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            Coincidence or Not..??
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thats good because one thing i do have is ATTITUDE!!! lol
so what your saying is you can have attitude without knowlegde or hard work and have everything?
oh im smart too :) i have attitude too though is my point
according to this money = 72%.  that cant be right.
Ziye Liu
what does it mean?
Who says the totals equate to percentages and not just a whole number of 96, 98, and 100? In this case this really means nothing. Besides the total of KNOWLEDGE + HARDWORK using letters as numbers is 194 not short of 100.  ATTITUDE does equal 100, but again why should this equal a percentage and not just 100, 900 short of 1,000 or 999,900 short of a million?  I also take from this that HARDWORK and KNOWLEDGE are not important it is all about attitude and by some magic process all that you ever wanted in life will be give to you. Typical Generation Y mentality if you ask me.  Generation X'rs and Baby Boomers would tell you that KNOWLEDGE + HARDWORK overpowers ATTITUDE any day of the week, BUT add all three together (394; using the letters = numbers scenario) and you will be UNSTOPPABLE (which = 147, or 147%).  Lets see how many people have ticked off with this comment :)
It's most likely a coincidence. It's not like the entire human language was based on this... :/ Cool and all, but I'm 100% sure it's no more than a coincidence.
The fact is that too many people have the wrong attitude and don't put their knowledge to hardwork::)
Actually I think it means Knowledge and a Hard work counts but your attitude when your doing something is more important
No offense but even with hardwork and all with the wrong attitude nothing gets find things end up broken or you end up working alone but a smart person realizes that if you have a good attitude you end up not having to do as much work cuz people like to help out and hang out with people who have good attitudes
someone clearly has too much time on their hands lol!
Totally not coincident. 
Yi Xie
Hope there is a "-1" button. Stupid game.
That is amazing!! Very interesting :-)
I'm sorry Harry, but GOD IS REAL!!!!!!!!
Totally agree with you Harry Hazell. Well said ;-)
12 + 15 + 22 + 5 + 15 + 6 + 7 + 15 + 4 = 101%
We have the BIBLE. It is so not a fairytale(Someone back me up here). When you die you go up and are judged by Jesus Christ. And if you aren't a believer in the Lord our God. They will be thrown into the lake of fire and there will be no turning back.
so you're saying that all my hard work and knowledge is useless? damn, all these years wasted...
Who comes up with stuff.... Somebody with wayyyyy to much time on there hands... Wait, is that a bad attitude... XD
Harry, YOU JUST DON'T BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!
That's awesome! I definitely agree with Attitude being at 100%! if you have a bad attitude about a certain situation or person it will never work out to your best interest or it will never develop into something profitable and lasting. 
Kissing Ass=136...

I think we have a winner.
96% + 98% = 194%

194 > 100, Therefor, Knowledge and Hard-work trumps Attitude by a great margin
And Bull$hit = 109...
Harry is wrong. I am sorry for him because he will have to go to hell if doesn't straighten up.
Cool, but it looks like somebody had too much free time on his/her hands.
totally cool and funny at the same time
Good, Harry shut his big wrong mouth. :)
It's sad to know how much free time people have these days.
Why the fuck was this also in my school, hell that school was nothing but shit.
well then that tells why i have an attuide
Haha Wtf . ! That ' s Fuckkin ' Cool . !
Take positive for knowledge and Hard work :-)
In a language other than English, this would work out entirely differently. So yes, it is a coincidence. 
Why the hell we are using a % symbol, we assumed it to take the percentage of what?
Really? This became a bible thumping war? WTF is wrong with all of you. There is nothing remotely religious about this text so please keep your religion to yourself. I keep mine on a lid when it's irrelevant. 
what if it did work out like that in every language? that would be weird and who sat down and configured it all!!! lol!
definitely a coincidence!
I have to agree, though attitude is everything!!!
Where does the % come from? :P
Vong Do
That is neat..
yes attitude is very important !!
He just can't shut his mouth... Puffff. Anyway, some day you will learn to believe, some how you'll get it.
You are truly a teacher....Why aren't you at AFIT?!?
but what's the connection with personality? Its just very funny
Isn't "hard work" two words. Someone needs to redo the math. Oh, and what if your Attitude sucks? Is that still 100%? 

