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Dear Perl programmers on Google+,
have you seen the Perl page on Google+?
Its there for you to follow to show that Perl is still (or maybe again?) interesting for many people.
Let's beat the Facebook page ( ) that has more than 5000 likes!
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Not that there's any content on the page... :-D
What kind of content would you like to see on that page?
I can't speak for Darin, but I think pretty much anything other than "Perl hasn't shared anything with you." would help with getting more followers.

Besides, it's not even true that "Perl hasn't shared anything with you." Over the years, Perl has given me code, given me joy, paid my bills, introduced me to friends... I think it's probably shared more with me than any other programming language has.
OK, so I posted there something. Now let's see the flood of people following and recommending that page.
Content... let me see. Well, what, exactly, is the purpose of the G+ perl page? Is it just to get +1's to show how popular perl is? (I expect that's a losing battle.) Is it to disseminate information? Aggregate links (how's that different from +Perl Weekly)? I mean, yeah, great, we have a Perl page. But what does it do?

Answer that question, and then I can suggest what kind of content I'd like to see. :)
I am thinking about it. I hope others do as well. :)
Just replicate the content you collect everywhere else, like on perlweekly. And maybe any other content. Maybe there is a plugin for that. If not, there should be one written in Perl :D +Darin McBride : I don't search the web to find information on Perl Weekly. I didn't know about it yet. Is there a hyper link on Perl's G+ page? I want content where I am, not where others provide it. That's the way facebook does it, that's the way news sites do it, and as of this moment, it's one of the future tasks of Perl's G+ page :>
The +Perl Weekly has its own G+ page (and FB page and twitter account) so I don't think the +Perl page needs to duplicate all of it but maybe selected items can be published.

+Alex Becker Where else do you think the content should be available?
I agree, We don't need an exact duplication all of the content. However, linking to other content is mandatory.
E.g. sporadic posts about various perl news sites are a perfect way to share content and links to interesting sites. As this discussion, it provides users a possibility to discover new things.

To answer your question: I consider sporadic posts at the posts section.
There is this cool code academy, where you can learn JavaScript (cf. ). Maybe something like this / there. It's a cool thing. (NB: I'm aware of the problem with time & money.)
Actually I am less worried about the time, more for being called a spammer.
Again :)
Ah, the time&mony-part was directed at the codeacademy site. It would be a high amount of work in order to set up a (free) perl online training course.
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