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Some simple maths
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Sure! their soul mates! the thing that make them complete that is their meanings!
I followed very funny so show me something funny. There is nothing funny about this. Its just interesting.
+Mahroo Movahedi you put the numbers together and it makes the answer like if you put a 2 with another 2 both facing inward it will look like a fish etc.
i i i i i i i ...................i just dont get it 
can some1 tell me what it is coz i dont gt it
haha i get it but its not smart!!its somethng i would have done in an exam at hard times
lterally put the numbers together visually :)
that was too easy!!! and i did not even reaad Karen Vi's comment!!! im N~E~R~D~A~Y NERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you turn the numbers certain ways to make what it equals. i had some help figuring that out though. :)
Apparently I am the relative complement of smart, as I have no idea what any of this means. I did notice however the gratuitous abuse of the equals sign. Does that make me any smarter?
oh i get it now
had no help figering out so HA
Why is this 'hot' nya? I posted the same thing a few months ago. 17'5 70 D4MN 345Y NY4.
Yes! I get it! Now I can [somewhat] legitimately tell everyone how smart I am! 😄
1+1=11, 3+3=cloud, 5+5=vase!
i understand your position on this (pun intended ....hehehehe)
Ohh i only understood it after I read all the comments ;)
I retract that statement....I understand 
Got it right away.  Been working with a third grader on geometry! ((;
ha ha  i get it. you dont have to be really smart, you just have to be able to twist and turn and visualise objects in your head.
I wish math class was actually like this!
i saw it...
flip one of the 2's and line it up you get a fish.
line up 3 and reflect the other 3 and get 8.
put the 7's upside down, and line them up by reflecting one of them and get a triangle.
K im smart but is it fish eight triangle ? 
I get it! XD Math can only be fun this way =3
Way too easy! Didn't even realize I was this smart. I need to get out of the house! Maybe.
got it at last, took a whole of 5 min to work it out, but got there. It was the pressure of wanting to be smart that made me work it out lol.
The moment I stopped looking at it as a math problem I understood. Only people who "think" they're smart would say this is a math problem. Oh btw, it's not funny to assume intelligence you think you have and then quietly laugh at people you think don't.
Virtually High 5-ed myself.
mate i just got it!!!!!! LOLAGE, um but you dont have to be smart. or wise and old cuz im 13 and managed to figure that out!   the 2 and 2 makes a fish if you flip them, the 3's make an eight and the 7's make a triangle. BOOM!
Flip the first number towards left
2+2 could be <3 also ....half full / half empty / or in my world....somebody drank half my drink    grrrrrr   hope theres no back wash...
I get it - put the numbers together - clever 
lexi G
dont have a clue
Omg!I totally get it,BTdubs great idea

If you place the 2'w perpindicular, they make the Christian sign of the fish, hence 2+2 = 'Fish'.  If you were to combine the 3+3, you would get the figure '8', if you turn over the two 7's, and place them opposite each other, they create a triangle!
so ur saying im not smart! wen im a 5a in maths!!!
Lol I so get this!! That's so funny! :P
Diana A
Lol I get it!!!!!!!! Hehe I'm so smart!!! 😊
haha, I got it the second time I looked! Look at them objectively, ie. not as math problems...
I'm blonde I'm being serious I don't get it
Lol I am watching a gorilla breaking a car and then super man is asking to jog with the green lantern
The 2 and 3 use one set of rules, 7 uses another.  Not great.
LOL....I get it......lots of people get it...but yea it's funny.
This is kind of dumb.  How does 2+2 look like a fish?  It looks more like a heart with a line at the bottom.  Hell, I can make any numbers look like something.  Lookie here!  27+48=Space Shuttle!
2+2 does not really make a fish but ok.....
i guess im stupid cuz i dont get it lol
are u saying im dum maybe if you open your eyes an look in the mirror you will see a gorilla
ooooo....i get it know!!!! it took me awhile :)
Can some1 tell me What it is coz i dont get it 
I got it at first glance since first I looked at 7+7
It's not a matter of intelligence, it's a matter of visualization and spacial perception.

If you don't get it, think of it as pictures, not numbers. See if that helps.
omg nvm i get it but my sister doesnt
it is actually funny
I got it straight away but I suppose I see things like that, it's very visual.
Sigh, figured it out - with help!
Gela Gh
dduh! i knew this sense kindergarten! JK (in all actuality someone just recently showed this to me when i was in the 7th grade :)
My 10 year old got this...
H Wang
i get it :D
Not even really Maths, just visual.
My eight year old figured it out in less than 5 minutes. :D
I STILL DONT GET IT .........................OHH WAIT R U CALLING ME STUPID JUST cause i dont get it well then i call u stupid  ha !!!!
Okay, it took me a while to figure this out... made me feel pretty stupid but now I get it.
is this means (fish) religion
(eight) union n' (triangle) status?... i don't get it! =/
it took me a minate to get it but i got it:)
Person who posted this, u have bad grammar 
I don't get it and I'm still a smart person.
I got it!!!  Don't know about only smart people getting it....More like creative people.  
i  get it. with the help of my friend
cute I got it the first time it's actually pretty easy to get
i dont get this, therefore i am not smart :S
Got it lol yepppp........ ;)

