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If you want to move your whole albums (or some of the pictures) you have on Facebook to Google Plus, there's a very easy way to do this.

First, you go in the chrome web store and download the Move Your Photos chrome extension - which exports your facebook photos to picasa. You select which photos and albums you want to import and then you go either to Picasa or to your Google Plus Albums and share whichever photo albums you want with your circles. As simple as that. Share this to help other g+ users.

Here is the link to the Move Your Photos chrome extension:

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Se pare ca nu merge pentru pozele in care esti etichetat ....
+Gabriel Vasile Dar sunt poze cu tine si cel mai probabil vrei sa le copiezi ....
Sti cumva vr-o aplicatie care copiaza pozele in care esti taguit?
Thank you was easy to do :)
it seems like a nice tool but I agree with +Kamal Tailor. The quality of pictures on facebook is just too bad. and picturequality is what a lot of us are here for
I also downloaded the birthdays from Facebook and uploaded them into calendar.
You can export your friends' birthdays from Facebook into many other programs such as Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar. To view friends' birthdays, select Events from the left side of your home page and then click Birthdays at the bottom of the Events page. Then click Export Birthdays at the bottom of that page.
Once there's a way to move all of your facebook stuff seamlessly from facebook to G+ I think facebook will be toast !
+Gabriel Vasile Can't confirm because I closed my Facebook account but I am pretty sure that Facebook and Yahoo have a deal to share info, so it should still work.
Actually, moving distorted and highly re-compressed photos form Facebook to Google+ (Picasa) is not best idea.
I am serious too. Facebook is compressing them and changing them. It's not photohosting where your photos are usually untouched.
Yes Henry, i understand that, yet i have NEVER deleted any photo i made (and i have over 90 thousands of them from past years). And if i uploaded them to Facebook, they were never originals anyway. Facebook is worst place for photos one can imagine. Because of way it handles them (compressing them, changing them, ownership problems and using them for "faces" database without me being able to switch this off)
Something for +Kamal Tailor - in fact, even if you delete photo on Facebook, it will be never deleted. You can check it by yourself by writing letter (yes, paper letter) to Facebook and request all data it has from you (and about you). It will be sent in few weeks on DVDs and you will find everything you have deleted still there - including photos, rejected requests, deleted statuses, everything.
+Daniel Dočekal Honestly, never thought to back up mobile phone photos which are taken "spur of the moment", posted to share with friends and later you forget about them. After going through several mobile phone albums in Facebook there are some photos I would like to save (even if they are now compressed). Guess I will have to do it manually.
Does it retain the comments from the original FB albums? I've been transferring everything manually because I tend to use vacation photo albums like travelogues, and I want to maintain the comments.
ill let you all no for sure in a sec i am currently using this to upload 507 pics from my facebook account to home (g+).......stay
+Kamal Tailor +Gabriel Vasile Tried it again and this time it imported 60 photos, then the error popped up. "Looks like, you have crossed Picasa's available limit. I would not be able to transfer any more pictures."
DONE and all is excellent order..........infact a few i can touch up now!!!!!!! according to me this program has NO job #Amiworks
+Henry A. Otero Have you tried downloading all your info from Facebook?
Choose Account Settings
Click on "Download a copy" of your Facebook data
Click the Download button on the following page.
It takes a while ( a few hours). Facebook will send you a message when the info is available. Once you get it, move the photos folder to another directory (not sure why it doesn't work from the original download folder) an upload them into Picasa.
I was able to use the extension by uploading half the album at a time... it finally worked for me. Thanks everyone!
It's a shame we cannot migrate our other google+ accounts so easily!
+Alex Garcia After you export birthdays from FB, how do you import then into G+ so that you can see them? Thank you for the tip btw.
Thank you for sharing - it worked like a charm, and for the great posts.
+Gabriel Vasile I am shutting down my FB and wanted to pull all my pics from it to my external HD. I have tried the extension mentioned but only transferred 300 out of my 3308 pics on FB. :) Any ideas? (I also have about 1800 on It is about time I make a photo album resting place for pictures that is not online.
Ok, I was just on the extension's page and a review for today said it was only doing a few so I did not try it again. It is the amount +Google+ will let you upload that is the stopping factor. I am testing out but every program looks at me like I am crazy when it sees the 3308

I am also a Noob or worse at Picasa so I have no idea how to get it to look at my External HD that has even more pics so I can start tagging faces for organisation.

I am feeling like my 66 year old mom when I say "I just want to click one thing and it all work" lol
+Kamal Tailor I use it but I am not used to it. The only photo programs I am used to are Paint and PhotoShop. I have been looking for a "Import from external HD" but it does not show up. Only my flash I think I need to watch some Picasa YouTube's. :)
That is what I got before... F drive (my blank flash drive) but it does not list my External HD at all. :( When I go into options it does have the external as one of the Green Check for looking for changes. But I cannot get the External to show in the Library.
Well. I have Progreassion! I went to the folder Green Check thing and changed it to check all the time then changed it back... Now it is looking at all the pics on my Ex HD :) WOW A lot of Faces!
5000 pics on the HD...LOL 1.2 decades is a lot. :)
Is this still working? I get an error message:

Some error occured, Google says:
Modification only allowed with api authentication.
it loads up facebook pics, but does not import them into G+.
I left it for several hours and it still says copying 1 of 40.
Exactly my case. And if you scroll up, you see the message I quote above.
The same error "Modification only allowed with api authentication". could you please let me know how to fix it? Thanks!
I have the same issue.  I sent a note Amiworks asking for assistance.
This is what i got from them over two weeks ago: Hello Vitaly,
Thanks for contacting AmiWorks, We will get back to you within next 24 hours.
Kai Gen
Looks like this option of moving to G+ is not working.
Great Tip as i am about to leave Stupidbook anyway.After years of being told what not to do there.i had it with Zuckerberg's laws.
I think that the better way to do it is just by downloading your complete facebook archive [Account Settings -> Download a copy of your Facebook data.]
& afterwards upload it to G+
It doesn't work for me :P At least not in chrome... I'm using a mac :P 
My Facebook photos were the only thing that was holding me back from finally cancelling my account for good! So much drama and negativity! yes! Thank you
doesnt work... goes to a wrong site.
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