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Learning more about Google+ all the time.  

Today's lesson, the companies that call on a regular basis saying that our Google listing must be verified or "will be lost" are simply trying to wrangle a "one time setup fee" from our business, despite the fact that we already have a verified Google listing.  

Buyer beware.

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Pizza and Playback

Since a good bit of energy and effort goes into the acoustics of a well designed control room, we're always jazzed to see those acoustics put to use.  John Storyk did his usual outstanding job in giving us a control room design that provides clarity and honesty.

Taking your mix to a new location for playback can tell you a lot about whats going on.  You start throwing around terms such as "space, sheen, shmeer, punch, edge", and "there's more pizza in the lounge.  Help yourself!"

Hosted a dual purpose playback last week.  Purpose one - review the mixes.  Purpose two - pick a new name for the band.  (Still TBD)  Heard some great music and enjoyed the chance to take the leash of the Genelecs just a bit.
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Sounding as Smart as You Are!

Just finished a great session with a professional who is expanding the reach of her work, and using media to do so.  Her portfolio and resume boast undeniable intelligence.  Together, we worked with a few vocal tweaks to more closely match the voice with the resume.

The exciting part of the session was the lightbulb moments, where a minor tweak turned into a difference that could be clearly heard.  That difference came across in credibility, authority, and engagement.  Prior to walking in the studio, she WAS credible, definitely an authority, and with a lifetime of engagement in her area of expertise.  But by increasing her awareness of the instrument that is the voice, she now projects more of those qualities.

If you are involved in public speaking, or the use of media, and would like to fine tune your vocal presentation, contact us for more information about vocal coaching.  For those looking to get into voice acting, we offer our VoiceWorks program which culminates in a VO demo.

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Voice Talent,

If you're in the Chicago area and are a voice talent able to work on non-union projects, go ahead and drop +GAP Digital, Inc into one of your circles.  I'm looking for an efficient way to communicate with the posse as new sessions come along.  And yes, you do need to be able to darken our doorway for this set of projects.

I'm also hoping that your Google + page will include audio samples of your voice.  I have hundreds of demos on file, but like your yearbook pictures from high school... some of them are a bit long in the tooth, and lets face it, you just keep getting better!

Help me populate this studio!

Thanks much

Just a quick note... I apologize to those who I've added to circles a number of times.  During this intense 7 day Google + evaluation period, I've discovered much about the platform that is less than impressive, and in the process of working around it's weaknesses, have had to delete and create pages a number of times.

The jury is still out as to the usefulness of Google +.  In the meantime, I apologize to those who may be experiencing Google Notice Deju Vu.
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