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 Photograph of the day: Red Rock Panorama. Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Utah. October 23,2014. © Copyright 2014 G Dan Mitchell – all rights reserved.

Evening glow on red rock landscape, Utah

I acknowledge that this color is pretty wild. This is partly a result of the way the camera sees in diminishing twilight, with colors saturating in surprising ways. The photograph was among the last couple I made on this evening when we continued photographing so late that it was about to become tricky finding our way back down in the near darkness. It is also the result of wild color in the sky — a bit of which you can see on the clouds in the upper portion of the frame — that fell on rock that is already quite red.

We had spent perhaps a couple of hours photographing in this terrain, focusing on the sensuous shapes of the curved sandstone, the odd cottonwood tree with fall color leaves, and bits of the surrounding landscape...  (Continued:

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Photograph of the day: Seepage, Canyon Wall. Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Utah. October 24, 2014. © Copyright 2014 G Dan Mitchell – all rights reserved.

Water seeps across the patterned rocks of a Utah canyon

We began our day’s hike and photography in sage-covered flatlands, where we left our vehicles at the end of a gravel road and soon dropped into a small canyon. The canyon quickly deepened and cut into the flatlands and sandstone walls soon rose around us as we continued. Soon we reached a junction where a stream flowed and we followed the stream, walking in it, along side it, and occasionally leaving it to cross higher ground where the canyon curved. The deeper we traveled into the canyon, the more intimate the landscape became as high walls cut us off completely from the surrounding terrain and bends in the canyon limited our view ahead and behind.

In the area of this photograph the canyon was rock all the way to its bottom, where the small stream flowed along the bottom of the shallow v-shape and water from springs seeped down across the rock, supporting the growth of plants... (continued:

#grandstaircaseescalante   #gsenm   #utah   #utahlandscape   #utahphotography   #intimatelandscape   #landscape   #landscapephotography   #nature   #naturephotography  +HQSP Landscape +Landscape Photography 
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Amazingly beautiful… excellent shot & Awesome photograph!
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Photograph of the day: Oak Leaves, Reflections, Spring. Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Utah. October 24, 2014. © Copyright 2014 G Dan Mitchell – all rights reserved.

Autumn oak leaves, reflections of sky and sandstone cliffs on stained rock

This was a wonderful autumn day of exploration, re-visiting a familiar place, wandering with friends, and photography. We drove a short distance down a back-country road from our campsite to get to the start of a canyon, beginning in a spot where there is little in the surrounding landscape to indicate what is hidden here. We left our vehicles on the flats at the edge of a shallow valley and dropped into it. The valley quickly narrowed and it wasn’t long until sandstone walls towered above as we traced the meandering course of the stream that had cut this canyon. We travelled slowly, making detours as the spirit took us, and halting to concentrate on photographic subjects we discovered along the way.

Eventually we arrived at a sort of “half-subway” (referencing a well-known Utah landscape subject that is far from this spot) where the creek rounded a bend in a narrow section of the canyon and has cut away rock back underneath the overhead walls... (continued:

#utah   #utahphotography   #landscape   #landscapephotography   #intimatelandscape   #nature   #naturephotography   #southwest  +HQSP Landscape +Landscape Photography 
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G Dan Mitchell

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Canon 5DS and 5DS R are NOW available for pre-order. (Yes, I pre-ordered the R model already.)
The new 50.6 MP Canon EOS 5Ds and 5Ds R DSRLs are available for pre-order now.
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Photograph of the day: American Avocet, Reflection. San Joaquin Valley, California. February 27, 2015. © Copyright 2015 G Dan Mitchell – all rights reserved.

American Avocet and reflection, San Joaquin Valley wetlands

I have written before — often! — about the tremendous numbers of birds in California’s Central Valley, especially when migrating birds overwinter there. It is easy to be most impressed by the birds that are the biggest, the most unusual, those that are found in almost unbelievable numbers, and those whose cries are most striking. Few experiences can compete with the sound and fury of many thousands of geese taking to the air at once, the magic of squadrons of cranes gliding in at dusk, the grace and size of the slower-moving egrets and herons, and too many others to list.

I’ve never been the classic “birder” type — the guy with the scope who searches out and identifies any and all birds — though I have become much more sympathetic to the passions of such people as I have spent more time among these remarkable birds! More recently, as I have returned to these places more and more frequently, I have gradually become aware that there are many other birds besides the big, impressive specimens mentioned above... (continued:

#avocet   #birds   #birdphotography   #nature   #naturephotography  
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Cool bird photo!!! 
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Photograph of the day: Red Rock, Dusk. Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Utah. October 23, 2014. © Copyright 2015 G Dan Mitchell – all rights reserved.

Dusk light on sandstone formations, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

On our first day in this part of southern Utah last October we settled into our primitive camp, hung out for a while, and then headed off to an area of beautifully formed sandstone in the late afternoon, where we planned to do our evening photography. When we arrived the sun was still well above the ridge to our west but its light was intermittently muted by thin clouds that softened the contrasts between light and shadow. For perhaps a couple of hours we worked this landscape of carved red rock, with its gullies, ridges, sand-filled flats, holes and every curving shape and texture you can imagine.

