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Gabriel Cooper
A man in search of a treasure hoard to sleep upon.
A man in search of a treasure hoard to sleep upon.

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I'm confused about the original article suggesting that "it was probably thought that secret writing would not appeal to girls".

My first experiences in flirting with girls mainly involved them "dropping" coded letters to see if I could decipher the message.
Barbie Electronic Typewriter Toys Contains MASC Cryptographic Capabilities #crypto

If you stumble upon several Barbie-branded typewriters in the wild, you may want to snatch them up. With two or more you will be able to use capabilities built into these toys for sending and receiving cryptographic texts. The Crytpo Museum have a full write-up on the suitable models and their “4 built-in cipher modes.” But the story doesn’t stop there – there’s more, as tipped off by a FBI informant! 😉

The Barbie Typewriter E-118, is a low-cost electronic typewriter, developed as a childeren’s toy by Mehano in Slovenia (formerly: Yugoslavia) and sold worldwide by Mattel (US). The E-118 is the latest model in the product line that started with the E-115. The electronic typewriter was the successor to the earlier purely mechanical Barbie typewriter models. It is little known that all electronic variants have a hidden built-in cryptographic capability that allows secret writing.

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Favorite solution - Windows Logo

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This pretty much described my experience in college... on every level.

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Holy hell this is amazing...
We cannot stop laughing at this horribly wrong, yet strangely accurate film plot explanation. Get EXCLUSIVE Nightmare On Elm Street loot this month in our #HORROR crate!

What is your favorite "Freddy" moment?

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This is basically how +Jaime Cooper's cat gets around the house.

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Nope. That jetpack issue is a No-Go for me.

+Google - Tying Allo to our phone numbers instead of our Google accounts is... rough.

I'd have much preferred to use a Google account I'm already using for everything else. I like a lot of what Allo does, but suddenly making a phone number into an identity account is awkward for anybody but SMS hillbillies. It's also incredibly difficult to fit Allo into my crowd's tendency to chat on both desktops and mobile devices.

I wish Allo luck going to toe to toe with WhatsApp, but I think I'm done with it for now.

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Very acceptable likeness.

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Pretty sure it does for Pagans.
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