Life after marriage is 10+10 double dating
2 couples 2 skinny chicks and 2 fat guys
I don't think this has to do with intelligence, rather those who are good at spacial relationships will get this. There are very smart people who cannot rotate objects in their heads.
In a nano-second, my unlimited intelligence scares me sometimes - I can hear my frustration tolerating those who just won't get it quick enough hahahaha
I got it. I know for a fact that I'm not smart. Anybody who thinks they're smart are egoistic and can be outsmarted.
Jenna C
That's awesome!
7+7 makes a parallelogram... 
This is not math nor is it something someone should be proud of.
Great I got it as soon as I wrote in paper,
I am smart, this time!
some of these people.......... just figure it out, its not that hard ask your friends dont sound soooo stupid online!
I thought about the end and considered fish at triangle but didn't make sense so looked at the numbers and understood the triangle first then 8 but the fist stomps me lmao
its reminds me of seal flipper pie
If you flip the first number around and remove the plus it makes a sort if image of it. But you know. That's not what 2+2 is, this is just a picture made by a stupid person trying to feel smart 
At first time read it i get it :D
Im very very smart really
I find this very interesting and I would like very much to write it on the blackboard and see what kind of responses I will get from my students!!!!!!!
Yeah, I got it, and I'm actually not that smart sooooo.........
hahahahahahahaha!DAT is funny!
i dont get it can some one explain it to me
Still dont understand how knowing this makes you smart...
I'm so dumb I ain't get dis lol.
can someone explain please
Nice one! Here's your spoiler alert...
(: Skip the blackboard - try writing just one half of it near a mirror :)
I think that everyone should get it by now 
@ William Dexter - The fact that there is always someone smarter doesn't mean that you're not smart.  This isn't a "there can be only one" thing.  lol
I get it ... mirror image the numbers and they make the symbols the words represent ... cool. Am i smart then?
just combine the numbers together
3+3=8 (its like that)
I'm uber smart!! haahahahaha
lol! I love it!!  ok, if you flip one of the 2s over, and overlap it with the other, you get a fish shape. flip the 3 over, overlp and you get an 8, flip the 7 and connect it to the other 7, you get a triangle! :D
Draw a two, and another backwards two on top of it. Repeat with all.
i get this if you flip the 2 then it's a fish and the 3 you flip and get an 8 and 7 you flip then get a triangle
10 secs to get it B-)
i must be pretty damn smart then!!!
I actually didn't get this at all.  I had to scroll up the comments to know how, and now I feel pretty dumb. ):
Why the f*** is that "simple math" sentence right above the picture (honestly what Kind of math Problem is this)?
o i get it ....ok this is a god one
This is not a math problem..and not knowing how to solve it doesn't make you stupid.
Oh!!! I had to read the comments to figure it out...I feel stupid. But it's still funny.
hahaha i get it. i had to explain it to my 15 year old sister
even my 9 year old got it!!
I am so smart! I am so smart! S-M-R-T! I mean, S-M-A-R-T!
lol didn't know it at first but now i do!
I get it... But I'm shocked that I did. Pretty cool!
This picture is confusing "smart" with "creative."
Wow!  I guess I'm smart :) Huh...whodah thunk?
+Siddharth Gupta i See the Solution. It just upsets me that anything with Symbols in it that resembles digits is considered math...
you forgot:
6 + 6 = cherry
8 + 8 = 4 cuphulders
9 + 9 =  heart
Okay, I'm not sure if I'm the first to notice this, but it seems the rule of this puzzle is to flip the character on one side and directly overlay it onto the original. Fine for the 2, and for the 3, but in the case of the 7 the rule is violated by not overlaying, but placing adjacent, so shouldn't 7 + 7 = camping chair?
i got it it was easy it took me like just 20 seconds!!!!!!
The above math is totally creative, when combine 3+3 =8 and 7+7 = pyramid or triangle, totally agree with the creative thinking!
+Ciara Cooney if u put one of the two and the other is flipped over, and u put them together, u get a fish
if u put one three the right way and the other 3 flipped over, u get 8,
and if u put the one of the seven the right way and flip the other one over, u get a triangle
Even my Kindergartener gets this!
i guess i am not smart, i didn't get it
I'm Smart! AND I almost failed algebra..heh heh
simone CJ
thats so funny  so i am smart  
i understand this. it's about the shape of the number
haha i get it. it took me a second though! so i guess im kinda smart:)
Fist digit in mirror view and other in normal view. 
I understood it the first time. I guess I'm smart!
I GET IT TOO. 500th comment!
lol i get it!!!!! 500th comment!!
just mirror the numbers and stuck it to gether
JUST Put them together and it will make that picture
just put the numbers together and you will get that image.................
Does that mean I'm smart??? :O
No one's ever said I'm smart before...
500 comment! :D
500th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
actually, i'm 500th. i wish people would stop making such a big deal out of getting 500 comments though, it's really annoying.
flip the numbrs then connect
4+4 = 
scaffolding, 5+5=, face with a hat 6+6 = another fish, 9+9 = another fish, but 8+8=??, i let this one, just for very smart people.
Lies I'm 500. Plus we did that all the time
only everyone would get this -.- it's easy
Whats up Wayne? Your post on the simple math is a simple mirror long did it take you to figure it out??? Geez !!!
I learned that in headstart..Wait a minute...I didn't go to headstart..LOL..lmao
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