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Customer Service…….

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Didn't i see this post months ago?

Still funny, though.
It is fake. Image done thro photoshop. Bankers already proved it with same kind of images.
That could also be any given DMV in U.S. :)
Racist? Not so much. Anyone can play games on their computer at work...although they probably shouldn'
Really doesn't need the red oval
Pretty ghetto really. In the US we have much more advanced games at work now.
I don´t know who's more boring, the woman who play or the woman's who wait. Is that the boss taking the picture?
Oh. Wow. That is hysterical.
It seems it's pretty much the same the world over.
well you can see why people we waiting.... LOL!
Stuff like that you find all over the world. That's why countries go downhill. Look at Greece.
There's a joke and it goes something like this :
Like this customer service right here in the picture.
A guy goes to get some help but the guy at customer service alway ask for something thats nit needed, just so he won't help the guy. So everyday the guy comes in to customer service and every time he gets the same answer: "Sorry but we need this, that, this and that".
So the guy gets pissed and packs a barrel full with paper work from different services and goes back to customers service.
The guy at C/S asks again for all the things that are nit needed but the guys has everything. The C/S guy is getting kinds pissed so after 30 min of questions about paper work, he asks the guy:"Do you have the time?"
The guy says. :"Of course I do!" with a proud and happy face.
The C/S guy turns to him with a smile and says : "Sorry but I don't have no time, now. We're closing."
This is a Greek joke. So I tried to make it sound kinda good in English. Sorry for the spelling mistakes, T9
"Asians" uh-oh....that is another dimension of abuse....stupid racists may I say?
Why Indian? I spent 10 minutes waiting for two employees to finish their discussion at the French post office the other day!
chan b
this is the most popular bank - STATE BANK OF, is it fake or original?
Maybe they needed to know there horoscopes 
It looks like a typical set up in state banks :). +Lavanya Sen For sure it's embarrassing, not racist though.
Am feeling loneliness can somebody talk to me???
Spider solitaire is more important than any customer service job possibly could be.
Wow she needs to be wroking but playing cards lol lol lol lol LMFAO
that's basically like Obama getting taxes
that was so funny
i forgot to laugh
That is sad she need to do her job
hahaha, cool one, but I don't think that this can be seen only in India
Ha-ha-ha ... public service in function..;-)
hey mam r u gonna help us? I'm sorry I am busy
Hey, lets not forget, when your bored at work there is always solitaire or some other game that comes with the OS.
though the picture seems 2 b funny..but its nt an indian style...4 sure!!
Betty G
jajajaj buenísimo !!!
jey rob
what indians are we taking about the ones that go "higha higha higha" or the ones that go "hello customer support"
Looks like we're not the only country that does not care if somebody has things to do...get yo ass back to work girrl!! Lol
hahhaahahahahahhahaahahhaah ths funny
You say I'm not in the system???? What screen are you on?? Lol :))
The lady is overloaded&having a rest!!!!!!!!!
She's probably has an American on hold from an American company.
I hate Indiam customer service
this is fake photo !!! we can easily identify she is using explore tab someone edit and add that game. Don't mention any country name
This is ridiculous! You can clearly see that she needs to move the Ace of Spades. What is she thinking?
I am certain you are all wrong...THIS IS TRULY AMERICAN!!!!
Funny Jokes ► u don't have rights to speak about country! i like funny joke and picture. But better u remove the Indian WORD. its hurt every Indian people dont do the such a mistake
That is just timewasting. Those people deserve (possibly) some decent customer service, not an old woman playing soltire
no way! that's mad funny also sad but true .
Errr SBI?? (or so the chair says)
This pic just proves that no matter where, or what language, DMV's are all the same.
this is what all the on-duty cops do around my sad
Come on, in Czech Republic even politicians do this :D
shes paying solitare mean while look at the line
Me service you long time.
call of duty we play!!!
Haha, she looks like she is having a good game so far!
Wow Thats how THe Bronx is Do shit ANd PLay shit*
The lady is saying to the line: "You'll have to wait, the system is offline...".
it`s not Indian style it`s getting to be a world wide experience as far as public authorities go
I'm sorry +Jason Velasco , but this isn't racist. It isn't offencive. Any other american or asian or anybody would probably do this anyways. If you were stuck behind a counter for 18 hours a day you would probably do the same thing.
they allow that ;i am mving to india
Is't she play games, but what costomers looking for, I wander what is funny there
Ohh it may be a homerffiars, so she is may be in a lanch time, hhum
Sam S
she should really be attending to those people
It's so subtle you had to draw a circle around it. Lol!
I would be doing the same thing just not that game 
A new kind of customer service software?
pari ya
:-( :’( :-(
yeh hai State Bank of India (see the back of chair)
this goes on at american DMV's all day too.. in fact we invented this style
is she keddin??!!!!
and that's all they do no help at all they a joke give that job to someone who want to work.....
