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In part 1 of this article series I cover the case, where a user is still able to login to his user account. The error description. I stumbled upon this issue within a Microsoft Answers post. A user reported a curious behavior. Windows defender offline (win 10) shows error: 0x80070578. After each restart ...
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I use 360 Total Security. As a rule, never trust the security that an OS gives you. There are always better ones: paid or free.
+Brandon Bowers Seriously? Third party AV are part of the problem discussed within my blog post. And "free security software" is nothing else than a placebo - imho ;-).
+Matze Schobi Thank you.  Of course the best security is you. I am sure one can get ransomware under the most expensive security software, hardware, etc.  BTW: 360 Total Security comes with GlassWire... you have to download it first, but not bad.
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