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How people would actually look without eyebrows! Yuck.. Dis..gusting.

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hahaha tht looks weird.... u get used to their other look so much. it makes them look almost like a whole nother person!!!
its look like they have biger heads (^_^)
at first i didnt read the discription and i knew there was something wrong with them but i couldnt see wht it was then i read the discription!!!! 8D
Whoopi Goldberg doesn't have eyebrows, and neither did the Mona Lisa, but no one says they're not odd.  My aunt lost her hair, eyebrows and eyelashes due to alopecia and I don't think anyone would ever call her odd.  However, the POTUS looks strange without his.
sometimes ppl need eyebrows to fix their face.. lol
Why we don't try that ;-)
Now post a picture of Whoopi Goldberg with eyebrows.
Interesting.  Obama looks a bit like a younger Nelson Mandela.
Whoopi Goldberg has no eyebrows and looks perfectly fine.
It looks highly strange, but i wouldn't say disgusting. Although, Angelina looks a bit alien! Heebeejeebies!
Thats funky. Amazin how different someone can look
hmmm kind'a reminds me of some of the "aliens" from StarTrek!
Some of them look old
I don't even know what some of them look like with eyebrows so Bahaha. 
Sad thing is if you know people who have gone through chemotherapy it's not so funny.
You should look at my English teachers! and that's face-to-face :/
look at selena..........
Lol the third one looks the same
Lol the third one looks the same
I looked at the picture first, didn't see anything wrong. Then read the caption and the people suddenly looked alien.
Scary jkjk I have a friend with no eyebrows
Omg I was never was thankful for having eyebrows! Now I am!
lady gaga would look the same cause she shaves her eyebrows
Wow! I never even thought about how people would actually look without eyebrows until now...
selena gomez and taylor lautner look the most weird
what's with (I think that's her) Angelina Jolie's neck?
wtf it just makes them look worst then normal didnt think that was possible
hmmm, they just look like they are all kin... ;)
they look scary without eyebrows
I am glad I have someone wax them for me. Wow, I would look rough. LOL
ewww...........first off the second chick should never smile like that. and second off how did u do that?
Dat is LOLZA funny..................and kinda creepy
the top won in the right corner is just creepy!!!!
ewww...thats funny and nasty lookin too. what did you do to their faces.
these are ALL just creepy!! Thank God for eye brows lol
Kat H
Whoopie Goldberg doesn't have eyebrows...
Wow. Who knew?! Thanks for the laugh.
Dear God,
Thank you so much for my eyebrows! lol :P
it's strange obama and taylor lautner kind of look normal
that's so weird  ........... : |
Wtf someone actually took out time to do this 
they l00k like Aliens.... hahaha :)) l0lx.. :D
I never thought you would look so messed up without eyebrows!
they look weird srry people without eyebrows but ew
Now imagine them with unibrows...
And to think, people shaved their eyebrows in the Rennaisance times. Just look at the Mona Lisa.
Scary....temporarily, I guess--we'd used to it...
then again, we would all be used to it, so maybe Taylor Lautner would still be super attractive..... 

