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Gabor Szabo
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Gabor Szabo

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As part of the "web series" I am working on an article describing www
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Gabor Szabo

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so it is called 'jif" and I am a noob according to +Dave Jacoby 
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Very well said, +Dave Sherohman! 
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Gabor Szabo

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10 new pages added to the #Perl  tutorial slides
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Gabor Szabo

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Russian translation of the Perl tutorial entry"ref - What kind of reference is this variable?"
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Gabor Szabo

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Korean translation of "Sorting mixed strings in Perl"
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Gabor Szabo

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#DKIM   #SPF   #DMARC  and how #Yahoo  is killing mailing lists
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Gabor Szabo

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Getting ready with the next edition of the Perl Weekly
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Gabor Szabo

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I was tricked by Yahoo into answering a 7 year old question, but it made me update the article  explaining how to replace a string in a file.

Now there is an example using Path::Tiny and a link to the one-liner doing the same task.
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Gabor Szabo

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1 hour presentation about encryption in #Perl  
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Perl, Python, Subversion, Git and Linux trainer
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Basic Information
Providing Perl, Python, Subversion, Git and Linux courses
I write a lot of Perl and some Python code. I mostly use Git and Subversion. My desktop runs Linux, one of my notebook runs Windows, the other one is a Mac. For the variety.

I help people write better code and solve they problems with Perl, Python and a number of other languages.

I do this in class-room trainings and online.

Check out the Perl Maven site and the EduMaven site.

I have started to develop Padre, the Perl IDE and I run the Perl Weekly and the Perl TV

If you are interested in Perl related news, but are too busy to read every blog, this might be a good solution for you. One mail every Monday.
The Perl Weekly also has a Google+ page you can add to your circles.

  • Hebrew University of Jerusalem
    Information Systems, Finance, 1993 - 1997
  • Hebrew University of Jerusalem
    Computer Sciences, 1990 - 1993
    Mathematics, 1987 - 1989
  • Fazekas
    1982 - 1986
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