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How can one individual make an impact on an issue as daunting as extreme poverty?
Take Action! Show your commitment now to end extreme poverty and join others on a journey to change the world.
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Not many are ready to join hands to end poverty
The governments can help their people, and humanitarian can help, but that's not enough, microfinance and agribusinesses help.
we are so suppose to be in this earth to care for it and eat off the land not fight and be greedy rich people spending millions on unessary shit material  what is money really what do u work for so much prejudise and hate in this world people worried about if they fat or skinny fake ass leaders everybody wanna be chiefs not even indias people on drugs walking around confuse with no purpose dont even know what to do with there lives there is no hope no one to trust no one to turn to healthcare should be free we should help care for one another like brothers and sisters this world is heading for mass destruction god dont like ugly he giving us time to change but eventually he will come back even if you dont belive in god u have to know the difference between wrong and right people dont care anymore no respect no values we have the power through radio and televisio to be able to communicate with each and do the right thing yall sending out the wrong messages to the people and are a bunch of sellout when will be the time for a change that we get a message on the tv and radio that say come together lets work for the land the people and help one another
I have been homeless for 10 months
 How can one person change issues like poverty?
I did my senior project on Homelessness in teens and how the school system needs better academic resources, I also then called a local news station and set up an interview and now a UNCW professor wants me to talk to her upcoming teachers about how to identify homeless teens and how to center lesson plans around it. I am also hoping to start a tolietries drive for homeless teens on the street and going to schools and talking to students about dropout prevention and my personal expirence of homelessness.
Our society is so geared around celebs instead of banning together to stop war and helping others to feed their hungry. Look at the Kardashins, makes me sick!
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