Tiered Patches for Stealth Ops and Urban Ops

For the past year, thousands of Ingress players around the world have completed mental and physical GORUCK challenges at Ingress Anomalies, challenges known as Stealth Ops and Urban Ops (aka β€œRuckgress” events).

To recognize agents who have repeatedly displayed persistence and hard work for their faction, we proudly introduce NEW tiered patches. These patches will be awarded for multiple completions of the Stealth Ops AND Urban Ops challenges, respectively. The patches mirror the traditional Ingress badge coloring system, and agents will recognize the tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and of course... the highly-coveted Platinum and Onyx (secret designs).

1st Stealth/Urban - Traditional Grey
2nd Stealth/Urban - Bronze
3rd Stealth/Urban - Silver
4th Stealth/Urban - Gold
5th Stealth/Urban - Platinum (secret design)
6th Stealth/Urban - Onyx (secret design)

Patches are cumulative and each tier will be awarded retrospectively at your next Stealth Ops or Urban Ops, or by GORUCK HQ upon request. Learn more about how you can acquire your hard-earned patches in the official GORUCKxIngress alumni community, http://ruck.ly/2aEkf2i

Well-done on becoming the Tip of the Spear for the Enlightened and the Resistance.

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