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The unforgettable GLEE Season Finale, at a special time - TUE at 9/8c!
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i luv u guys soooo much i fallow u every where!!!!!!! i am not a staker but i am your biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No one wants to say Goodbye to u guyz!
Arti J
Glee can't end!!!
I can't believe there is no glee concert this year that is the worst thign evr! I understand u guys need a break but I wuz just really sad :( and wish u could make it happen for all ur fans
me too i cant wait!!!
i love<3 GLEE
OMG.....You have no idea how much I am obessed with Glee. Catching up on eposides right now!!!!
Arti J
ME TOO!!!!
Arti J
i just saw the nationals episode and i loved it!!!
Arti J
it was amazing
omg i've missed soooo many episodes errr shall not miss this!
Arti J
me too!!!
off topic but my fav song they sang Defying Gravity
Arti J
My fav song by them at the moment is its not right but its ok
Getting the tissues ready 4 Teusday! :'(
Arti J
im totally going to cry. my parents are going to think im crazy
Arti J
Glee is amazayn
im not saying goodbye to them either! why do they have to leave?!?!?!?!
Ok I am a total GLEEK!!!! Me and my best friend actually have an anual gleek night (which of course is every Tuesday)!!!!
can not wait till the NEW GLEE GRADUATION!!!!!!!! I AM THE BIGGEST GLEEK EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i know they have the glee project so they can have new students but what will happen? i want to know :'(
Yep no prob. Wait, y does this have to be last season?! ~:(
Aw, man! Ugh! I love this show, and stupid Netflix only has up to season 2, and your leaving me now? Why so soon? (At least Netflix can catch its sorry ass up!)
they should do glee the college years. that would be awsome
Cannot wait and based on the music I have heard so far I will have a box of tissues handy. This one is going to be a doozie of a tear jerker
Haha its sad when you love a show but it ends and your like bu..bu..but yyyyy
Yes it is but luckily this one isn't ending and all of our favorites will be back. Unfortunately not every week :-( but we will have to wait and see what the new season brings for us. Gonna be a looong summer
I'm going to cry I don't want it to end this is my fav show just be happy some of them aren't leaving and they r making another season but they will have some new people i know it won't be the same but at least we still can watch it
i haven't seen the three season!
i cant believe that glee is ending:( i hope that they hire a new cast and still follow the old characters around ime to time!!!!
Why does it have to rnd? I love you glee!!!!!!!
no ik i mean like these seasons were just really good.
no not all of them are coming back some of them are leaving
DONT END PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You Dont Like Glee Well Dont Comment
Katy Ho
WHAT?!! r u kidding me?? how do u not luv glee?
SOOO excited 4 the finale.
it cant leave i love the original cast it wont be the same
Prepare for atleast two straight kisses and maybe some gay hugs
I'm so excited but so sad at the time :'( It's not gonna be the same without them u.u
I'm so ready for the season finale! But it's so sad:(
im gonna miss the people that are leaving so much because they are the best!!!!!!!!! i love glee and i hope that they come back in the show because i will miss them!!!
I love glee! cant wait for the 4th season... gnna miss every one who's leaving!
I need to know is there goin to b another season with lea michele???????????????? if not i will cry for a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ohhh Im not ready to say goodbye
I love Klaine!!!... Long distant York and Ohio 
i am going to totally miss quinn and rachel and the rest of the glee that made the show possible!! :'( :')
cant wait says we speak i am catching up on glee espodises
I love Glee!!!!! Please don't end. Finchel Forever<3333333 
If i'm a wreck now, i wonder what MY graduations gonna be like...
omg it is almost over so sad i love that show
I love that show too! They are all such great singers!
I can't wait for the season finally the show is going to be over but you still have Modern Family
I cant wait. am watching a Glee marathon this eveing and night. yeah
I am mentally depressed. My life revolves around Glee way too much. I know there is a fourth season, but it'll be so different.... 
Please say they are coming back for a season 4
wait... i heard that the The Glee Project was having a new season in june, aren't they gonna graduate in 2 days? MORE GLEE!!!
I wonder what will happen next now that they are not together!?!?!?
i wonder if they will ceep doing the shoe??
Yeah, it's kinda sad to think that it's gonna end
o.m.g i noe it said when they grad it really sad
I don't want it to end! SO many people love Glee! and micaela soledad ortega proved that even she watches spanish! Everyone is obsessed!
i only like the gay guys only reason i watch the show..........
just kidding :D
I cried more during their graduation than I probably will during mine in May. :(
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