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(how to add lots of people in your circles from google+ directories with just one click)

Again, there's an extension for that. It's called Circle+, and it's made by +Daniel Treadwell. This extension allows you to easily add Google+ profiles listed on ANY webpage to your Google+ circles.

It first collects a listing of your circles and adds them to a dropdown box so you can choose which circle you would like the profiles to be added to. It then scans the current page you are on for Google+ Profile IDs and tries to add them to the given circle. Once it is able to do this it will give a listing of every person that has been added (by image and name.) Tip: after you click "Add to Circle", be patient... it takes some seconds until it starts. Don't abuse it as excessive use may result deletion of your account. (thanks +rahul roy for this addition)

This extension is extremely useful when looking at google plus directories

So, here you go... you can find the extension at
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Use it dont abuse it, as excessive use may result deletion of your account plz mention +Gabriel Vasile
btw this extension still works on Google+ directories, it works here too but Google will throw capcha at you with a message that they are experiencing high traffic from your computer. +Gabriel Vasile
I've tested it three or four days ago and it was working very well, wait for several minutes So that I can test it again..
thank you, gabriel and rahul for sharing this useful tips! could you please narrow down what you mean by "excessive use"?
Will you explain how to get to adding people to your cicrles beacuse I don't know what to click to get there.
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