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Get a celebrity photobomb in your shots! Today, we’re introducing Auto Awesome Photobombs, starting with your favorite celebrity: +David Hasselhoff 
Edit: April Fools! The David Hasselhoff photobombs and auto-comments were part of an April Fools’ day joke. Your #hoffsome photos and comments will remain, but we will not generate any new content. We hope you had as much fun with the Hoff as we did!
Introducing Auto Awesome Photobombs with +David Hasselhoff 

Google+ Auto Awesome is all about fun surprises that bring your photos to life. Capture a quick burst of photos, and you’ll get an animated GIF. Take a series of portraits, and you’ll get a photobooth-style collage.

Today we’re announcing Auto Awesome Photobombs. What’s more fun than Benedict Cumberbatch photobombing U2 at The Oscars ( Or Michelle Obama at The White House ( A good photobomb can turn an ordinary photo into something special and put a smile on your face. Now with Auto Awesome, celebrities can make a spontaneous appearance in your pictures!

We’re starting with +David Hasselhoff naturally, everyone’s favorite crime-fighting rockstar lifeguard.

To get your own photobomb, upload a new self portrait or group photo with friends, and leave a little room for The Hoff. He might just make a surprise appearance. :-)

P.S. You can also mention +David Hasselhoff in your public posts and comments. If you’re lucky he’ll add some awesome to the conversation.

