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This time on, "A Moment of Glee": Jenna Ushkowitz reminisces about filming the pilot was like.
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3 hours? Oh my gosh. That's so little time :O
@ Shashika Lekamwasam 61 +1's and 2 reposts kind add up to that
Glee is like my favortie show in the world

I LOVE JENNA!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG! Glee is one of my fav shows!
I love Tina! I remember at the beginning of the series, she had a stutter! That was so long ago!
u guys better make a new season about rachelès and finnè life, i cried on the last episode
yah, all netflix dose that! but i already saw seaseon  3 so i am good, but it still would be nice to have it on netfliX!
i'm such a gleek i've seen every single episode 
just saying something that iv been hiding im a  GLEEEEEEKKK!!
i sed "something ive been hiding IM a gleek " not hiding GLEEKS 
dont wach glee but so wanna just dont hav time
i mean 67 cuz i am the 67th comment 
i've never seen glee but i want to sooooooo bad!
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