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The man behind the face behind the voice behind the man.
The man behind the face behind the voice behind the man.

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I can get the D&D 5e core set on Amazon for about $30 a book brand new. Can anyone beat that? Gently used is fine.

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Guess who just ran their first Fate Core game?

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For Sale:

Aaron Allston's Strike Force - KS edition - New in shrink

Looking for $40 + $3 US MM shipping

Can anyone r commend a fair price for a second hand deluxe box set in excellent - nm condition?

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Priced to move ASAP! Buyer pays MM shipping in continental US. Free shipping for orders over $30!

No Thank You, Evil! Box Set - new in shrink - $25
AD&D 2e Complete Book of Humanoids - Good - $5
Goodman Games Dungeon Alphabet - small nick on spine's bottom edge - $8
LoTFP A Red & Pleasant Land - new with backflap-wrap - $30
4e D&D Quintessential Fighter Book two - excellent - $7
AD&D 2e Guide to Hell - Excellent (price sticker on front) - $15
Fantasy Age Basic Rulebook - Excellent - $20
Fantasy Age Ashes of Volkana Setting book - excellent - $15
(Will sell Fantasy Age books as a lot for $30)

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4e lot - 19 books in all (will include MM and PHB, not pictured here). Looking for $100 + media mail charge to continental US. If I can't sell by Monday 7/24, I'll consider breaking up the lot.

Conditions vary but none of these saw heavy use and are all in pretty decent condition.

Will throw in a couple of 4e goodies if I can move this as a lot.


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Some MCG goodies on the block today.

No Thank You, Evil box set, new in shrink wrap. Lists for $40, asking $30, media mail shipping included.

SOLD Cypher System Rulebook, new in shrink wrap, including "shelf-taker" flyer. Lists for $60, asking $45, media mail shipping included.

Depending on condition, I would also consider a straight up swap of Cypher for The Strange.

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Here's another Kickstarter product I've never used. Bunch of pretty nice metal minis ( and one big plastic troll). it's from when some gaming buddies and I all went in on the Gnome minis KS and then had a "draft" of the spoils. Never used, may be a missing stand or two.

Looks to be 9 figs, a horse, a big troll,and various accessories (torch, lantern, familiars etc). Not really sure the value here. Thinking $50plus shipping takes the lot.

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Looking to unload some Dwarven Forge unpainted cavern terrain from their 2nd kickstarter.

Regular terrain:

Cavern set:

9 floor pieces
9 wall pieces
8 corner pieces

All new and sealed in box

Stretch goal set:

Packing list in pictures. Various special pieces, shrines, barrel stacks etc. box opened, some pieces examined, never used.

These 2 sets go for $60/apiece on the df website. Looking to unload both for $80 + shipping. I'd estimate shipping at approx $12-15 in the US.

Holler if you're interested!

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Would any of my NYC area connections be interested in running a game for a podcast?

You'd have to be comfortable running for my group, which is irreverent at best, monstrous at worst (check out for reference)

I've been trying to get a new campaign going for a while now but I just don't have the time these days, and I was only ever a mediocre DM.

Ideally we'd start recording over the summer. If you or someone you know might beinterest, pls hit me up. Thanks!
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