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no its ok it was i found it on a comment lol
nice shot star rush..
please Quinn survive!!! for all of us!!!
Can't wait for the new episode!!!!!
can't wait for it to come back
quin has to die there is no way she can be alive from that crash but if she is she has to be parazlyed
mung pi
for what ,,,,?
I don't think Quinn dies. I saw a picture of her in a wheelchair with Artie.
she doesn't :) she sings 2 duets with Artie (Up, Up, Up and I'm Still Standing) xx
ok, i am rooting for Quinn's life, but what about Finchel Wedding? was it suspended or what?
i am wondering about that also i wonder if quinn is paralyzed like artie
they don't get married, quinn is in a wheelchair ok? :)
you don't know that
Why do people have to ruin the show for others! :(
quin i cant die i hope she needs to marrie sam!!!!!!!
i hope rach. and fin dont get married because he is mine!!!!!!<3
hehe! quinn HAS to marry sam dat would b perfect!
ya that is what im sayin but my friends say im crazy!!!!!
there CRAZY!!!!!!hehe
ya but still there more then friends like rachel and fin there getting married!!!!!! i hate that there getting married!!!!lol
ya mabey but there soooo young!!!! lol
Cant wait Fin+Rachel= love . They were just ment 2 be

i love fin he is sooo cute!!!!!
GLEE * puts hand in L shape on head*
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wow in weelchairs, do u think that there going to finish the wedding????? do u think that quinn's parents will go to the hospital??????????
please just read comments above about quinn and finchel (a)
i love glee glee is wow, i love darren
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