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Projecting the Right Image for Your Business
Projecting the Right Image for Your Business

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For all my blogger friends who love social networks:  The rel="me" value allows you to claim ownership of your various websites, including your accounts on social networks.

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Google just made it easier for us to add your business to their maps! Contact us today for more information!
On the 2nd day of Christmas my true love mapped for me, two places to pick up a Christmas tree.

Add a “Christmas Tree Farm” to Google Maps with Learn how to add shapes to the map in just a few simple steps here:

What shapes have you mapped today? Share links with us in the comments below, and tune in tomorrow to hear what else you can do with Map Maker …


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Great explanation of what is considered cloaking. It may help clear up any confusion.

What an awesome day! We're excited to share our page on Google+. Thanks to the +Google+ team and +Google+ Your Business for keeping us updated!
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