#googleplusupdate #Hoffsome
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+Google is really having a field day with April Fool's jokes :-) 
Please add a celebrity I know.
Jayme Butler
Thanks ALOT idiots!  I just changed all my gmail passwords and other security passwords thinking I was hacked. Someone at Google needs to be held accountable for their stupidity, breach of trust, and violation of privacy.
ROTF. My friends worry about me getting a celbrity and having some stars on such photobombs :)
Bob B
Hmm, why isn't this really a thing?
And our musical friend ....David ...
snow is one thing. celebrities is a whole other foolish thing :-)
Can I actually get this app and Hasselhoff my photos? 
This is THE BEST!  The one, the only, THE HOFF - and now with The Rev...a killer Dynamic Duo if ever there was one....I've uploaded my selfies!  Hope he makes an appearance!  My church would totally dig it.
This is not friggen funny I just brought my daughter home from the hospital and u put that ass in my pictures. Have him removed immediately or ill call my lawyer. 
Not funny I thought my phone had been hacked -_-
It was friggin scary seeing Hasselhoff on my photo... i was a bit drunk and i thought i've gone crazy! not funny! still not over it!
F.D. R.
will it ever go away?
Imagine my surprise when I saw that David Hasselhoff had photobombed my photos! He sure gets around! I loved it!
how do I get rid of this. I have uploaded my wedding photos for sharing with this application and would early prefer the hoff not to be in my photos
Auto freaking obnoxious.  You know what else is auto obnoxious?  The autobackup thing you get us to agree to, then you start creeping us out with this shit.  Thought I published all of my photos to the public when I saw this.  Guys, get real.
I uploaded 30,000 photos in the last 2 days under a few accounts. How do I f***in remove David Hasselhoff from all of them?
Get it off my tablet it pissed me off enough google all ready
What a pain, huge fail google.  
How do you take him off, i don't want him in my pictures!!!!!!
So how do I get rid of it?  I'm wanting to share my photos without the added extras I didn't ask for.
2nd April where I live.
This is the most retarded thing I've ever heard. Get David out of my gallery.
woooowwww Great picture, i like..........
I really don't need this to my photo. how do i red it off from my photo. I don't want use g+.
Because This f**k feature. I mis-delete some photo. DAMN U.
Rob Igo
Anybody know when google are going to turn this off?  I'm in the middle of uploading a load of old photos.. I like the NORMAL auto awesome stuff, just not the hoff? ANYBODY have a clue?
Not cool at all. I don't ever want this done on my company branded photos. Stupid.
This is not funny at all. I had my memorable photos uploaded and now I'm deleting all of them from google plus because of your so called funny auto awesome. Next time think of users from other part of the world too. David Hasselhoff is not everyone's GOD!!!
Why is auto awosome still processing #Hoffsome pictures? It's the 2nd of April. 
it would be nice of google to give us the option to remove this shit. Now i've had to delete these idiotic pictures. these were personal pics, that i never wanted shared. the Originals arent in my album, all i have are the hoff ones.....  fix this
This is so retarded. Jobs must be laughing in his grave. A company run by children. Shambles
This is not funny at all. I had my memorable photos uploaded and now I'm deleting all of them from google plus because of your so called funny auto awesome . it would be nice of google to give us the option to remove this shit. 
not funny just stupid, is this all you can think of for some cheep thrill
Not funny Google. I still have Hoff against some of my pics. Not freakin' happy!
I don't like this. You have you ask first if we want this disgusting feature... Google you must think seriously before. If we are going to trust you, you have to think right. 
this sucks, april 1 is well over and all my photos marked april 2 have this fool in them and have spoilt them. BAD MOVE GOOGLE. Most of us do not have a 16 years old mentality 
+Rob Igo Google don't have a clue, thats for sure. What fool would allow this if they were not a child
What a bunch of fucktards, you uptight whiny ass idiots really think that Google ruined your photos and now your pathetic life is turned upside down just because you can't figure out where your original photos are... go kill yourself, assholes!
At least  now we know who the schmucks are with an IQ of 70 or less!!!
Becky B
Funny.  Now how do I turn it off / remove him?
How can this be removed? I've gotten tons of complaints of our users that now think they have a virus, and complaints of invasion of privacy by Google modifying / defacing their private photos without their permission. Lots are now bailing on using any Google service over fear of them changing their stuff with no warning and no way to remove it.  Some users are even using the word "Violated"  Not so funny.. who approved this? How can anybody trust Google with their photos if Google can by default do this kind of defacement with no warning? I get that it was a joke, just a really really bad idea of one that raises concern over privacy and ownership of anything uploaded to Google.  And there should be an easy option for them all to be removed with the originals restored, and by default prevent this type of use of users data with out express permission.
It is well and truly the second in America so there really is no reason why it is still on my photo.  If you can add it surely you can remove it, because I sure can't see any option letting me remove it.
I agree I want this removed or I will remove google. I hate this!!!
I don't want them. I don't want to remove them manually. Give me a one-button fix.
Don't worry decided I no longer liked the photo and deleted it.
smart move +Google+ Photos ,now all your users will turn off the default auto awesome feature. and if you can tell me how to revert my photos to their originals (you could have at least make copies instead of screwing with my photos)
+Christine Windsor  My problem exactly... HOW DO YO GET RID OF THIS STUPID FEATURE??? I would like to keep awesome feature, but get rid of this celebrity thing.
D amn people read my message go to settings and remove the check mark from auto awesome option lol wow doesn't anyone know how to read
Nice work.  Outstanding.  Now how to remove them?  I, like someone above me, uploaded 42,000 photos from a failing hard drive.  What to do?  I suppose I could delete everything and restart the upload from my backup drive but I don't really want to.
How do I delete this shot from my pictures
Disgusted with Google. Don't trust them with the contents of my account after this ridiculous invasion of privacy. Ruining photos for such a lame stunt.
This is an absolute invasion of privacy & more important a breach of trust & security on the part of Google..... as a result as I suspect with millions of others I have deleted my Google + account & profile.
I HOPE GOOGLE WILL BE PUBLISH A SEVERE APOLOGY IMMEDIATELY... yes i am shouting because this is disgracefully irresponsible nehaviour!!!!