Must be the @ the DMV
that's life...your card isn't have to wait...
And this is not just in India, this occurs around the world
She's about to win, let her finish!
that picture of the lady playing solite is so funny
that picture of the lady playing solite is so funny
the boss is her cousin :D hahahahaha
i think she doesn't 've enough money to go cyber..................
wow talk about doing your job well
Thats hilarious looks like shes got better things to do than her job
leave her alone she luvs it!!
it is obvious that the main server is down!! We would do this too :-)
lmao i trully understand now why i stood in the q for 2h last week hahahah damn
I dont even knowhow to play Solitare :\
Haha! Thats funny!(: She is playing a card game instead of working!
people will always forget the value of their organisation,and do stuff like this.
Thats wat ever person does................i hope not.:-P
I am sure this employee belongs to State Bank of India!!! That's the kind of service the biggest bank in India.
jajajajajaja si que anda ocupada!!!
lol this is re-maked from the chinese version
Yea real funny hw she has a major line n playing solitary lmao 
how solitary she must b feeling, with so many people desperately wanting 2 see her
Min Wu
well,quite ordinary
typical person doing nothing and yet still earning their pay check.
lazy bitch people need help
On her resume: "I do well in solitary jobs and I do even better around people. If you want an employee that's all Aces to Kings, I'm the one you want!"
lol.. hw could she do dis??? she's so funny... n m sure her boss will kick her out of da job...lols
she needs to get off of that, if i was her boss she would be fired
and i am just a kid that is bad
computer says...nooooooo
she would be out the door before she finished
she is so old she doesnt know where she is
jk thats so mean
I think it's like that at more places than we realize LOL!!
Please I gonna to go .... Ok, Wait a second,It has process
It's the only game in town...
LOL that realistic though this guy was texting during math class and he was the teacher
Er Vin
Just thr truth
lol i caught my teacher texting and chewing gum-both against rules of school while we were all waiting for him to finish doing his "hard work"
lol!thats funny i dont blame him or her (cant tell).My teacher text in class sumtimes her phone rings too.and she always eats gum but tha isnt a rule against teachers at my school.but students cant chew gum.unless we were rewarded with it or something
ha ha well ya know what they say, YOLO. he sure is living his life to the fullest
I agree with all the above.
No Link.............................
This happens everyday in China.
wonder how long it took her to do that :P
Wow! Can I assume that their HR has been outsourced to the US?
ppl outside the window- come on old lady. whats taking so long
true story from government institutions
Customer service: I'll be with you in just a few minutes.
So they're lining up to see the doctor? They gonna have to wait ok?
Yeah..that's what I think my mobile phone company is doing when they are suppose to be taking care of business.
hehe it is always the truth when your trying to be helped!
aiyoo... that's crazy... that not funny...
Oh my god...Solitaire is soooo popular....compared to your dignity on that accord.
hahaha my mom does that alot lol she stupid
hahahaha lol thts something i would do lol
Dong D.
This pic is also making the rounds in facebook,with posters claiming its from their respective country.So this originally from India?
haha i think i would go full out caps rage on that woman if i knew what she was actually doin.
Theres not any kind of respect !! I just cant believe it ...
looks like India, but it could very well be Argentina.
shes in the black
very bad old lady..
jajajjajajj I'm from Argentina, it could happen but the people have a different look to Argentina people.
Isn't that just like a bank? They all put you on hold over the phone too, if you're lucky enough to get a real person! LOL
Probably a government office anyway...
the customer is allways right and you cant dissagree with them if you completely ignore them so grate employee
I can soo totaly own her at that game... OH SHIT BOSS IS COMIN'!
"well it says here that the king - i mean doctor - won't be able to see you..."
It may be cos i'm always doing like that at my work but my manager don't know that. lol.. :-P :-D
Funny but you shouldn't do those while working......especially when people are waiting for you to do something.
"M hm, m hm, what did you say your name was again?" "I've told you a million times, Pete." "Now, is that with an I or an ah?" "What?!" "Hm? Oh, sorry, what was your name again?"
Jav San
Too dang funny! 
Haha go on Great translation goofs :D
oh wow that is super sad
Must be Sky customer services!
lool i think sometimes it;s really happens
I'm wondering if the comments stop at 500,, This also wouldn't surprise me to see someone doing this instead of helping customers...
500 th COMMENT
so bazy................................................
Maybe she's on her lunch break..
LAST COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
shes playin?/??!!!!!!hehe!last comment!
que poca madre jajaja asi es aqui en honduas
500th comment!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE DOING THIS
I love reading comments
And loads of people have said 500 th comment so I will too
im taking a 30 minute brake.
She should be fired. She has also gone mad.🏂
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