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Take a look behind the scenes of last night's episode, "Choke".
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I absolutely loved this episode!!! I need more!!!! 
I hate Rachel she is so full of herself I don't know y ur sorry for her
This was a good episode, but I really felt sorry for Rachel though Kurt kicked that song's ASS.
True that autocorrect !!!!
i cried at tht episode...
i cired wen rachel messed up and wen puck failed and wen the gurls were singin shake it out and cry
I hope Puck will be O.K.
i hope puck doesnt stay back
i wonder wts gonna happen w the show after they graduate and where was quinn in this episode???????????????
who know i hope her and teen jesus(i alwas forget his name) get together
Hanna W
rachel... i feel sorry for you... you really did "choke"
Right? I feel bad but at the same time, she is kind of selfish and deserves it... And I really thought that Puck was going to get a good grade, I wonder what happens now for him...
I think it was purposeful. I don't know, I just feel as if Rachel has gotten everything easy and she needs to know tragedy like Quinn and Ardy have had.
Ya, I like her and Puck and Mercedes's voices...But not the person of Rachel. I also like the new guys (the religious one?) voice.
I felt soooooo bad for rachel. She's still gonna find a way to get in though
This is sad especially when Rachel sang Cry.
I love GLEE so much but it was to see rachel not make it. Especially when she was so confident to see Kurt make it.
Never knew it would go like that... Hmm
what happened? I wasn't able to watch the episode .. =(
Rachel choked on her call back. Puck won't graduate. Curt did great on his call back though!
OMG!! I hope they'd post a video of that performance.. why did she choke anyhow?
no it's not.. I feel for Rachel .. it's too embarrassing
I saw part of it i need to finish it it is on of the best epasodes ever
i just love chris colfer and this is why im +1ing it
That was like a rrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy depressing episode.
I've finally got the chance to see this episode .. REALLY it's a DOWNER kind of episode .. T.T
This is a good enough episode seen better
(no offense I still love Glee with all my heart)
i cant belive what happened to rachel
I love Whoopy in this episode.. she really looks SCARY and BOSSY..
I liked the part where Puck sang with the gym teacher. Soo cute
i cant believe the first time she sang she failed...i almost thought she had to let go of her dreams...
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