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Photo of the day: Cranes and Geese, Winter Fog. San Joaquin Valley, California. February 13, 2015. © Copyright 2015 G Dan Mitchell – all rights reserved.

A foggy San Joaquin Valley winter landscape filled with geese and cranes

This photograph comes for exactly two weeks ago, when we took a detour through a favorite migratory bird area on our way to Yosemite for the opening reception of a show. Driving into the San Joaquin from the west it looked like most of the fog was gone — and I wanted fog! — but we took a chance and headed out into this area, which seems to be one of the most consistently foggy around. And luck was with us — we drove into the tule fog just before out goal. And when we arrived we found stupendous conditions of fog and birds.

A very large bunch of birds had settled in on a recently cleared field this is very close to the access road. Among there were a few egrets, more white-fronted geese, yet more sandhill cranes (as many as I’ve seen here at one time), and then thousands and thousands of Ross’s geese. Within minutes the fog began to thin and areas of light began to move among the birds... (continued:

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Photo of the day: Black and White, Cranes and Geese. San Joaquin Valley, California. February 13, 2015. © Copyright 2015 G Dan Mitchell – all rights reserved.

Masses of sandhill cranes and Ross’s geese take to the air in foggy winter skies about the San Joaquin Valley

A few years ago I may a photograph in the Skagit Valley of Washington that I described as a “snow goose maelstrom” — a scene utterly packed with those geese in flight. The scene we arrived to on this winter morning in the San Joaquin Valley was also such a maelstrom, except there were even more kinds of birds. While the description of this photograph refers to “sandhill cranes and Ross’s geese,” there are other birds here, too. In fact, it isn’t hard to spot a couple of white-fronted geese, and I know there were egrets lurking in this mass of birds, too. Who knows… it is even possible that a few snow geese might have shown up.

We arrived to a favorite kind of atmospheric condition. There was very dense tule fog — so dense that you can see the more distant airborne birds in the photo almost disappear behind its veil. But the fog was shallow and beginning to thin, and the sun was making it glow with intense brightness. I describe this effect as the fog glowing so brightly that it can almost be hard to look directly into it. I chose to go with a relatively high key interpretation... (continued:

#geese   #migratory   #migratorybirds   #birds   #nature   #naturephotography   #wildlife   #wildlifephotography   #landscape   #landscapephotography   #sanjoaquinvalley   #californiacentralvalley   #blackandwhite   #monochrome  
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wonderful capture, beautiful b/w 
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Photo of the day: Umbrellas and Fog. Getty Center, California. December 30, 2009. © Copyright 2015 G Dan Mitchell – all rights reserved.

People with umbrellas walking through a foggy garden

This is a photograph from about five years ago when we made a winter trip to Southern California and ended up spending a day at the Getty Center. From the time our oldest son went to UCLA I have been a fan of the Center, at least as much for the architecture and the grounds as for the art displays. (The art is wonderful, too, and they have a special focus on photography that often takes me back there.)

This was just the sort of day when normal people might not want to visit the Getty: it was cold and rainy and eventually the rain mixed with fog. I had a wonderful time photographing the fog-obscured architectural landscape and made many photographs with people passing through it...(continued:

#umbrella   #getty   #garden   #landscape   #landscapephotography   #museum   #fog   #foggy   #foggy   #blackandwhite   #blackandwhitephotography   #monochrome   #monochromephotography   #monochromemonday  
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Thanks, everyone!
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Photo of the day: Riparian Thicket, Yosemite Valley. Yosemite National Park, California. February 13, 2015. © Copyright 2015 G Dan Mitchell – all rights reserved.

Hazy afternoon winter light in a thicket of trees along the banks of the Merced River, Yosemite Valley

A shorter than usual post today, as I’m dealing (successfully!) with an unexpected eye problem, and one effect of the treatment is that I need to minimize computer/reading/writing time for a few days. (The short story is that I had retinal detachment, we caught it right away, were able to treat it on an out-patient basis, I’m home, and the results look fine. In short, what looked scary at first appears to be heading towards an excellent outcome.) So, briefly…

A week ago I was in Yosemite Valley for about two hours between visits to a couple of other places, and I had time to photograph around one of the large meadows late in the day, as the afternoon sun was dropping toward the tops of the cliffs and the hazy air became luminous. I wandered over to a section of the Merced River where I like to photograph cottonwood trees in spring and fall, and looking down the river I saw this little vignette in the backlight. (original:

#yosemite   #yosemitevalley   #yosemitenationalpark   #sierra   #sierranevada   #landscape   #landscapephotography   #nature   #naturephotography  +Landscape Photography Show +HQSP Landscape +Landscape Photography 
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Thanks, all!
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Photo of the day: Geese in Flight, Dusk. San Joaquin Valley, California. January 25, 2015. © Copyright 2015 G Dan Mitchell – all rights reserved.

