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G. Ken Holman
Delivering consulting and training services worldwide in XML/XSLT/ XQuery/XSL-FO/UBL/code lists/&c.
Delivering consulting and training services worldwide in XML/XSLT/ XQuery/XSL-FO/UBL/code lists/&c.

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Last night I had another article published, this one on the OASIS Technical Committee process and how using some OASIS specifications within this process can support the development of document interchange vocabularies:

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My article on UBL was published this month!

Still cancer free after radical prostatectomy surgery 11 years ago today.  Doc did a great job!

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A delightful post-Hallowe'en event

So a neighbour had the idea that the day after Hallowe'en all of the neighbours could drop their carved pumpkins at the end of a park's walkway.  With some volunteers she arranged hundreds along both sides of the walkway and lit a tea-light in each one.  She put aside two hours to keep the lights lit.  Dozens of people, many of them toddlers, were enjoying the results of her efforts.  I wouldn't be surprised if there were twice as many next year.
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I noticed in the reflection that our elevator gets a bit irrational every time it goes past the 19th floor.

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I think today may have been the peak day for colours from our balcony this autumn.
Autumn colours 2016
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Anniversary celebration today

I feel very lucky and privileged to have enjoyed my career.  I'm celebrating today, as I try to do every year, but always just at my desk with no party and no bunting.  But this is another multiple of 5, so I thought I'd celebrate a bit louder than before.

Today marks 45 years of computer programming for me.  I started on the morning of June 30, 1971.  I learned and was programming FORTRAN IV on an IBM 1401, using an old IBM 026 card punch (didn't get to the fancy 029 for a while) to make my decks.  The summer class was about four to six weeks long and I learned a lot and was proud of what I was able to do when it was done.

I haven't stopped since.

A fun memory every year.

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High tech, low tech

Having really enjoyed the #Songza streaming service, we ended up subscribing to the family plan at #GooglePlay after Google bought them out.  We enjoy the curated music lists.

But streaming to one of the two #Chromecast Video devices in our expansive apartment was a bit of a hassle, because we had to turn on and off one television in the bedroom in order to move the stream to the device on the television at the other side of the apartment in the office.  But there is no device in the kitchen.  Nor in the living room.

And then there were places like the bathroom where we couldn't hear the stream without turning the television up too loud.

But we do have FM radios in our bathrooms.  And the kitchen.  And the living room.  And the office.  And the bedrooms.  That got me to thinking about marrying low tech to high tech to get what we want.

And it works!  Off of Amazon I picked up a .5W LPFM (Low Power FM) transmitter that doesn't need a permit to operate.  I also bought a Chromecast Audio device that was on sale at BestBuy.  Total hardware investment CA$112 all in.

Now we can listen to Chromecast Audio simultaneously in all rooms on the FM band.  And learning that Chromecast Audio will only simulcast with other Chromecast Audio devices and not Chromecast Video devices ruled out that as an option for us (though it still wouldn't have been complete because only two rooms have the Chromecast Video devices).

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On my lunch-time walk yesterday I passed this sign and for some reason thought that +Norman Walsh would have laughed.

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 Evening Walk in Early May

A routine walk this evening after dinner but with very non-routine sightings.  We live next to the Ottawa River and we like to take walks along the riverside paths.

Tonight we encountered a buzzard!  I haven't seen a wild buzzard in Ottawa in the 34 years I have lived here.  Wild turkeys abound in the rural area, but I've never seen a buzzard here.

A few steps later a beaver slapped the water, dove and then swam away.  We did see beavers when we lived in rural Ottawa, this is the first one we've seen in urban Ottawa.
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