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Go behind the scenes of the season finale episode, "Goodbye".
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This season of Glee was very good!! I can't wait until next season!!
Is there going 2 b another season?
Can't wat for Season 4!!!!
Almost felt like the final, FINAL episode :) 
So excited for next year
I really want to find out wat happens with rachel and finn
Please put tht in season 4!!!
im gonna miss Rachel soooooooo much she is my favorite i love her! so, im sooooooooooooo sad she left the last episode makes me cry all the time im gonna miss her bigtime!!!!! </3
i love glee it teaches u how to be yourself...i love myself.
I cant wait for that season of Glee it is the best
They are gonna have more shows did u not c the ending?
i never knew  they had a show called glee project?!?!
I love Glee! Can't wait until next season! :)
its not over right? I cried on the last one WHY FINN WHY ?
i miss it already!!!!!!!!!! SAVE ME NETFLIX!
i hope finn and rachel get married it would be a cool thing to watch
Lesson: don't text and drive...
Finn and Rachel could have been married already!:(
wait, does this mean glee is over??? PLEASE SAY NO!!! i am a total gleek. i <3 glee, i will miss quinn and puck if there is a next season. OH MY GOD, and kurt, i luv him!!!! brittany is staying, right?
Not going to +1 still mad at what they did with the finale... 
I'm really going to miss GLEE. I don't want new peopl I just want the people who "graduated" to stay. I like them more than the new people.
YEA THEY SHOULD HAVE perposly failed so they can stay o the show BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!
Sad that it's the end of the season :-(
The show is very funny! i love it :)
What a strange and wonderful trip this has been…
gonna miss how gLee used to be soooo badly!! ;(
i love glee ! dont want it to end !
I LOVE glee i'm going 2 miss FINCHEL :'(
glee is awesome i dont want it to end!!!!!!
I'm watching every episode I'm on netflix I'm still on season 1
I will be watching all the seasons all over again until the next season starts... can't wait!!
omg the goodbye episode is so sad and rachel leavs 4 nyc and finn 4 the army
yo glee im ur biggest fan. plz listen to my single 'I wanna handle you'
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I don't want it to end . this is my fav show ! They grew up a lot and we just can't let the Glee cast go . I love you Glee and I can't wait till this fall when I can see you guys again . I love yall !  I might be your biggest fan out of a ton . Yall inspired me a whole bunch . love yall .(: 
<3 Kelsey 
Can't wait for seaason 4!!! (if there is) because Glee inspired me to do what I like despite what people say...
O.M.G I can't wait for season 4 Glee Rocks !
this film is so great, it makes me more confident after watching it and I really really love all the songs in this film
ok................l'm italian and.......glee is my life....i love you glee....!!!
Omg so do I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me either!!!!!!!!!! gLeek for life!! ily glee<33
I <3 glee sad that its over 
been watching it since the beggining. changed my life forever. made me accept me as myself. u are my role models and i will love you forever and ever! <3 :D
Always sad when the glee season ends :(
I missed half of the season they graduated?  OMG
you guys can't leave you'll make me cry glee episodes are the medicine to my depression of life 
when i finished watching that episode...i cant lie i cried...cant wait till the new season!!!!  
Cant wait 4 another season
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