Flocks of Ross’s geese in flight in the winter evening sky above the San Joaquin Valley

It was near the end of a full late-January day of winter bird photography in California’s San Joaquin Valley. After seeing fewer birds (Ross’s geese, sandhill cranes, and more) than we expected earlier in the season, the new year had brought increased numbers that reminded me of previous years. We started this day before sunrise and kept at it almost all day, taking only a short break for a visit to a nearby area before returning to again photograph the birds in the late afternoon. As the afternoon wore on we began to look for a likely spot to photograph the birds at the end of the day. They could end up anywhere, but this time they congregated in an accessible spot along the edge of a gravel access road. Several of us parked along this road, positioning ourselves so that a large flock of Ross’s geese that had collected there would be between us and the sunset light on clouds.

The giant flock of Ross’s geese gradually edged to the east, and we moved several times in order to keep them positioned for best light and background. There was some continuous coming and going as birds flew off to other groups or flew in to join this one, but for the most part things were rather calm. Then, for no clear reason (an eagle flying overhead? Something else?) the entire flock lifted off... (continued:

#geese   #birds   #birdsinflight   #migratorybirds   #geese   #geesephotography   #wildlife   #wildlifephotography   #nature   #naturephotography   #sanjoaquinvalley   #californiacentralvalley  
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Photo of the day: Sun Beams, Clearing Fog. San Joaquin Valley, California. January 25, 2015. © Copyright 2015 G Dan Mitchell – all rights reserved.

Afternoon sun breaks through clearing fog in the farm country of the San Joaquin Valley

This photograph, made late on a day spent photographing migratory birds and the landscape they inhabit, illustrates a bunch of things that seem important to me. Each one might be the subject of a short article, but I’ll try to keep it short in this post. One theme might be persistence or patience: This was not the easiest day of photography, with interesting thick fog early in the day, but a midday that seemed to be a bit aimless and included an unsuccessful visit to a nearby area, and a conclusion that was glorious in several ways. Another might be flexibility: I was there primary to photograph wildlife, but I was ready to switch gears and become a landscape photographer when the clouds began to break up in the very late afternoon. It also reminds me to the value of not focusing on the literal depiction of what passes for the objective reality of the landscape, and the importance of focusing on the mood of the place in a subjective way. And it provides an example of how two photographers, working from nearly the same spot, will make quite different photographs ( and come away with different kinds of successes.

A few days earlier I had photographed at this same location, and late that day I had convinced myself that there would be no great evening light, and I left early. Who knows what I missed as a result of that decision! This time, shooting with a group of friends, I was back on track and eager to shoot until the light was gone... (continued:

See +Claudia Welsh's short video of what we saw a short time later:

#godlight   #sunbeams   #clouds   #winter   #winterphotography   #sanjoaquinvalley   #californiacentralvalley   #landscape   #landscapephotography   #nature   #naturephotography   #blackandwhite   #monochrome  +Landscape Photography Show +HQSP Landscape +Landscape Photography 
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beautiful photo…magnetic angle..lovely..
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Photo of the day: Wetlands, Winter Fog. San Joaquin Valley, California. January 16, 2015. © Copyright 2015 G Dan Mitchell – all rights reserved.

Wetlands with thick early morning tule fog, San Joaquin Valley, California

The initial draw of this area of the San Joaquin Valley, with its wetlands and winter tule fog, was birds — the many thousands of seasonal migratory birds including geese, sandhill cranes, and ibises along with egrets, herons, pelicans, owls, hawks, an occasional eagle, and more. During winter, this agricultural area is given over almost completely to the is wildlife — something that I did not know for many years, despite living in California almost my entire life. However, the more I’ve photographed out here, the more my interest has evolved beyond just the birds to include the landscape itself, and especially the foggy landscape.

It is hard to describe the experience of being here in winter to a person who doesn’t share the experience. Frankly, the terrain is easily dismissed as the sort of thing you would drive through or past on your way to some place more interesting. That was certainly my notion, as I passed though here for years on my way to and from the Sierra. But out here on a cold, foggy and still winter morning, when your world closes down to perhaps a radius of a few hundred feet... (continued:

#landscape   #landscapephotography   #nature   #naturephotography   #fog   #blackandwhite   #monochrome   #sanjoaquinvalley   #californiacentralvalley  +Landscape Photography Show +HQSP Landscape +Landscape Photography 
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Photo of the day: Cranes and Geese, Fog. San Joaquin Valley, California. February 13, 2015. © Copyright 2015 G Dan Mitchell – all rights reserved.

Sandhill cranes and Ross’s geese on the ground and in the air on a foggy winter morning

This visit to the San Joaquin Valley birds was almost a sort of accident. We were on our way to Yosemite for a couple of days for the opening reception for an exhibit in Oakhurst, and as we headed west from the Bay Area we thought we might just make a detour to one of our favorite spots. Initially it didn’t look too promising — we got on the road later than usual, once in the Valley it looked like it was going to be a “blah” fair weather day. But I had a hunch that there might still be some interesting fog out in this area, so we left the main road on our detour. Sure enough, before long we encountered tule fog, and the refuge we visited was still pretty socked in when we arrived.

