is enough for 95% of people. Also, picasa does hold the full meta and exif data they just aren't displayed in G+. It just checked a file in picasa and the information is there.

I do agree with tags though, it seems G+ is only set up to tag people.

I definitely think the G+ photo system could use improvement, but I think that it's a very good system right out of the gate. Much better facebook and flickr.
I find it weird to read over and over again that G+ is for geeks, artists and the cool ones. I can see that point in the early days when it was invite only but since it opend for (almost) everyone I disagree.
Btw, saying some people don't join G+ because it's to complicated to use circles is just telling yourself that you are smarter.
One reason why so many people are still logged in their fb account 24/7 is because everybody else is too. They build their network over time and the same will happen with G+ - just give it some time. But showing you friends and family how easy G+ is doesn't hurt either. 
I'd just rather not be told I should "make" my friends join some social network. If my friends want to start using it, then that's great. Until they do, maybe I'll make new ones or enjoy the relative calm.
+Ralf Mayenberger It's not telling myself I'm smarter. G+ is convoluted and a lot of people just don't want to take the time to figure out how to use it, not because they are dumb, it's because they are not interested. Only geeks like figuring how to navigate software.
My regards to +Gabriel Vasile , When something seems better with regard to Social-networking-site's be it roaring success of Google Plus or the fading Facebook, or for that matter anything to opt and stick to what they really like matter the most.
+Tom Brusky Oh yeah, the what's hot posts are awesome...I agree that there is a lot of bad things that they didn't take from facebook, but there are good things they left out too. Particularly events and a wall. I think those are the two reasons are why people most people prefer facebook.
i remember when i only had like 6 gtalk contacts and cancelled my msn account... things change... hope g+ will be the same :)
+Josh Libby true you don't see that many LOLs here compared to fb, but that is in no way proof of only geeks hanging out here.

+Ikaido Arnado my point is G+ is not difficult to set up. It's basically the same like setting up a fb account. Now if you wanna benefit from all the nice features we all like (and I asume we do) then the learning curve got a bit steeper. But if you just take a look at how much crap fb throu at their users over time they had to learn that too, or just ignored them. Using Lists in fb or Circles in G+ is for the average guy not so much different - the difference might be that Lists in fb are optional.
Because it is so easy to set up a basic G+ account I don't understand all these comments about G+ is something you have to learn. The whole idea of +Gabriel Vasiles post was to show you friends and family how easy it is. 
Now... Can anyone tell me what's the trick to sharing a Google Doc in a post? I can't get it to work. Advice please?
+Ralf Mayenberger I never used lists in facebook. I'm gonna venture to say that a lot of people don't. I'm not saying that G+ is ridiculously difficult to maneuver and use, I'm saying that it's more bit more convoluted than facebook...which is one of the reasons people don't stay. I'm gonna say that the main reasons people don't keep using G+ is because it doesn't have a wall or events.
I wish the stream display on the left would collapse as well, and default stream could be tailor to show the circle or circles you want to see.

Also, there should be a different stream for all your pages.
+Gabriel Vasile Thanks for this post. I am inspired to be a Google+ evangelist
the best think about G+ is that my friends arent on it!!!!!!!
+Josh Libby I finally got that part down. I'm trying to do something else though:
Ya know how if you post a web link,
upon clicking Share the post contains a thumbnail or view of the web page itself?
I was trying to find a way such that if I post a Google Docs link the post displays the Doc's content, not simply a URL

Is there a way to do that?
Gino B.
I would like to share this exact post on Facebook. What's an easy way to do that without copy and paste?
Thank you , this is great! Google + will overtake Facebook soon. This is a great business platform, too.
You should have lead off this post with a run-down on how to get it on Facebook.

How do you do that?
This is all great advice... for abnormal people or those of your friends who are already on G+. The "normals" need something much more simple and compelling. For example, I have two friends that I'd like to see use G+ more. One is already on, but hardly uses it because there's hardly any activity. The other doesn't have a compelling reason to sign up -- and I've tried numerous avenues like "let's do hangouts!" (nope, already got skype) or "there's business pages for your business!" (nope, already have those on facebook), etc. Point is, there should be a good argument for getting the user to do the hardest step -- join and immediately see some cool features and activities that they can't get anywhere else. Until I see that from Google or some third party, I don't see the majority of people moving off other social sites to here.
Gino B.
WTF, I can't get Publish Sync to work. What's wrong with me?
Update: I figured out that I had to copy the page link then paste it into the new message area and the option checkbox was there to share with Facebook. I thought it would have been easier as to just hit the normal share at the bottom of the comments of the original post. I'm dumb. It is still easy though. Thanks.
+Steve Elsass please do not take what I posted as " attempting to one-up " anyone, I just wish somehow IT/TECHY ( not all ) would realize how much others from different fields of work history could only add to G+. I agree I am a sensitive person but also extremely bull headed- I have been on G+ over a month, I Love it- it truly is an incredibly positive feeling as opposed to other sites.
I am in the pool Steve, I can jump off the dives and even swim in the deep end. (Lol)
I truly appreciate ur post, thank you for being truthful and REAL. I wish you a peaceful evening.
> You can share some cool YouTube videos or just StumbleUpon until you find something nice and share it publicly.

Another good source for interesting stuff on the web is

More than a few of the people on digg also are on a similar site (and refer to it frequently),, but I've never tried that.
Got total strangers adding you and haven't sniffed them out yet?

Create New Circle.
Name it Penalty Box, Butt Monkeys, etc.
Grant it viewing privileges to your profile pic and gender only.
Then add those people to the new Circle..

They don't get to see any more about you than Public while you sniff 'em out for a few days ... or weeks LOL.

