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I've always thought it would be cool to build something into one of these old quarries. This isn't how I imagined it, but this also isn't quite the shape of quarries I'm used to.

I wish I had time right now to see if there are more buildings like this...
A Shanghai 5-star hotel built in an abandoned quarry

The hotel, located in Songjiang district (formerly a remote rural county in Shanghai outskirts), will contain 370 guest rooms in the  2 underwater storeys, 17 underground storeys and 2 above ground storeys.

It is expected to open to business by the end next year. 
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Gabriel Cooper

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Why is it so controversial that a less intelligent hominid might have disposed of their dead?

Freaking ants dispose of their dead. It's not a terribly complex behavior.
Skeptic challenges notion that small-brained Homo naledi deliberately disposed of its dead
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True.  It's a bit hard to come up with any sort of explanation for something of that sort, unless perhaps they have a LOT of instances across various places and times.
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Gabriel Cooper

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Today, the Internet has delivered a good thing.

I would absolutely, beyond any shadow of a doubt, watch a Golden Girls/Sailor Moon mashup.
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In other words... Oracle wants to steal from the hard work of others all whilst playing the victim.

Make something interesting instead of leeching off the work of an open source community you didn't even have the inspiration to start yourself and maybe people will care.
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I have actual nightmares about her getting dragged into court just before the election and Donald Trump walking away with the White House.
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My newborn son exhibits this face 23.5 hours a day. He's like the human version of Grumpy Cat.
The 'Not Face' is a universal part of language, study suggests

Researchers have identified a single, universal facial expression that is interpreted across many cultures as the embodiment of negative emotion. The look proved identical for native speakers of English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and American Sign Language (ASL). It consists of a furrowed brow, pressed lips and raised chin, and because we make it when we convey negative sentiments, such as "I do not agree," researchers are calling it the "not face." The study, published in the journal Cognition, also reveals that our facial muscles contract to form the "not face" at the same frequency at which we speak or sign words in a sentence. That is, we all instinctively make the "not face" as if it were part of our spoken or signed language.
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He's not making the Not Face right now! He's exploring and curious! :D
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Today I learned something... about Triamond... then about Polyiamond shapes in general.

I wonder if some of these hypothetical crystals could be created synthetically?

The crystal nature forgot: the triamond

Carbon can form diamonds, and the geometry of the diamond crystal is amazingly beautiful.  But there's another crystal, called the triamond, that is just as beautiful.  It was discovered by mathematicians, but it doesn't seem to exist in nature.

In a triamond, each carbon atom would be bonded to three others at 120° angles, with one double bond and two single bonds. Its bonds lie in a plane, so we get a plane for each atom
But here’s the tricky part: for any two neighboring atoms, these planes are different.  And if we draw these bond planes for all the atoms in the triamond, they come in four kinds, parallel to the faces of a regular tetrahedron!

The triamond is extremely symmetrical.  But it comes in left- and right-handed forms, unlike a diamond.

In a diamond, the smallest rings of carbon atoms have 6 atoms.  A rather surprising thing about the triamond is that the smallest rings have 10 atoms!   Each atom lies in 15 of these 10-sided rings.

When I heard about the triamond, I had to figure out how it works.  So I wrote this:

The thing that got me excited in the first place was a description of the 'triamond graph' - the graph with carbon atoms as vertices and bonds as edges.  It's a covering space of the complete graph with 4 vertices.  It's not the universal cover, but it's the 'universal abelian cover'. 

I guess you need to know a fair amount of math to find that exciting.  But fear not - I lead up to this slowly: it's just a terse way to say a lot of fun stuff. 

And while the triamond isn't found in nature (yet), the mathematical pattern of the triamond may be.
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Definitely the best one.
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Thanks! #imadethis 
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For better or worse, this is probably the best possible "True Meaning" of America.

If we can get back to this, we'll at least be OK(ish).
Digital Sketchbook. March 2016. [SET] (by +Chi Birmingham)

#design #illustration #drawing #characters #cartoon #art #painting 
Digital Sketchbook. March 2016. [[MORE]] (by Chi Birmingham) Greetings picture people! I’m rummaging through my hard drive to scrape together the highlights from the last few months of assignments...
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Lesson #1 should be:

"People are dicks and you shouldn't trust them with your children... even if those children are bots."
What went so wrong with Microsoft's Tay AI? What devs should know.
To prep their Tay AI for the real word, Microsoft needs to do what all parents do: teach this young mind how to ignore the insane ramblings of strangers.
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Why, people? Why are you so dumb?
Snopes had to publish a piece declaring a story from The Onion "false."

Think about that for a minute.

An item published by The Onion led many readers to believe that Cubans attempted to flee their country by grabbing onto President Obama's departing plane.
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