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Augmented Reality Google Glasses To Go On Sale This Year

People who constantly reach into a pocket to check a smartphone for bits of information will soon have another option: a pair of Google-made glasses that will be able to stream information to the wearer’s eyeballs in real time.

According to the NY Times’ report, the glasses will cost between $250 and $600, they will be Android-based, and will include a small screen that will sit a few inches from someone’s eye.
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I need to get contact lens or get laser surgery soon :)
isn't that going to be real bad for our eyesight though?
Can't wait for AR contact lenses :P
When a few of us were discussing the "computer in your sunglasses" months ago, it seemed like the concept was inevitable. However, we had imagined such technology beings many years off before making it to retail.

I am stunned to hear how rapidly this is happening!
I can't wait to try them. I wonder if there will be any physical issues? 
The Future now. It's amazing how every day we are surprised. Thanks for shared it.
+Gabriel Vasile - I'd get a pair if they meet certain criteria. I'd obviously like to be able to watch a movie through them. I'd also like them to be able to record high quality audio and video and not necessarily make it obvious with blinking lights, etc. (other than the fact that they'll probably look funky). Also, as someone who suffers from face blindness (, I'd totally want it to be able to do facial recognition and then instantly be able to bring up past emails, texts, G+ posts, videos, etc with this person.

If it does this, I'm on board.
What about those of us who are far-sighted? I don't see how I could use these glasses without a magnifier, and that will defeat the purpose. It's unfortunate, but they may have a work-around.
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