We didn’t know what we might find, so we were very excited to find very large and active flocks of Ross’s geese and sandhill cranes in an area close to observations locations. We quickly grabbed camera gear and headed to a spot where we could see them… and we got one of the best bird and light shows of the year so far. The white geese and the darker cranes were mixing together, almost as a single flock. There was action everywhere as birds left, other birds arrived, and still more wheeled overhead. The noise was incredible, and there were periodic excited lift-offs... (continued:

#nature   #naturephotography   #wildlife   #wildlifephotography   #geese   #migratorybirds   #sandhillcrane   #landscape   #landscapephotography   #blackandwhite   #monochrome  +Landscape Photography Show +HQSP Landscape +Landscape Photography 
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Hi Haddadi...I like your post. It is fantastic...
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 Photo of the day: Garden Path. Huntington Gardens, San Marino, California. © Copyright 2015 G Dan Mitchell – all rights reserved.

A pathway through a Japanese garden

This will be another relatively short post today, for reasons I explained in yesterday’s photo of the day post. Late last November we spent a few days in Southern California at Thanksgiving, and it turned out that two of three kids, their spouses/significant others, and more were there, too. We ended up driving up to San Marino to a place I had not been to before the Huntington Library [And Too Many Other Things To List] in San Marino. Later in the day we ended up visiting some of the extensive gardens there, including the Japanese Garden. This is one of two photographs from that location that I ended up liking — and, oddly, both are black and white. In this very quiet scene a wooden bridge jogs to one side in the middle of its path across this area.(original:

#monochrome   #monochromephotography   #blackandwhite   #blackandwhitephotography  
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Nice Black and White Photo! 
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G Dan Mitchell

Shared publicly  - 
Yesterday was an "adventure." As a result, today's photo of the day will be slightly delayed.

I experienced a retinal detachment in my left eye, resulting in temporary partial vision loss in the periphery of my field of vision in that eye. Fortunately I went to the doctor quickly, a procedure was performed, and things are (literally and figuratively!) looking much better this morning!

I'm fine, though dealing with the aftermath of having my eye worked on - not a pleasant experience, but something I'm grateful for, given the alternatives!
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you must take care , i m happy to getting better :)
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Photo of the day: Geese in Blue Sky. San Joaquin Valley, California. February 13, 2015. © Copyright 2015 G Dan Mitchell – all rights reserved.

Thousands of Ross’s Geese in the San Joaquin Valley winter sky

And, yes, another photograph of thousands of geese wheeling overhead in the San Joaquin Valley sky. They tend to do that this time of year. The cause of this eruption of geese was a bit different from the usual. Typically, when they are flocking in pastures and similar areas, something sets them off — a predator, a low flying plane, who knows what else — and an entire flock will suddenly take to the air en masse, in a maelstrom of flapping wings and noise. We had stopped near a large group in a field, from which smaller groups were constantly coming and going, when another vehicle pulled up behind us. Out hopped a half-dozen young girls who proceed to run down the road, setting of the geese. (For the record, you aren’t supposed to do this. They are young. They will learn. :-)

Because the flock was so close, the first photographs I made mostly featured close up walls of geese. But eventually they widened the circle of their flight, looping round beyond this little brushy grove out in the flatlands. I zoomed out to see if I could get a larger view... (continued:

#geese   #migratorybirds   #birdsphotography   #birds   #nature   #naturephotography   #wildlife   #wildlifephotography   #landscape   #landscapephotography  +Landscape Photography Show +HQSP Landscape +Landscape Photography 
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Very beautiful pic
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Photo of the day: Forest, Afternoon Light. Yosemite National Park, California. February 13, 2015. © Copyright 2015 G Dan Mitchell – all rights reserved.

Hazy afternoon winter light in a Yosemite Valley hardwood forest

This may have been just about the briefest visit to Yosemite Valley that I have ever made. We drove up from the Bay Area for two days and one night so that we could attend the opening reception for an art exhibit (Sierra Art Trails) in Oakhurst. We had thought that we might visit one of the Central Valley wildlife refuges on the way — and we ended up spending enough time there that it was after 3:00 when we got to the Yosemite Valley. We briefly stopped to watch people setting up to try to photograph Horsetail Fall, which we did not intend to do, and then headed up to one of the large meadows where I thought that I could photograph trees backlit by the low angle afternoon light.

I started out in a meadow, photographing trees to my west silhouetted against the hazy backlight. Finishing with this subject I wandered over to the banks of the Merced River to look for closer subjects, and as I looked west I saw this tangle of trees... (continued:

#yosemite   #yosemitevalley   #yosemitenationalpark   #nationalparkphotography   #forest   #forestphotography   #nature   #naturephotography   #trees   #landscape   #landscapephotography   #winter   #winterphotography  +Landscape Photography Show +HQSP Landscape +Landscape Photography 
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nice shot
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