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Support +The Nature Conservancy on #GiveMiamiDay

Be part of the most exciting annual giving event in south #Florida. Join the movement on November 17, 2016. I encourage you to learn more about how you can help support nature-based solutions in our communities ➛

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Did you know that nature plays a vital role in protecting people?

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'We The People' Needs You

On September 25th 2015, 193 world leaders will commit to 17 Global Goals to achieve 3 extraordinary things in the next 15 years. A shared to-do list for a better world created with the input of citizens from countries around the world.

The #GlobalGoals for sustainable development could get these things done. In all countries. For all people. Let your voice be heard.

Star in the 'We the People' video and tell everyone about the future you want to see. Pick one of the #GlobalGoals that mean the most to you and film yourself.

Visit +The Global Goals website to learn more:

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Bayer, it's time to have THAT talk about the birds and the bees.

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I wish it were that talk where I help you understand courtship through a series of metaphorical examples which you can connect and relate to through natural observation.

Instead, it's the story of how #neonicotinoids are killing the birds and the bees. For the sake of our planet, remove your bee and bird-harming toxin from the market. We know that you will stop at nothing to lobby governments all over the world to block restrictions on the use of your pesticide. We're also aware that you are funding a misinformation campaign to sow doubt about the science.

Your propaganda will not stop us from divesting in your stock, buying your products, and bringing this fight to your corporate doorsteps.

GLOBAL CITIZENS UNITE! Take action. Sign the petition via +SumOfUs ✒ #SaveTheBees   #SaveTheBirds

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Save The Date September 9th @ 9am

This year’s Nonprofit Management Institute—Building Resiliency: Yourself, Your Organization, Your Society—will explore these and similar questions, examining the role that resiliency plays at the personal, organizational, and social levels.
Save big when you register by July 31! Visit

To celebrate the 10th annual Nonprofit Management Institute, the theme of this year’s conference is building resiliency.

The concept of resiliency has captured the imagination of growing numbers of people in the field of social innovation because it helps answer pressing questions such as these: Why do some societies bounce back so quickly after a disaster while others don’t? Why do some organizations grow and innovate when others falter? Why are some people able to push forward even in the face of adversity?

This year’s Nonprofit Management Institute—Building Resiliency: Yourself, Your Organization, Your Society—will explore these and similar questions, examining the role that resiliency plays at the personal, organizational, and social levels.

Yourself: Our communities, organizations, and companies need leaders who are resilient, who can stay the course of social change even after being knocked down, and who can sustain their work and themselves over the long haul. You will learn the characteristics and skills that define a resilient leader, and the ways that you can develop those characteristics and skills yourself and in members of your team.

Your Organization: What are the qualities and attributes of organizations that can scale up and have a positive social impact have in common? Many of those qualities can be grouped under the term resilience. At this year’s Nonprofit Management Institute you will learn how to turn your organization and its culture into one that is resilient, adaptable, and equipped to “bounce forward.”

Your Society: Resilience is an important factor that helps explain why some communities weather crises and emerge stronger than before and why others do not. Based upon tenets that are grounded in research, experts will explore and share with you the key attributes that resilient societies share, and explain how you and your organization can help to build resiliency into all parts of society.

Register soon! The Institute's 10-year celebration is sure to sell out.

Coproduced by Stanford Social Innovation Review and Assocation of Fundraising Professionals.

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The Only Content Marketing Cheat Sheet You Need

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Creating an affinity to your brand and mission is no easy feat. It takes time and a dedication to all the facets of building true loyalists.

The key to success starts with creating high-quality content that new and existing contacts will share with their own following.

Understanding your audience will help you determine how you will add value and structure your path towards creating useful and meaningful content in the various formats that they love.

What are some of your favorite formats?

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#contentmarketingtips   #infographic

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Does An Emotional Connection to Your Content Stimulate Actions?

Learn how the four 'mother emotions' combine to encourage energy exchange between you and your audience. Stimulate the right emotional response for certain marketing messages can entice sharing, giving, and content virility.

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Which emotions make us share?

The Science of Emotion in Marketing:
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