gosh what happen to them they became into ugly people they were pretty at first
Angelina Jolie freaks me out even with eye brows!!
some look normal others look really weird....
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.................................. very funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny.
Mila Kunis, Selena Gomez, and Angelina Jolie scare me! :)
Wow. Eyebrows really make a person look like a person! People look weird without them. Don't get rid of your eyebrows people! It's gross!!!
They look like aliens. :o
that's just weird!!
Yes people loose identity without eyebrows.. but Monalisa painting dont have eyebrows... Yet it's marked one of the best painting in the world.
Taylor Launtner looks like an Asian or a Chinese
Even with eyebrows some of them still look freaky!
kid do not try this at home
KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hides under couch
Haha look at Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner 
I agree with Laura verno and Chloe trundle (sorry if I spelt it wrong) this should definitely be deleted.
Accepting' Many Wrong Persons May Not Affect Your Life.. But 'Neglecting' One Right Person Will Leave U Broken Throughout The Life...!!
good night friends...........
omg i never knew eyebrows were so important!
Noooooo, put Taylors back!
It really is amazing how the eyebrow alters the way we appear.  Amazing and a bit creepy.  ;)
Pretty hideous. Let's hope no one loses their eyebrows!
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,,,,,,,,,,,,log kya-kya kartey hain.they don't have any worthful work
Ewwww thats why you be careful when you get your eyebrows waxxed.Be careful they dont take your full eyebrow.
eyebrows stop sweat from running into your eyes during exercise or sex.
My sister lost her eyebrows during chemo. So sorry you think chemo patients are disgusting.
Eager 4 something 2 do so I talk. 
Eyebrow tinting is a great beauty tool. 
A 'Nena
I always thought people looked more attractive because of their eyebrows...that is wild...turns out that they do.
If that was real i wouldnt let thhat person wax  my eyebrows
It's amazing how youthful eyebrows make you look and hide imperfections or tone them down - like small eyes or huge eyes. They really balance a person don't they? Great image.
Selena looks fulgy without eye brows........ But she's so pretty with.....<3
Taylor Lautner looks like he has a problem. Well, they all do actually!
thats scary. =( poor taylor. he looks so ugly without eyebrows.
I'm gonna have nightmares! everyone keep your eyebrows please!
then monalisa is the only beauty in this world :) anyways she is just a  portrait :( 
Who knew they were all actually klingons!
That caught my attention really quickly because it looked really scary!!!!!!!!!! 
selena looks bad with out eye brows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They all look SOOO much older!
what is that???????!!!!!!!!!!
We look like Aliens!!! :t
OMG!!!!!!!! jolie luks like an avtar!!!!!!!! she luks like neytiri yarrrrr!!!!!!!
eww that is gross they r so ugly but i never thought of doing that that is pretty cool if you think about it lol jk.
They all look confused/ trying to see something far away :p
Now add a unibrow to them
ann hathiway looks like frankinstine haha lol!
ummm.... they look ugly i would look worse though
Gracy M
Look like Aliens. But the middle one of the second row look not too bad.
Exibit A......
that is SO SO SO CREEEEEPY i agree with you.
Good thing most of them don't have them anyways right??? Hence they draw them on for perfection :P
Lovely face Selena!! Great concept, creepy photos!!!
A few of them still looked okay...really, only 3...okay, maaaybe 4.
I wonder what i would look like with out eyebrows... ugh, that would be scary
why would anybody do that?
Thank You Lord for our Eyebrows!!!!!!!!! :-)
hmmmmmm {:) glad i have mine:)
Sadly, Matt smith could be put in that without any editing. xD
Well, we just don't get used to that in the picture, however, if from now on everyone start without eyebrows. 3 months later everything is back to normal. =)
I will keep my eyebrows, thank you!
ummmm and a order of eyebrows please
N Smith
Strange but have you ever considered how weird aliens would think we looked WITH eyebrows i mean come on we ARE weird creatures we grow hair on our head but nowhere else, ears that stick out and we wear cloths as well
That's really scary! By the way, this is the last comment!
No, this is the really last one!
Vely funnily hioooo from Chinese man ho sex is good hoo

Thank goodness for eyebrows...
Make it go away! Put them back on! Put them back on!
yey 500th comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh they look weird i think the eyebrows are the thing that makes them .....more attractive.
Weird they look like different people!
Halle B
OMG HOLY POOP! 500! IN YO FACE! I think ._.
Halle B
Shows how weird people are without them.
It is amazing that just a little hair on your face can make a huge difference in looks lol
500!!!! I have never been 500 before!
noooooooo!!!! now its 500!!!!! lol !!!
thank God we hav eyebeows......
Ami Naz
ok ppl stop it I AM 500 NOT U.
Lily EJ
Nope, you were 498
actually i'm 5ooth. but what is the big deal about it anyway? do you achieve anything except rubbing it in strangers virtual faces?
yeah. i didn't think so.
disgusting lol
they dont look disgusting in real life thou
Dude his name is Taylor Lautner not Jacob Black
oh well thats his real name i wanted to say his actress name  is that alright wid u
thast just creepy
they all look like pigs without eyebrows lol
thats fricken creepy
ohh last comment better use it WISLEY or someone will get mad...oh wait.. no one else can
but for real people in that pic look weird and People use it wisely !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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