Look..+1,some +2...some +8...crazy like a sex group? or jealous rage?
Go to hell Hassel Hoff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Remove Hoff from my damn photos! I turned off the dumb AutoAwesome crap, as some mentioned, and he is still there. He has ruined more photos then I can count... Terrible joke in part of the Google team that came up with this crap. 
It's funny on April fools day, now I'm angry my pictures are messed up, there should be atleast a fix for it. 
#hoffsome photos are funny enough, but why didn't you at least keep the originals?! It would've made the joke a lot easier to swallow.
I didn't get how he appeared there and thought maybe my Google plus account was hacked.
As cool as +David Hasselhoff may be, I would very much like to at least get my original photos on there as well. 
Please remove him for all photos.. this is not funny at all..
+Jayme Butler Not to mention the fact you can't even remove the fucking thing. Ruined several backed up family photos.
+Josh Crowe Check under your photos. My Hassle photos are in Google Auto Awesome which I deleted. My original is in my Google Plus photo gallery. Why isn't Google commenting or apologizing? Apple or Microsoft are laughing at Google. EPIC FAIL!!
Same here. How do I get rid of these bombed photos and get my original back?
no one ask to me.... and add a david face to all my photos
anyone know how remove???
WTF google.  You put a creepy photo of some guy on pictures of my 10 month old.  Very un-called for and not appreciated.  Disgusting.
I don't mind the tricks as long as G+ teach me how to isolate it afterwards
+Jayme Butler
This sucks!  I have all these stupid photos and "animations" mixed in and I hate it.  I just took 700 pictures last week and all this crap that I don't want is mixed in.  Google needs to fix this!
Very arrogant way for Google to guess what users like and dislike.  Where is the remove or hide button?  If it was an April Fool's joke, let them disappear after April 1.  
Dont go to Auto-backup-that just shows the ones with the effect. Go to Photos and then select  'All Photos' on the top bar and you will see the original alongwith the Photobomb version. Delete the one you want. Thats what I did.
Or just click on 'More' and choose Auto awesome from the drop down menu. That way you will see only the photos with the effect. Delete whatever you want. Someone has already mentioned this in one of the comments above
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This guy is not even famous in my country. Thanks for the hassle...
This is absolute invasion of all of our privacy! Google wants their users to trust them and attack my family photos? I'm sorry f++k that I have a favorite picture of me and my son and all of a sudden there's a picture off David Hasselhoff with his damn hand going up my son's shirt. You sick bastards. If this is how you want to run your corporation I will avoid all things Google for the rest of my life I will be deleting my accounts within the Google empire and storing and backing up memorable family photos and videos on an external drive. Screw this.......
You have ruined some special holiday photos. A total invasion of privacy!
How do I revert to my original photos -- before they contained Hasselhoff?
This is not funny Google you have messed up a lot of pictures that can't be replaced you ought to be sued and teach you a very important lesson
Then see who is laughing
This is one of the most annoying things ever done.  Is too much to  get an apology from Google?  And is there any easy way to remove Hasselhoff's
ugly mug?
Thank you so very much for sharing with me. Pam+♥
Not funny at all ,the pic you chose was the last pic of my mom taken with me and she died 5 days later,,,I really can't believe your choice of an April fools joke,,,,never felt so violated
... What did I just read?!?!?! It is just a program that randomly generates these effects and u want to blameit on Google for it.... I mean cmon...! We are very sorry for you, but it is not like we all know, right?
The photobomb had never been done before.  Up until this point, the auto-awesome enhanced the photos or made short movies.  It would be nice to know what you are getting into before it happens.  It would be great if we could select which effects we would like to add.
I don't appreciate it one bit and want it removed from my photos, give an app for that why don't you!!??!!
+Lucas Griffin, ok that message makes no sense, should you have known? ??? David Hasselhoff does not bring a smile to everyone. .. put in pictures that mean a lot does not help. Help get him out of my pictures now would be awesome....
Just checked...The originals were all left in tact #Unhoffsomed . You can find your original photo under the "All Photos" section. The #Hoffsome  photos were duplicates. You can do a search above your photos for "April Fools" find the ones you dont want and delete. 
Just stop, please. This is bad. How can I stop this from happening?
Don't auto enhance your photo's. Shouldn't need to anyway.
बहुत बहुत कुस ह
How annoying! How do I get rid of them all?
Have you any idea how inappropriate this is and the concern and panic it caused me. I dont want to state the specifics in a public forum but please provide me with a private email address or whatever so that I can properly vent my outrage at what you have done here and outline the consequences of your actions for me.
Nice job f#$%$#g that one up google, I didn't hate hasselhoff before but i sure hate that over the hill, past his prime, facially stretched f*ckball now. Thanks for the Auto-Awesome waste of time to remove each of his photos. Whoever dreamed up that idea, that person's boss responsible for approving it should have a hot poker shoved up their urinary tract. Thanks @sshloles 
Thanks to you F*&^%rs for ruining the funeral pictures of my dad !  I can't stand Hasselhoff anyway,  now to see his ugly face in my dad's coffin was too much to take !  The least google can do is tell me how to get this moronic face out of my dad's casket !!!!  Whoever figured out how to ruin pictures is a real  COCKSUCKING  DICK !  
Thanks for ruining my photos you major dickheads yep I've read every comment here and I still cant remove the photo that you ruined without my consent....maybe if you had of put Elvis on my pics I wouldn't have minded but I'm NOT into the hass and now you've hassled me I'm not freaking impressed arsewipes.... 
The hoff is the best. Sure miss Baywatch.
Ok, Google plus... I don't want these on my family photos with my children. How do I get them off? This is an invasion of privacy. Photos should only be altered by the owner, or at his request. Please remove this!
How do I remove the hasselhoff photobomb from my pictures. .really annoying! 
somebody please tell me how I can get rid of this guy out of my photos?
seriously, please tell the way to get him out of my pictures :(
Sorry if this is late, but I just noticed the Hasselhoff photobomb thing. If I had noticed it on April 1, I might have laughed. It's not funny two months later, just stupid.

