TEMBO Network Documentation

Finally I finished documenting the system design, the XML and the stylesheets I created to remotely support a computerized learning resource implemented in a wireless network of laptops and Chromebooks connected to a content server:


The Ottawa-based educators supporting the children and community in Longido continue to prepare additional materials that I simply install in Tanzania over the Internet from wherever I may be traveling in the world at the time.  They give me the index navigation they want users to have to the material, I express that in an XML description of the site map and I realize that as a set of index files for users and a review index for educators.  Educators then test the index files by connecting through DDNS to another content server sitting on my home network.  When the new content is deemed ready I then install it in Africa through a VPN. 

The students and staff at the Learning Centre built by http://ProjecTEMBO.org then have access to the local battery-backed-up content server from laptops and Chromebooks (important where the national power system goes dark for hours on most days).

Hopefully other groups interested in creating a remote network for users will now have enough information to mimic what I have done, or at least be inspired by what is now working well.

Please help spread the word if you know other NGOs or groups who might find this network design useful, as I would love to see it copied anywhere and everywhere.

For those interested in pictures, the travelogue of my trip to install the network is at:

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