Yeah, it is coincidence and I feel that knowledge was sucked out of my head after seeing all the Jesus and God posts halfway through the thread. Please do us a favor and delete this one!
Lol I'll show that one to my teachers
I don't take anytime in Comic Sans seriously. :-(
Coincidence? ? I DEF THINK NNNOT!!!!! 
This pretty incredible!
If you have PUSSY = 100% too!
it looks like the numbers don't match the letters but if you double space instead of single space you will see that the numbers do line up but still it takes more than just attitude to be successful.
This is a fail. The reason is because if you are converting each letter to a percentage then:

A = 3.84% ... Z=100% because due to the nature of percentages, they need to be a proportion of something (note that the values of each number will decrease by the inclusion of additional letters to your alphabet) otherwise you can not convert them into a percentage after the calculation and must keep them as a intregral value.

Therefore, "attitude" = 385% or 100 not 100%.

However, if you go the traditional numerology route, then "attitude" = 1.
I don't understand how these companies make so much money off of really nothing 
I've heard this before somewhere it is cool
Many young people are lack of this. Good attitude.
FUCK YOU = 7+21+3+12+25+16+21 = 109% - fuck yeah!!!
I just like this train of thought- very creative!
Lol thats so funny. And thenA+W+E+S+O+M+E+N+E+S+S
                                      1+23+6+20+16+14+5+15+5+20+20= 145%
But L-O-V-E O-F G-O-D gives you 101% :D
he he... they r just words. and there are lot of other words which sum up to 100 . of course it's just coincidence .... :D
I have known about this from a book I read.
No wonder the younger generation is full of it. 
But the average of all three is hardwork so...
Hard work and knowledge don't matter. We can only thank the government for our success.
going to hell for this one:
i n t e l l i g e n c e
9+14+20+5+12+12+9+7+5+14+3+5 = 115%
r e l i g i o n
18+5+12+9+7+15+14 = 80%
Since when does 2+2=4% the equivalent to .04.  Yeah it's just a coincidence.  
Prady D
Awesome.. Got PASSION as 99% :)
With lots of attitude and no knowledge or work you won't get anyway either...
Harry Hazell you just became my new best friend :)
Knowledge, Hard work, and Attitude equals LIFE
rs tar
woww gooood
Attitude determines altitude! I have soared and crashed due to attitude!
forget everything, attitude is all you need 
How can i share this post?
+Joel Schmidt I guess sluttiness counts as attitude? No wonder some girls have never needed knowledge or hard work to succeed... 
Coincidence, but neat nevertheless.
i want guy interesting............real.!
hey,dis z grt but a lot of tym wasting 2 bad,well bad attitude ha?
There are no such things as coincidences
Does it say bad or the right attitude tho?
Or maybe hard physical work. Then it would be 100 %.
How many points for skipping spell check, or is that just. "coincident" too? 
im dumb i dont get it
Not exactly very funny, but more interesting and true:)
very true!! ppl sustain with knowledge n hard work but live only with an ATTITUDE:)
G R E A T   B O O B S
Wow, this thing is so accurate!
Two things: 1) ASCII key codes in hexadecimal would have been more entertaining. The "space" character being 0x20 (not times kids, look up hexadecimal notation). 2) Even using the nonsensical regime, "Sticking it to the man" = 217 FTW!!! Millennial and younger generations: you'll have to google that to get the joke...even then I'm not so sure. so is the attitude that matters more than anything.
well like i always say you gotta have an attitude to get through life
yeah, even if u have good knowledge, but to make people listen to wat u want to say requires attitude!
As cute as that is, the last I need as an American is more attitude. I already think I'm destined for world conquest, what else is there?
Interesting. In addition "T H I S P O S T I S P O I N T L E S S A N D S T U P I D" is 856%!
Now to screw it all up by adding them in ASCII. KNOWLEDGE = 608, HARDWORK = 610, ATTITUDE = 612. Any takers?
ning bonon
yes it should be 100% attitude...
Lee Tee
I don't know why I didn't see this page for this long! This page is awesome ! :)
Coincidence! YAY!!!!! 500!!! :D
And yet again, trolled.
Hope C.
hey im 500 now :)
attitude towards work is the most important
Coincident=3+16+10+15+3+16+4+6+15+20=  108%
Its mostly used in the school setting and the message they are trying to get across with it is that "Having a knowledge and hard work is important and good to have but having  a good Attitude is going to catapult you into a higher success."
+Matt Galloway if you don't have knowledge and don't work hard, you can still get very far with a good attitude
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