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Renewable Energy..Technology..Invention
Renewable Energy..Technology..Invention


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Portable Energy Station Sparkbox Powers Up Virtually Anything Wherever You Are!
The access of public charging stations for electric cars is a major challenge for electric cars which often cited by EV foes and skeptics alike as one of the prime reasons they aren’t practical for daily driving. Imagine if you could pop your personal charg...

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Effective Tips for Concrete Coring
Concrete coring or concrete core drilling is a process of removing the cylinder of concrete from the remaining structure. There are various applications across a variety of fields, including drainage, manholes, plumbing, and structure testing.  When it come...

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Facts to Consider While Choosing a Tractor
When you need to work on farms there are very few machines as useful as tractors. They are powerful enough to help in all the difficult tasks that you must do on your farm, for instance, leveling the fields, clearing landslides, cultivating crops and even d...

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Wooden Spectacle Frame Maker Tetewood Redefines the Art of Specs Making
One of the best ways we can protect the earth is by making lifestyle changes. From recycling, using less water, to creating less trash in our day-to-day lives, some of these changes can get some getting used to.  If you're looking to reduce your environment...

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Entrepreneur Invents XIA That Can Cut Your AC Energy Bill by 30-70 Percent!
Do you know that cooling and heating accounts for more than half of the energy use in a typical U.S. home , make it a big pie of energy expense for most homes? Also, the energy required for the same pur pose in buildings and industry accounts for half of th...

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Byju’s: The Revolutionary Phase of Education
Education reveals the value of a person that holds a lot of importance in the life of an individual. Receiving proper education re sults in a successful and happy life.  It develops the personality of a person by transforming the physical and mental state o...

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e-Luggage, a Suitcase with Electric Kick Scooter Makes Your Childhood Dream Come True!
Many people have played a tricycle during their childhood and enjoyed an unmatched and long-lasting experience of life. If someone says you can enjoy the same tricycle experience today, you might it consider a crazy but now it’s true! A Japanese organizatio...

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Researchers at UC Santa Cruz Moving Toward Self-Sustaining Greenhouses
Greenhouses support our environment and eco-system due to its energy efficient design that gives the maximum light transmission during crop growth.  The design and architecture allow sunlight in during the day, retaining as much heat as possible during cold...

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Bulk Material Handling - The Backbone of Every Industry
The term ‘Bulk Material Handling’ (BMH) refers to the engineering involved in designing mechanical equipment to handle and process bulk materials. It is an essential part of almost every in dustry; many manufacturers utilize the materials in bulk form as it...

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GoSun Go, a Solar Cooking in Clouds and Cold?
According to the UN, over 3 billion people, or 40% of the world are cooking on fuels that are harmful to their health, and creating harmful emissions that result in over 4 million people die prematurely especially women who cook for the family. Patrick Sher...
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