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Get The Most Out Of #Android  Photography with +Colby Brown

Head on over to +Google Play to grab your copy of Colby's latest eBook. It's an excellent primer for anyone looking to boost their Android photography skills. And best of all: it's FREE!
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Yet another free eBook that is not available in my country. 
Read some of it last night. It's a pretty good book. 
Free but only if we put credit card info on file with Google Wallet? I don't see anyway to bypass entering my credit card information. 
Sorry, books are not available for your country... Bullshit 
Phill B
Grrr, impossible to click or cut n paste on mobile / tablet. Ok, its not a long link but annoying nonetheless. 
ozcan b
Not available in Turkey
I got it. But they charged me a dollar? Lol I mean, no big deal but shit, they could've told me.
If only my Android didn't have such a (expletive deleted) lousy camera . . .
I really didn't think it was that great, nothing I didn't already know already after using the camera app for 10 mins! You'd have to be a complete noob at any sort of photography to find this even slightly useful! But hey it's free :-/
Not available in Australia. -1
Got it! Thanks! Didn't even know about time-lapse in camera till I read it in the book =) 
all i have to say is why would any android user need this ?????? its really not that hard to use...were aren't iSheeps
Not available in Nigeria! 
Thank you, and I'll be reading this tomorrow.
I was charged money while the purchase itself was declined . WTF !!
Following this book post on various posts and names of almost every country in the world is cropping up where its not available.where the hell is this availlable..if its free why not make it available to play store in every country.
they call its a Global village, and then restrict everything stating  its not available for your country or region. this is so pathetic !
When is this free book going to be available to South African users? 
grr. Not available in my country, maybe later.
And not available in Czech Republic.
Not possible to download in many countries it seems :(
Guess it's an American thing?
Yo mievides sonmias tiepo ho canvie to do end American yo
Since it's free Does anyone have a PDF version of it to download?
im new here and im 38 i got my first modelling photo and i think i look great i love photography
As a photographer who increasingly uses the camera on my android smartphone, I recommend getting this free book if you can. It does give a good overview of all the phone functions.

My insight from the book was the introduction to the Snapseed photoeditor for smartphones with notes on the controls.

Thanks to Richard Wishart who pointed me to the book on Google+
how do i pay for this FREE book..?
there is no click button or anything..!
there is no click button or anything..!
I had a Google Wallet account. I suspect you would have to register with a google payment method, even if not paying anything.
who have the pdf download?? it's not avalaible on my country
not free.   shows discounted.   but not free
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