There was much to see, and after I photographed the most obvious subjects I continued to look and began to see less obvious features. As the sun dropped behind the ridge and shadows stretched across this area I first felt a kind of urgency to make photographs while the light was still good. I continued shooting right into the post-sunset dusk hour, when color came to the thin clouds and washed this landscape, already red from rocks and blue from haze, with intense reddish-purple light... (continued:

#gsenm   #utah   #utahlandscape   #utahlandscapephotography   #sandstone   #landscape   #landscapephotography   #nature   #naturephotography   #grandstaircaseescalante  +HQSP Landscape +Landscape Photography 
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Photograph of the day: Desert Canyon Creek. Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Utah. October 24, 2014. © Copyright 2015 G Dan Mitchell – all rights reserved.

Sky and sandstone reflect in the surface of a desert canyon creek

I can’t say that I’ve yet spent enough time in these Utah canyons to fully understand their cycles, but it seems to me that there must be an ongoing back-and-forth between forces that heap sand into them and the forces that move that sand away. Whether the canyons are dry or wet when I visit, the effects of water are evident everywhere. Low places hold it long after the flow has stopped, and they can be deep pools or bowls of mud. The passage of water is recorded in dry form in ripples in sand and desiccated mud. And when the creeks flow, their banks often have terraces cut into the deposited sand when the water was at varying depths.

This bit of creek bed was at the base of a short drop below a small cascade, and it must have collected sand during some period of greater flow... (continued:

#nature   #naturephotography   #landscape   #landscapephotography   #utah   #utahlandscape   #utahphotography   #grandstaircaseescalente   #reflection  +HQSP Landscape +Landscape Photography 
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Really beautiful!
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G Dan Mitchell

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Seepage, Canyon Wall...

Thanks for the pluses! I have moved this photograph to a different G+ thread...
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Gee, that looks a lot like a page from a book, perhaps even a draft of a book about California Sierra Nevada fall color. Hmmm...

Yes, there is a book. I'm working with Heyday Books​, and we're on schedule to see it published before the start of this upcoming fall color season in the Sierra. Yes, I'm excited!
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+Michael Menefee, +Jim Hafft — thanks!
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The Best of the Week Circle from +Landscape Photography / #landscapephotography  is out — always a great list with lots of landscape photographers worth following. Thanks!
Landscape Photography Best of the Week!!!

Congratulations to all those great photographers whose photographs have been selected this week by the curators of  #LandscapePhotography +Landscape Photography +Margaret Tompkins +Kevin Rowe +Toshi Nakamura +Bill Wood +Tony Phillips +Jeff Beddow +Krzysztof Hanusiak +Dennis Hoffbuhr +Dave Gaylord +Doug Hagadorn +Eric Drumm +RJ Wilner 
Do you want to be a part of this circle?  Share one of your best landscape photographs to the +Landscape Photography theme.  Add the names of some of the curators and get one of them to share your photo to the theme page!!  Each week we will share the profiles of those whose photos have been selected to be shared to the theme page!!  They’re picky so share only you’re very best!!  Good luck!!  Be sure to share and follow these great folks.  They’re the Best of the Week!  

We have some wonderful new photographers this week!!  Congratulations on having your photographs selected for the +Landscape Photography page.  If you enjoy this circle, please share it with your friends!!

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Photograph of the day: Meadow Grass and Frost. Yosemite Valley, California. March 1, 2015. © Copyright 2015 G Dan Mitchell – all rights reserved.

Early morning frost on dormant winter grasses in a Yosemite Valley meadow

On a late-winter morning like this one there could be snow in Yosemite Valley, and even without new snow there is likely to be a bit of it lying around in shady areas. But not this winter. This has been the fourth of a series of very dry years in California, and this year was especially unkind to the Sierra. By the end of the season the snow pack looks to be barely 10% of what it would be in a typical year, and the situation is even more dire since this is only the latest in a string of such years. So it was not surprise to find this meadow snow free, with only a bit of frost suggesting the season.

We arose early on this morning and headed out close to sunrise looking for a meadow with the common winter low fog. We finally found a bit of it in this meadow, though it was dissipating quickly. Before it went away we headed out into the meadow to see what photographic possibilities we could find... (continued:

#yosemite   #yosemitevalley   #yosemitenationalpark   #sierranevada   #nationalparks   #nature   #naturephotography   #landscape   #landscapephotography   #winter   #winterphotography  +HQSP Landscape +Landscape Photography 
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Photo of the day: Bleached Plant, Sandstone, Shadows. Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Utah. October 23, 2014. © Copyright 2015 G Dan Mitchell – all rights reserved.

The skeleton of a bleached plant casts shadows across a sandstone slab

In the fall I spent some time making photographs in Utah, getting to a good number of locations, including some I returned to for more photography following previous visits. Partway through this trip I had plans to rendezvous with a group of friends (some new and some old) and photographers in a somewhat remote part of the state. We met, headed out, and spent the next few days camped “out there,” making photographs every day and visiting some very beautiful places.

On the first day of my meeting with this group we found a place to camp and began to settle in. That process took place pretty quickly, as all of us have spent a lot of time camping and we don’t need a lot of luxuries — in addition to friends we need food, a campfire, a place to sleep, and a spot by the fire for our chairs. So I soon found myself with a few hours of late afternoon free time between the camp chores and our evening shoot. I wandered off into nearby hills... (continued:

#southwest   #utah   #utahlandscape   #nature   #naturephotography   #utahphotography   #landscape   #landscapephotography   +HQSP Landscape +Landscape Photography 
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Sound like a great aventure and an amazing opportunity to get ispired to shoot a fantastic, delicate picture like this you got! :-)
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