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Google Toolbox
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. Learn with Google:

14. Google Blogs & Google Support Forums - A Complete Resource List:
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+G McLeod  , thanks for the reshare.
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G McLeod

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Currently, Canada's Prime Minister, Stephen Harper is in the process of destroying scientific inquiry. He is cutting vital programs and funding on climate research, silencing government scientists, has destroyed the most comprehensive, long-term study of lake and environmental pollution and recovery that has benefitted Scientists around the world.

In the most recent and destructive activity has been the elimination of historic and world-class science libraries, simply throwing out or even burning historic documents and studies, including century-old naval logs recording fish stocks, Arctic climate, and other scientific data. Claiming that the documents would be digitized or moved to other libraries, librarians and scientists have watched as these historic and vital materials have been simply thrown in dumpsters or the door opened to the public to pilfer.

The destruction in being likened to the Nazis" book-burnings or the destruction of the library at Alexandria.

CTV with be presenting an investigative report on this destruction and the gutting of government scientific programs, "Silence of the Labs".

In the past few years, the federal government has cut funding to hundreds of renowned research institutes and programs. Ottawa has dismissed more than 2,000 federal scientists and researchers and has drastically cut or ended programs that monitored smoke stack emissions, food inspections, oil spills, water quality and climate change.
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Win your very own Omate TrueSmart >> Simply +1 and Share our page to public!! We're watching and will be picking a lucky winner. Help spread the word, world's awesomest truly smart #Smartwatch, also world's smallest #Smartphone on your wrist, welcome to the new generation of Smartwatch 2.0 :) Support us - thanks!
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G McLeod

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Hi #google #search genius type people.  Does anyone know how to get Google to change a wrong search result that is not related to a document or file?  In this case Google search shows the wrong address - an item only they can curate.
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G McLeod

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+G McLeod Great commercial. 
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G McLeod

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What I Learned About Content Marketing From a Post I Published about a  Google+ Hangout On Air

People seemed to love my yesterday's +Guy Kawasaki Quotes Collection Post which I published inspired by the Hangout On Air with +martin shervington and Guy Kawasaki.

I thought about why people reshared my own link to the recorded Youtube video of the hangout, more than any other plusser's link.

What I learned was a lesson in content marketing. Everybody talks about content marketing, everybody repeats "you should create valuable content", but nobody says what "valuable content" actually is, what it looks like, nobody gives concrete examples. My blog post does the opposite.

Hope you enjoy my post, feedback is welcome!

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G McLeod

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Looking forward to supporting the‎ festival this weekend!
One of Victoria, British Columbia's most spectacular summer festivals and the only Dragon Boat Festival in Canada to take place in a working harbour. Watchup to 90 Dragon Boat Teams from across North America race across a 500-metre water course*in Victoria's beautiful Inner Harbour.
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Merry Wives of Windsor rocks (literally) at Lansdown in a great setting! #yyj  , #victoriabc  
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G McLeod

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Drupal vs Sitefinity?   Other than because one is free, which would you choose for a large gov't internet presence?
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+G McLeod I had previously wrote up my critique of Sitefinity's reliance on ASP.NET WebForms (not to be confused with Drupal's Webforms module) in the previous comment but it was too mean. 

In short, Sitefinity is worse the ASP.NET WebForms because it's somewhat based on Telerik's custom controls and WebForms in general, but in result it is neither.  It is it's own thing and something that your developers will have to learn over time.

So it's not enough to find a good set of .Net developers, you need to find good .Net developers that know Sitefinity well.

On the other hand, if you keep things componentized and simple, you can ramp up a good PHP developer on a Drupal project in a day or two.  Especially if we're talking Drupal 8.
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G McLeod

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Victoria, B.C. High-tech hub (not just tea and flowers - Victoria's tech sector beams message to the international space station), as clear as I've ever seen it.
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