Coconut Oil as well as KettleBells does the body good!

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Pop the Top again ...

Only a few years ago, that would have usually meant ... another beer. :)
(I still drink a low carb beer once or twice a year)

Now it most likely means... it's time for a new jar of Coconut Oil!!! Woo HOo! :)

Note: I eat coconut oil ... every damn day. I also eat a lot of saturated fats from 'meat'. Here's a post on why it's healthy.

I eat it with a spoon, I add it to coffee...and I add it to foods after cooking. You can cook with it too of course.

It's also great for your skin as a moisturizer and for scrapes and cuts..

You can go on believing the failed dietary policy of the +Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and +American Diabetes Association (low fat, grain based, high carb)

.... or you can start THRIVING!!! ...and not just surviving.
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