And for goodness sake you don't HAVE to show who is in your Circle's to the world. :-S
I kind of ran away from Facebook. I didn't like the neighbourhood any more. Starting afresh is kind of cool. I wouldn't want them all to come running... The sole thought makes me shiver.
good informative keep posting such work
+Annie Gray one way you can do is click on the time then you will see a page with only this post and you can copy that link and paste it to Facebook !
I love Google plus but many would say it's not ready for prime time, that it's still very much a work in progress. The difficulty right now in bringing friends over is that their friends are not here. It's a vicious circle that's not easy to crack. Google and us need to continue to work to give people reasons to come here and stay here. 
+Steve Elsass "Grant it viewing privileges to your profile pic and gender only"
How do you grant specific viewing privileges to a circle? That's one tutorial I missed.
wow.. had no idea you could sync twitter and facebook to G+, thats a f***ing WIN!
Unforturnely, we can not visit G+ in China, all of my friends...
I just joined G+ and I like . It is different from FB for instance, I can get to see member's post (What's hot?), which I find it entertaining, even I have yet to have friends. Unlike FB, no friend, no post to look at..
+Miller Pan Yue I don't know about creating a account but if you have an account you can visit the mobile web app ( even in China. It is not the real G+ experience, but it works. You have your stream, can create posts, add your location, comment, search, manage your circles and add people. You can't use hangouts, post pictures or see/share shared circles. Like I said its limited.
+Jo Anne Thomas I am not IT person , in your meaning of this word, I was working on management positions in different companies. I am also doing photography for 34 years (oh, yes...), with mostly Digital Photography since 2003.
Really don't understand why you are so much offended.
+Ikaika Arnado quote: " picasa does hold the full meta and exif data they just aren't displayed in G+"
That's correct, but we are discussing Google+ / Google Photos.
Full EXIF data is not available when you click on someone's photo to view it in G+ Lightroom (which is superior to FB, by the way)
+Ikaika Arnado Basic SS, AP, ISO and make of the camera is enough for 95% of people.
Well, this is very well known "works for me" attitude.
If EXIF (which includes Copyright, Creator, Creator URL, BTW) doesn't matter for someone, than he (she) can stay at Facebook.
Or just stay at home, without Internet connection.
Facebook does pretty good job visualizing "90k in size" JPEGs which came from nowhere. No copyright, no source URL.
For other people - Picasa or Flickr is much better place to be.
I would like people respecting my copyright. If they use my phots on their web sites- they should provide at least reference to my page.
personally, I'm not a fan of extensions for a one time import of photos. I already have the photos on my PC that were uploaded to FB so I see no issue with importing them directly to picasa. plus it gives me the opportunity to do some housecleaning and getting rid of the photos I no longer have use for.
the ability to edit post is by far the biggest thing whereby g+ trumps fb imo.
Just click on your own profile and look at the address bar in your browser...
This is so wow! Thanks for posting this, fantastic work. Very excellent.
The thread that never dies! LOL.

Gabriel I need a suggestion,and would like to make a suggestion.
Where to go to find some interesting Shared Circles?
I've got Google Mgt and Chrome Team, but I'm looking for others, maybe something less googl and more varied?

My suggestion:
A Gabriel posting / review on the browser plugins and extensions mentioned in this thread.
I really like the idea of an extension to integrate FB Twitter G+.
I really like the idea of hovering over a picture and seeing it zoom.
I dislike resource hogging extensions and plugins.
I dislike non well known authors having access to my personal data.
So, for now I don't install extensions unless they have 200K users or are made by Google.
So yeah, a Gabriel take on these things would be appreciated!
From this thread I hopped down the rabbit hole to find the Chrome extensions for Facebook and Twitter integration.
Twice I almost clicked the button to add Image Zoom and SGPlus.
What keeps me from jumping on these?
Not enough Pro reviews and discussions of security.
Ich habe mal den Ausgangstext ins Deutsche übersetzt.
This may be a tip, or an opportunity to show how ignorant I still am about G+ LOL.

So I see something really interesting in my Stream (which is an increasingly busy place.)
Being short on time I look to star the item like I do with interesting articles in G Reader.

But alas, I don't see a Star it feature in G+.

My solution? I created a Circle called "Myself"
Then when I see something in my stream I want to come back to and read later, I share it with the Myself Circle.

I suppose this could also be handled with the +1 button.
Thing is I tend to be so generous with my +1s that it is a rather cluttered place too LOL.

For now sharing with Myself Circle works.
If there is a Star it feature or similar and I just haven't found it, feel free to drop me a line
+Ikaika Arnado it kinda is set like that whatever circle i look at before i close my browser when i go back to my google+ stream it's on the same circle that i look at before i left. Yes there should be a way to set up your stream to show a particular circle you want as default. But you should send them some feedback requesting that option.
yeah im having trouble finding some cool people to b friends with
I just revisited this conversation and would like to say that I am not a geek, artist or other specialist.
I am a refugee from fb and like it here. Sure there are times when the comments about what happened when the private world was opened up that irritate...but this us still a good place to be.
I'd had to hide a number of people from my feed in fb, I felt I was being spammed! Here, I just use the circles to manage everything!
I did the brave thing and quit fb. No one cared, one followed. I reactivated my fb account and now share from G+ into fb with a simple message, 'want to see what I'm up to, you'll have to go to G+'. Gained two more converts.
Sure there are people I wish were here...but that's life! May be they'll come one day!
Step 5: Is very important with a maximum of 5,000 slots for people you can circle, suggesting they add at least a few thousand to get an interesting stream, which they can later prune or otherwise their stream will look like tumbleweed...
Make it easy by telling why make it bad please friend.
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