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Happy Birthday +Alianthe Laverte​ !

I'm always late to these I saw +Karen Tully​ 's post. Sounds like you had a good couple of days!

Here's hoping today is treating you well too, and that you're celebrating in good spirits and good company!

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Might as well share publicly so that #BestBuy will know. :D
Hahahaha #BestBuy
This computer is not running genuine Windows....

Hahahaha. Also, just helped new patron find the seat with access to power outlet at Gordon Biersch. It's the holidays after all. :D

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When my day needs a little awesome...

I go and watch this clip. Thanks to +Daniel Solis for telling me about this last week!

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Doin a little bit of catch-up / Pump Up the Jam

Had a lot of things to say, going to try and say them here. ...starting with THIS video I found today.

Yeah, I know you recognize that song too. :D

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* Dark Side!  Duh!*

...They get better music. And cookies!

+Laura Burns​ heya! Know this is coming late but happy birthday!

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Midterm score: 8/10!!! (I passed)


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Constance Leathart: Aviatrix

Perhaps someone who was used to tearing around in a spitfire should never be trusted on the road.

What a fantastic account of a life!

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It's funny when a news photo makes you say "that hall looks familiar"


No, I'm not doing any multi-million dollar business, but I am experiencing a little bit of #jpstevens  pride. When I attended, we had a whole bunch of astronaut alumns we could point to.  It's good to see a new set of faces make a name for themselves.

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Vegan friends turn away or ... oh hell yes

Not sure it gets much better than a full breakfast.
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