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We just bought some more used manga. 

Every week we have lots of fun events:
Friday Night Magi 6-pm till close
Friday Pokemon with the Ocala Pokemon League 6pm-9pm
Standard Tournament (bring friends and earn extra points) 1pm
18yo and under Yugioh Tournament 5:30
Magic Draft 6PM
MTG Draft 1PM
D&D 5e at 5:30pm
Pokemon Tournament 2PM $5 admission
MTG Frontier 5:30pm
D&D with Tim ($5 admission) 5:30pm
D&D 2nd Edition 5:30PM
All Ages Yugioh $10 admission 5:30pm
MTG Commander $4 admission 6pm
D&D 3.5e alternating weekends.

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$30 admission. Everyone gets a prize. Players dressed as Zombies get free pizza and drinks. This is a great way to experience the new Magic the Gathering set.

We will be closing at 6pm on July 4th. We want to have a holiday with friends and family. Have a safe 4th and try not to blow your hands off.

The new store is settling in. We will be hosting special events soon. Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, yugioh and more. We have a much nicer play space and NO STAIRS. Oh my, I will be happy not to carry stock up stairs anymore. Come by and check the new space out.

We just moved stores. Oh my god. This is a tiring process. We are not fully up to snuff but over this weekend we get everything together. Come on by and check out the new digs. New Photos will be coming soon.

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Friday Night Magic

Modern tournament.
Free Admission
Optional Prize pool $5 Pay out 1.5x pool entry in store credit to top 50%

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So we got a bunch of cool prize support for the Splendor Game. Tomorrow we would love to introduce people to how Splendor plays. On Sunday we would like to start the Splendor League. Every week for the month of July people Playing in the league will get a chance to win a special edition prize for the game. And the last week we will award a prize to the league champion player.
Come on down. It is free and you can meet new friends.

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  Yup it is the Third Sunday of the month. G33k Out is giving out free snacks and playing games with you. Come in costume. Or just what ever you feel like wearing. We will have lively conversation and be happy to see new faces. You might even make a new friend.

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International Tabletop Day is this Saturday April 11th. We are planning a day of fun games. We might even get enough people to bust out some werewolf. Come by and have fun. Best of all it's free.
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