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Thank you for the biggest event around the world!

Dear awesome members of GDG Cairo, specially those who showed up today,

Thank you for making it to the event today, and if you were not able to make it this time hope to see you next events isA :-)

I would like to remind you that ALL the organizers of GDG Cairo are completely volunteers, we are independent from Google as you know, and we are not bus drivers, most of the time we just write code ^_^

I do realize that there was big issues with the buses and the whole transportation today, so we would like to apologize for that, and we promise not to let it happen again. It was a nice day, don't let this transportation thing ruin your mood.

Just to clarify our side:
- We booked (and paid) buses for almost double of the number of people who singed up,
- We had our organizers there waiting with you under the hot sun,
- And we decided to let all the buses free so that you don't worry about anything and just come.

For a reason that I don't know till now, the bus agency (Nile Gates) didn't send all their buses! So it was completely not our fault, we tried our best to make this event as much pleasant for all of you as possible. We expect from you understanding for this and forgive what happened.

From me, a big thanks for all the organizers who worked hard in their free time and did a lot of effort during the past few weeks to let this event happens.
And also, a big thanks for ALL of you, we showed the whole world that we are still the biggest event around the whole world!!
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