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Hey there, Google fanboys and bored designers,

we need your help! Currently we are planning the I/O extended 2012 in Berlin. Soon we will have an update for you on how you can take part in Google I/O without having to fly all the way over to San Francisco. But before that we need a great logo.

I had an idea: Since Google created this nice toolbox for the machine builder to play around with we could use this to make a matching logo out of it. I started with this which you can "Remix" for a better one:
(requires login with Google account)

I hope that's not the best we can come up with so we want you all to participate in our quest.

Not many, but:
- You should have created it yourself.
- You should integrate "Berlin", "I/O Extended", "2012" ( but you CAN make use of the official logo creative assets | ioextended12 and focus on "Berlin" )
- You should, of course, grant us the right to use your work for all matters concerning this event (Website, G+, Flyer, Shirts, etc.) free of charge
- DEADLINE is end of June 6th, Berlin time (06.06.2012, 23:59:59) by submission to ioextendedberlin2012 a-t

Besides the never ending gratitude and admiration of all the geeks around you we will produce an unique item of clothing (shirt, bag, hoddy) of your choice with your logo on it. You will be the only one on the planet to wear that.

We are very curious on what you can come up with in the coming 10 days. Rock us and make the best submission.

Feel free to drop us a line to ioextendedberlin2012 a-t if you need to ask a question.

Good luck to all of us,
Stefan for the IOEX-Berlin-team
Google I/O 2012 brings together thousands of developers for three days of deep technical content focused on building the next generation of web, mobile, and enterprise application...
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