The good news: it should not have affected your originals at all, and it's fairly easy to get rid of.  Go here:

And turn off "Auto Awesome"

It got rid of the Hassa-bombs; rather, most of them. The ones that didn't disappear right away were two that I had clicked on. Easily deleted.
Where is the auto awesome off switch
As Steven Marzuola said:
"It's not funny two months later, just stupid."

Try three months.

I've been helping an elder person with her new phone, all of a sudden the phone company is charging expenses we don't know where they are comming from, and this kind of stupid pictures show up. You must imaging how pissed I was thinking that somebody had hacked her account/phone.

At least I know now this is not the case.

Hey, Google! Put it together!

If you are having kids programming your platform, then start another one just for kids and have them programming that one instead.

And thanks for the not needed worries.
i do not want your awesome face on my family photos thank you... how do they get removed. im upset about this!!!!!!!!
Lynn, as far as I can see, you must delete them yourself. It was a pain to do it on my tablet, not too bad from a PC or probably a Mac.
Is there anyone else beside David Hasslehoff we could use?
Get that mother f*** out of my pictures
how the fuk do i get rid of this tosser #thehoff off my photo's  its like a virus but worse!
+Robert Kane get him out of my photos. This is a total invasion of privacy. You have ruined special moments in people's life. Plus of all celebrity. This jerk!!!! 
Where is the hate button? I don't want your stupid jerk photobomb on my pictures! Bad joke! Remove it! I've been trying for months to get rid of this trash that I never asked for. Makes me hate Google!!!!!
Thank you Google for sending me into a blind panic thinking someone had gained access to photographs of my children. These were the only ones I had of my son's first day at school and now I have to delete them. I will find out who to complain to and demand these photographs be restored!!
Ya know...I just flipped through my ggole pics cause the drive was full and wanted to delete the junk ones you take... I ran into some guy added to pics of my baby girl and freaked. Thank god my first thought was to do a search for "strange guy added to google drive pics". I'm still pissed and now want to get rid of my google phone. I hate apple but this kind of thing is BS and I'm actually thinking about switching back now. I get the auto enhance idea...but that's not an enhancement, just scary because yes your first thought is that your account/photos were hacked. You should at the very least send an email to all accounts with directions of how to remove this for those who can't figure it out. Pictures are personal and private...don't alter them by adding people to them unless they sign up for some new category like " joke pics" or "celeb pics".
Never wanted him to be on my pictures. So I need to find out how to delete his image of my photos. Can you guys please help me. I feel frustrated .
How did this get on my private photos? ?? I don't feel comfortable with anyone being in those without my express permission, i don't care WHAT holiday it is!!!
Who the hell is this guy and who believes this is funny? Really stupid joke! I want a button from Google to remove this!

Go to you Fotos, search for #thehoff, delete. These are duplicates Google creates, the originals are still there.

That worked for me. No guarantees ;-)
Rainer's suggestion has not worked for me. Any other suggestions please?. I am pretty pissed off with Google vandalising my photos whilst I actually pay them money for the space!
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