Berlin Operation: Clear Field Ingress Agents:

We have partnered with Deutsche Tafeln Berlin to maximize our impact, and have come up with the following plan, an excellent way to give your team a jump start on extra points!

1. Collect cans of coffee, canned food, rice and noodles and bring them to the start point of Op: Clear Field. Remember that grocery markets in Germany are likely closed on Sunday, so plan ahead.

2. Bring it to the sprinter van that will be on site at Monbijou Park, before you leave to complete your hit list

3. Take a team photo with your collection of food and upload to Instagram

4. Earn a nice 10 points for your team if you collected at least 1 item per member on your team (12 people? 12 items!)

5. Bask in the knowledge that you made a real difference in someone's life who is struggling to buy food for their family!

#givingback #opclearfield #Ingress #GORUCK
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